Liquid assets of $1,000,000 (cash, stocks, secured equity). Initial requirement is for franchisee to sign a two restaurant development agreement.

The franchisee must be able to obtain financing as needed and 20% of any single restaurants startup costs must be in liquid assets. There is a minimum franchising fee of $40,000. Terms are 10 years with two five-year renewals. There is a royalty of 6% and an annual requirement to spend 2% of net sales on advertising via the ad fund if it exists in your market or independently.


As a Giordano’s franchisee it is preferred that you or a member of your team possess multi-unit full-service restaurant experience. If you do not meet this requirement you will be required to have an Operating Partner who does meet this requirement. Your Operating Partner will be responsible for operations of your franchised restaurant(s). It is your responsibility to secure an Operating Partner.

Each franchise restaurant must at all times have a full-time, qualified, experienced General Manager (GM). The GM must have relevant experience to fully operate and oversee a full-service Giordano’s restaurant and must attend our training program.