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Giordano's - Downtown/ Central Loop
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Our Downtown/ Central Loop

You’ll remember every bite you take at Giordano’s. Stop by our dining room and enjoy full bar service, or schedule a party in our private room. You can also order delivery or pickup to your Central Loop-area office or home!

Our Downtown Central Loop (Jackson) Giordano's location in Chicago, Illinois, brings the city's best pizza right to your neighborhood. We love being part of a community that gives so much to the people living here.

Find the Best Deep-Pan Pizza at Giordano's Chicago Loop 

Giordano's in the Chicago Loop remains one of the best spots to enjoy our renowned deep-dish pizzas. Since 1974, we've prided ourselves on using the freshest ingredients and authentic flavors. Our stuffed double-crust pie is voted the best pizza in town, so get your tastebuds ready for our delicious Chicago-style pizzas. 

Enjoy Your Pizza and the Giordano Ambiance On-Site

Get the ultimate deep-dish pizza at our Chicago Loop Giordano's on Jackson Boulevard. Bask in the ambiance of a bustling restaurant and savor menu items like a pepperoni classic pie, Italian beef sandwich, fettuccine alfredo, cheesy garlic bread and an oversized skillet cookie with ice cream and chocolate sauce drizzle for dessert.  

Take Your Pie Off-Site With Carryout or Delivery

Order from the delivery and carryout menu if you prefer to eat your delicious Giordano meal at home. Enjoy the flaky crust, cheesy stuffing and fresh flavors of a pizza around your dining table. Take your order to friends or one of the fantastic Chicago Loop local attractions. Our team will carefully wrap your meal so the items travel well and taste as irresistible as on-site. 

Buy the Pizza and Ship the Experience to Your Door 

If you are traveling through and want to take the sensational Chicago-style deep-dish pizza home to share with your loved ones, you can do so without stowing it in your suitcase. 

We ship our frozen pizzas nationwide. You can keep your freezer stocked, take out a pie whenever you need one and bake it in your oven. Simply order your frozen pizza online to enjoy one of our unique pizzas anytime. 

A Bonus Way to Experience Giordana's Food

Our Downtown Chicago location also offers catering. If you're hosting a party or special event, we will provide you with delicious food to please your crowd. You can view the menu and order online, making planning your get-together easy. 

Why Is Giordano's Pizza Still the Best?

Many eateries may claim to do Chicago-style pizza, but not all deep-dish pies are created equal. The Chicago Loop Giordana's provides superior pizza because we:

  • Use fresh ingredients: We exclusively use the best ingredients and the finest-quality cheese to honor our rich culinary heritage
  • Stuff our pizza with goodness: Our pizzas are more than deep — they're also stuffed with wholesome ingredients, providing layer upon layer of flavors.
  • Provide value for money: We ensure our pies are double the weight of our competitors with comparable prices., offering more deliciousness ounce-for-ounce!

About Downtown Central Loop (Jackson) in Chicago, IL

Chicago's history spans several centuries. While Native Americans were the first people living in the area, the first non-native settler to come to the area, Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, is considered the founder of Chicago. He arrived in the 1780s, and the native and non-native peoples shared the area until the Treaty of St. Louis came about at the end of the War of 1812. At that time, the Native Americans had to give their land to the United States.

In 1829, the state government hired James Thompson, who surveyed the new land and made a design for the City of Chicago. The community was first incorporated as a town in 1833. It was later reincorporated as a city in 1837.

James Thompson was hired in 1829 to survey the land and create a design for the City of Chicago. In 1833, the community was incorporated as a town and 1837 it was reincorporated as a city.

The Loop is Chicago's Downtown and central business district. It is one of the city's 77 community areas and houses several neighborhoods, like New Eastside and Printer's Row.

Family-Friendly Attractions in Downtown Central Loop (Jackson) in Chicago, IL

Downtown Chicago has excellent attractions and exciting events going on year-round. It's easy to find something fun to do as a family in the area. Check out one of these for your next outing:

  • Chicago Theatre: Your whole family will have a blast during a night at this theater. You and the kids won't be able to help but get swept away by the costumes, sets and fantastic talent of the performers. After the show, you and your family will be singing show tunes together for weeks!
  • Shedd Aquarium: This indoor aquarium has been open since 1930. Plan a visit and you'll see all kinds of marine animals. It's the perfect place to let your kids have a great time and learn more about different fish and marine mammals.
  • American Writers Museum: You'll come for the cool exhibits but stay for their great events and series. Buy tickets for special occasions with visiting authors to get a personal experience that your family will always remember.

Best Places to Eat in Downtown Central Loop (Jackson) in Chicago, IL

When you're in the mood to dine out, you won't have any trouble finding other good eats in the area. When you're craving amazing deep dish pizza in Downtown Central Loop (Jackson) in Chicago, IL, you should head on over to Giordano's — you won't be disappointed!

Best Pizza
Since 1974

What better way to top off a day shopping on State Street or a visit to the Chicago Board of Trade than with a visit to the best deep dish pizza place in town? For over 40 years, Giordano’s has been more than a restaurant — we’re a cherished Chicago experience. Isn’t it time you created a new pizza tradition?

Giordano’s Has the Best Pizza in the Loop Regular pizza has cheese, crust and toppings, but it’s unmatchable to the handcrafted, flaky, stuffed pizza that’s in every Giordano’s pie. Every Giordano’s pizza kitchen employs six trained artisans who build each pizza to your specifications — and slow bake it to perfection. You’ll love our fluffy Wisconsin mozzarella and our flavorful, fresh toppings. Get one taste and you’ll see why we’re the best pizza delivery and restaurant in the area!

Getting ready for an evening out at the Opera House or the theater district, and pizza won’t do the trick? Try our mouthwatering pastas, specialty Italian sandwiches, crisp salads and savory appetizers. We have gluten-free options, too. At Giordano’s, there’s something for everyone!

Plan your next event at the SkyDeck with Giordano’s. Enjoy world famous Chicago style pizza at Willis Tower VIP Style, 99 floors up! Make it a special date for two, or bring the whole family for an unforgettable experience - spectacular views of up to four states. Contact at 312-583-9400 or order your pizza online