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Giordano's - Buffalo Grove
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Our Buffalo Grove

Giordano’s will make you think you’ve gone to Chicago pizza heaven. You don’t have to go to Chicago to enjoy the taste and aroma of our world famous pizza, however! Our Buffalo Grove restaurant has a full dining room with beer and wine. We also offer pickup and delivery!

We love serving you the best Chicago-style pizza right here at our Giordano's location in Buffalo Grove, IL. We see all the things this community has to offer, including why you're proud to call it home.

About Buffalo Grove, IL

The first non-native settlers to arrive in present-day Buffalo Grove came from New England in 1834. However, many of these settlers sold their land to German immigrants only a few years after arriving. These immigrants left difficult conditions in Germany to find a better life. The inexpensive land and fertile soil made the area an ideal place.

German immigrants with the same religion moved to the same area. German Catholics were the majority in Buffalo Grove. The community was not officially incorporated until the next century. The Village of Buffalo Grove was formally incorporated in 1958. Today, it's home to more than 40,000 people.

Family-Friendly Attractions in Buffalo Grove, IL

There are tons of activities that are fun for the whole family around Buffalo Grove. Check out some of these local attractions for something new for your family to do together:

  • Raupp Museum: Visit this local museum to learn more about the town's history. The interactive exhibits will make your family feel like you're moving through the ages in Buffalo Grove. After your visit, you can impress your friends with your hometown knowledge!
  • Buffalo Creek Forest Preserve: Bring the family out here for a relaxing escape from the bustle of your typical schedules. The preserve has four miles of crushed-gravel trails that are perfect for taking a casual walk or bike ride. You can bring the family dog along, too! The paths will guide you through the prairie, over creeks and close to the reservoir. You can also go fishing or cross-country skiing in the winter here.
  • Spray 'N Play: If it's a hot day in the middle of the summer, the kids are bored but it's too sticky for them to play outside, bring them here! It's the perfect spot to cool down and burn off some energy. You'll bring your kids home in the evening happy and tired.

Best Places to Eat in Buffalo Grove, IL


When you are in the mood for fabulous deep dish pizza in Buffalo Grove, IL, be sure to stop by Giordano's. We'd love to see you!

Best Pizza
Since 1974

Who doesn’t love Chicago-style pizza? At Giordano’s we’re proud to have earned a reputation for being the Windy City’s best pizza place for over 40 years. We’re more than the best Chicago-style pizza in town — we’re a cherished tradition because of our proud family heritage and old world craftsmanship techniques. It takes 6 carefully trained artisans to tenderly construct each and every pizza — and the results? Always fresh, always flaky and always delicious. Buffalo Grove’s Best Pizza Place Order a “regular” pizza and you’ll get crust and toppings and cheese, quickly assembled, and fried first in oil. Order a stuffed pizza pie from Giordano’s and you’ll experience a taste and aroma that only our incredible artisans can create! We only use the freshest ingredients, including Wisconsin mozzarella made just for us at a small farm. We also bake our double crust pizzas to their flakiest potential, filling each with the ingredients you choose. This attention to detail is what makes Giordano’s the best pizza delivery and restaurant in Buffalo Grove! In the unlikely event our pizza won’t satisfy your hunger, try a dish from our menu. We have savory pastas, fresh salads and mouth-watering sandwiches. We even have gluten-free options, so just ask!