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Giordano's - Indianapolis- Downtown
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Our Indianapolis- Downtown

You don’t have to visit the Chicago area to get a taste of Giordano’s for yourself. When you taste the pizza pies and dishes at our Downtown Indianapolis location, you’ll know why we’re the best pizza delivery and restaurant in town! Stop by Giordano’s and have a seat in our dining room, where you’ll have access to a full bar. Alternatively, place an order for pickup or delivery and enjoy Giordano’s right at home!

Our Giordano's location in Downtown Indianapolis, IN, brings the best Chicago-style pizza right to you here in Indiana. We love that we can bring great deep-dish pizza to great areas like Indianapolis.

About Downtown Indianapolis, IN

European immigrants and Americans with European heritage first came to this area in 1819. The next year, the Indiana General Assembly started an initiative to pick the location for the state capitol. The Assembly chose Alexander Ralston and Elias Pym Fordham to scout the perfect place for the capital and to design the new city. 

In 1847, the city of Indianapolis was officially incorporated. After the town was founded, the first government wanted to increase development. The city improved public health and safety, education, transportation and commerce in its early years. Because of this development, the city's population rapidly grew between 1850 and 1900 — it went from 8091 to 169,164 over those 50 years. 

Downtown Indianapolis is known for being a central business district and place of different cultural regions. At Giordano’s, we thought it made perfect sense to join the area to leave our own mark. The city of Indianapolis is home to more than 864,000 residents, and we want to serve every one of them.

Family-Friendly Attractions in Downtown Indianapolis, IN

Whatever your family likes to do, you can find something you'll all enjoy together. Some favorite sites to see include:

  • Indianapolis City Market: This market has been in business since 1866. Stop by the indoor market, and you'll find merchants selling a wide variety of goodies. Craving a soft pretzel? No problem. Looking for a healthy lunch? They've got you covered. Be sure to come to the Original Farmers Market, an outdoor market open May through October. You and your family will have a blast browsing through all the delicious foods, and the best part is that you can take some home to enjoy later!
  • Downtown Canal Walk: Take a family stroll on this three-mile stretch along the canal. You'll feel like you aren't even in the city, get some exercise and go home after having a great time just talking and enjoying each other's company.
  • Indianapolis Artsgarden: This structure is a beautiful piece of architecture — it rises seven stories over the intersection of Washington and Illinois Streets and is made from glass and steel. Check out their art exhibits and special events. They can even help connect you with other arts organizations across the city. If your family is a big fan of the arts, this is a great weekend destination.
  • Indiana State Museum: Before you turn this opportunity down for more "exciting" activities in the area, consider this museum's dedication to making the topics you learn about in school more engaging. The Foucault Pendulum and an animated, controllable globe are just two features this museum uses to draw in hundreds of visitors every day.

After exploring the city all day, you can explore the family-friendly restaurants in downtown Indianapolis. Come to Giordano's to finish your day the right way. We know you'll be glad you did. 

Best Places to Eat in Downtown Indianapolis, IN

This city won't disappoint when you're looking for something to eat. You can find all sorts of cuisine here, whether you're looking for something familiar or new. If pizza is the only option for you tonight, don't buy your cheesy, saucy pie from anywhere but Giordano's. 

Visit our shop today to taste the best deep dish pizza in Downtown Indianapolis, IN! We invite you to try any of the delicious items on our menu:

  • Deep dish: Our cheese-stuffed deep dish pizzas will make you feel like you're in an authentic Chicago pizzeria from your own home with our pizza delivery in downtown Indianapolis.
  • Thin crust: This flaky crust will give you a satisfying crunch as you enjoy your favorite toppings.
  • Starters: Cheesy garlic bread? Fried Calamari? Mozzarella triangles? Share your favorite starters with your family, or keep them all to yourself.
  • Salads: Our classic salads make the perfect starter, side dish or main event.
  • Sandwiches: Try some of our favorite Italian-inspired treats, including chicken parmesan and meatball subs.
  • Italian: Try one of our delicious pasta dishes with our handmade sauces.
  • Lunch: Pair a Giordano's entree with a side for a lunch break worth your while.
  • Dessert: We're sure your new favorite dessert will be our delicious chocolate chip cookies.

Best Pizza
Since 1974

At Giordano’s, we’ve handcrafted artisanal deep dish pizzas to Chicago customers for more than 40 years. We’ve earned a reputation as having the best Chicago-style pizza in the region — and now, you can eat the best deep dish pizza in more than 10 states and more cities all around the country, including Indianapolis!

A Cherished Chicago Tradition, Close to Home Chicago pizza is so much more than cheese and crust and toppings. It takes 6 pizza artisans to construct just 1 stuffed pie with the flavorful ingredients you love best. We add Wisconsin mozzarella made exclusively for us and slow-bake your pizza until its double crusts achieve the flakiest layers possible. 

When it comes to the best pizza place in Indianapolis, look to Chicago’s Giordano’s! Giordano’s also has a full menu of delicious Italian dishes that everyone can enjoy. You’ll find savory pastas. You’ll find specialty sandwiches. You’ll find fresh and healthy salads and gluten-free options, too. Giordano’s has something for everyone. Check out our menu now!