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Giordano's - Bloomington Normal
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Our Bloomington Normal

Bloomington-Normal is home to attractions the whole family can enjoy from the Illinois Shakespeare Festival to the Children's Museum and the Miller Park Zoo. Our location is located right off Historic US 66, making it the perfect stop for a casual dining experience during a day out on the town. Enjoy a sit-in meal in the comfort of our relaxed dining area before a concert at the Grossinger Motors Arena or have a Giordano’s pizza delivered right to your home for a quiet night in.

Our Giordano's location in Bloomington, IL, brings you great Chicago-style pizza without having to go into the city. We're proud to serve this community that gives so much back to the people who live here.

About Bloomington, IL

Kickapoo Native Americans first inhabited the area that later became Bloomington. The first non-native settlers began coming to the area in the 1820s. McLean County was established in 1820, and Bloomington was to be the county seat. Then, James Allin donated 60 acres of his land for the new site for Bloomington, which was divided and auctioned off. Bloomington was officially incorporated in 1831.

The new landowners farmed the land, and the community turned into a popular place to trade and do business. Abraham Lincoln even visited the village while he was a lawyer living in Springfield. Today, more than 78,000 people call Bloomington home.

Family-Friendly Attractions in Bloomington, IL

There's always something to do around Bloomington. Whether your family loves sports, participating in the arts or learning new things together, you can find entertainment close by. Visit one of these local attractions for your family's next excursion:

  • Miller Park Zoo: Your family will have a blast seeing animals from all over the world here. The zoo offers great classes, too! Sign your kids up so they can get an even more personal experience with the animals, do a craft and even get a snack.
  • White Oak Park: This is the perfect place to relax and unwind at the end of a busy week. There are several sports facilities if you want to get active in a little competition, as well as playgrounds for your kids to let out their pent-up energy. There's also a paved path around the White Oak Park Lake for you to take a leisurely walk or bike ride. Whatever you choose to do here, your family will have a great time together.
  • McLean County Museum of History: Visiting this museum will give your family a greater appreciation for and understanding of Bloomington. You'll learn about the town's history while you walk through their interactive exhibits.

Best Chicago-Style Pizza in Bloomington-Normal

Whatever you're in the mood for, good eats are never too far away. When you're craving delicious deep dish pizza in Bloomington, pay us a visit at Giordano's!

Efren and Joseph brought Mama Giordano's pizza recipe from Torino in Italy. Since 1974, Giordano's has perfected the art of making pizza stuffed with cheese, sauce and a whole bunch of toppings. Stop by and enjoy your pizza in our restaurant. If you don't have time to visit us, order your stuffed pizza online and get yourself an easy lunch or dinner. 

Taste the Variety on Our Menu

We are one of the best restaurants in Chicago because we offer a variety of courses. When you visit us, order a starter — or more than one — as you wait for the main meal. Our starters will spark your appetite so by the time the main course arrives, you'll be ready to dig in. 

Some of our starters include tasty chicken wings, tomato bruschetta and fries. If you're a curious diner who wants to make the most out of your trip, you can have the Giordano's sampler. It has all our favorite starters including our mozzarella triangles served with our in-house marinara sauce. 

Salads round out the meals at Giordano's. Our artisans have mastered the art of making colorful salads with fresh ingredients. Here's what you can expect on your salad plate:

  • Giordano's house salad: Rich with spring greens, tomatoes, arugula and cheese.
  • Little Italy ranch salad: Loaded with cucumbers, cabbage, lettuce, peppers and cheese.
  • Italiano salad: Made with mozzarella, banana peppers and iceberg lettuce

You can see the full list of our salads and their ingredients on our menu

Make Your Own Giordano's Famous Deep Dish

One of the best things about our restaurant is that you can make your own deep dish pizza. You choose your favorite ingredients and we make your deep dish. If you're stopping by White Oak Park or visiting another historical place in Chicago, come in and let our artisans know your choice of ingredients. Then come by later and savor your meal.

We also have other options for the famous deep dish, including the Chicago classic made with pepperoni and mushrooms, onions and peppers. If you love meat with all your heart, you'll love the Meat and More Meat option with salami and bacon. 

As a family-friendly restaurant, we have something for everyone, like a deep dish made for the veggie lovers. It's rich with spinach, black olives, onions, green peppers and more. 

Why Stop by Giordano's in Bloomington-Normal? 

Customers love our restaurant because we:

  • Use fresh ingredients, from high-quality cheeses to house-made sauces.
  • Have friendly management and artisans who have experience serving people from all over the world. We want you to be comfortable the whole time you'll be at our restaurant.
  • Have a family-friendly environment where you can comfortably have lunch or dinner with your kids.

Check-In at Giordano's Today 

If you're in Chicago and need a place to dine today, check in at our Bloomington-Normal restaurant and experience Chicago's finest dishes made by experienced chefs.

Best Pizza
Since 1974

Giordano’s brings real deep dish pizza right to your neighborhood. Enjoy the best Chicago-style pizza since 1974 right in the heart of Bloomington. Our artisanal deep dish pizza is crafted using the best ingredients possible. Our pies are stuffed to the brim with Wisconsin mozzarella you can only get at Giordano’s.

We slow-bake our double-crust to make sure that the delicious fresh ingredients in your deep dish pizza are being held together by a cheese-stuffed masterpiece. Pick up a classic deep dish pizza or try out one of our hearty sandwiches, starters, desserts, or salads. Our gluten-free options make it easy to get the delicious pizza you crave while accommodating any gluten sensitivities.

Stop by for a cold beer and enjoy a deep dish pizza in our Chicago-style dining area. Or order a pizza for takeout and enjoy authentic artisanal deep dish pizza in the comfort of your home.