Introducing our famous sausage recipe using Impossible delicious meat made from plants!

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Try it today on our famous deep dish pizza. Tastes great on our thin and extra thin pizzas too!

Now available as a premium topping at select locations. While supplies last.

About the impossible

0mg Cholesterol - contains 14g total fat, 19g protein*

Tiny fraction of greenhouse gas emissions. No antibiotics. No animal hormones.

*Based on a 4oz serving

The Impossible premium ingredient is as flavorful, satisfying and delicious as sausage from animals. Impossible meat boasts as much bioavailable iron and protein as a comparable serving of groud beef. It contains no animal hormones or antibiotics, and is kosher, hala and gluten-free certified.

And because it's made from plants, it uses 96% less land, 87% less water and 89% fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional beef from cows.