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Our Des Plaines

Our convenient Des Plaines delivery and carryout location makes getting the Chicago-style pizza you want easy and fast.

Our Giordano's location in Des Plaines, IL, is proud to be a part of your community. We love serving the best Chicago-style pizza — even when we're outside the city and seeing everything this town has to offer. We've trained our chefs to bring out Giordano's best tastes in every ingredient so you can enjoy authentic Chicago-style pizza, sandwiches, starters and more delicious menu options.

About Des Plaines, IL

The city of Des Plaines was named for the Des Plaines River and the Des Plaines River Valley. The first inhabitants of the valley were Native Americans from the Potawatomi, Ottawa and Chippewa tribes, while the first non-native came from New York and New England after the Treaty of Chicago in 1833. The setters were mainly farmers.

In the 1840s and 1850s, German immigrants also came to the area for better economic and political opportunities. Then, a railroad was built nearby in the 1850s and the community was called the Town of Rand. In 1859, a station was built there and called Des Plaines. In 1869, the population changed its name to match the station and was officially incorporated that year.

Soon after its incorporation, a census was taken and showed Des Plaines to have around 800 residents. After World War II, the city saw a massive jump in population. It went from about 9000 before the war to more than 50,0000 people. Today, Des Plaines is home to almost 60,000 residents.

Family-Friendly Attractions in Des Plaines, IL

You could drive into Chicago to find something to do with your family. Or, you could do something fun right here in Des Plaines! Whatever you love doing together, you should plan a visit to some of these local attractions:

  • Algonquin Woods: This is a great place to go to relax after a busy week. Being outside in the sun will melt your stress away. Go hiking or biking together along the trails and see local wildlife and seasonal wildflowers. Bring a rod and go fishing on the Des Plaines River. Pack a lunch and turn your short visit into a day trip with a picnic.
  • Leaning Tower of Niles: Located in neighboring Niles, this tower is a smaller replica of Italy's Leaning Tower of Pisa. It's about half the size of the original tower at 94 feet. This is a fun stop for you and your family to feel like you're in Italy! Go ahead — take those funny touristy photos!
  • Escape Brigade Escape Rooms: Can your family get out in time? You'll have to work together and use your problem-solving skills to figure out the room's puzzles. This is a great way to try something unique together.

The Best Places to Eat Pizza in Des Plaines, IL

When you crave delicious deep dish pizza in Des Plaines, we hope to see you at Giordano's! Our chefs have mastered the art of stuffing each pizza with the right amount of ingredients. Mama Giordano passed the recipe to her sons Efren and Joseph who then introduced it in Chicago. Whether you love pepperoni or cheese pizza, you'll find it at Giordano's.

We even have tavern-style thin crust pizza with topping options that are sure to satisfy. Try yours topped with bacon and barbecue chicken, or transport yourself to Italy with the classic margherita and its fresh basil, mozzarella and tomato sauce.

We Serve a Variety of Chicago-Style Meals

While perfecting our pizza recipes, we've also introduced a variety of meals for those days when you want a taste of everything. When you stop by, we'll serve a starter to manage your appetite. Our starters include fries, chicken wings and Italian beef and giardiniera arancini. Choose a starter based on your craving and enjoy it as we prepare your main dish. 

For a healthy meal, order your main dish with a salad. Think of your favorite vegetables and we have a salad that you can enjoy. The chopped salad has flavorful ingredients like chicken, red cabbage, blue cheese and honey mustard dressing. Our artisans dress each salad with various items including red wine and lemon vinaigrette. Ask one of our attendants if you need more information about a salad, and they'll answer your questions.

Other categories we serve include:

  • Thin crust pizza
  • Deep dish pizza
  • Sandwiches
  • Classic Italian

Browse our menu to see all the available selections in each category.

Get Pizza Delivery or Takeout in Des Plaines, IL

Order Giordano's pizza in Des Plaines for delivery or pickup, or explore our menu to find your next favorite dish.

Best Pizza
Since 1974

A passion for handcrafting the most irresistible stuffed crust pizza pie makes Giordano’s the best pizza place in Des Plaines! Since 1974, Giordano’s has served Windy City residents and visitors its famous “Chicago-style” pizza, and we’re one of the few pizzerias in the world that pioneered this one-of-a-kind pie. Order the best pizza delivery from Giordano’s and you can enjoy a taste of Chicago’s favorite pizza right at home in Des Plaines! 

Every Pie Made to Perfection Craving one of our famous stuffed pies? Stop by our convenient Des Plaines location which offers delivery, carryout, catering, and a dining area for you and your loved ones to stop by and enjoy a meal. We have carefully trained artisans who know the best way to make each ingredient. We've trained them to master each recipe to bring out the same taste in the pizza and deep dishes.

We also use fresh and delicious ingredients, like our Italian sausage, to prepare the classics. We select high-quality and fresh herbs for our deep dishes, thin crust pizzas and other menu favorites. We also train our chefs to select fresh vegetables and cheeses to make each meal tasty.

Need gluten-free or vegetarian choices? Just ask — there’s something for everyone to love at Giordano’s.