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Our Glen Ellyn/Wheaton

Whether you want to eat out or dine at home, Giordano’s is your go-to destination for the best pizza pie in Glen Ellyn. We have a full dining room with wine and beer selections, and also delivery and pickup options. Just call and place your order for fast delivery!

Our Giordano's location in Glen Ellyn/Wheaton, IL, strives to bring you the best pizza around. We love being a part of this community and seeing how much it has to offer the people who call it home.

About Glen Ellyn, IL

Settlers came to present-day Glen Ellyn in the 1830s, and the first landowner in the area was Deacon Winslow Churchill. The Galena and Chicago Union Railroad was built through the area, and the project was finished in 1849. Then, the area around the railroad became the town's center. 

Trains on this railroad initially did not stop in Glen Ellyn — and they didn't until a man named Lewey Q. Newton built a depot and water tank with his own money to turn the town into a rail stop. The depot was known as Newtown Station. 

In 1889, residents completed a project to create Lake Glen Ellyn by building a dam on a stream close by. The community began advertising itself as Chicago's newest suburb and a great health resort destination. The village of Glen Ellyn was officially incorporated in May 1892. Today, the community is home to more than 28,000 people.

Family-Friendly Attractions in Glen Ellyn, IL

There's no need to drive into Chicago to find a good time for your family. Glen Ellyn offers lots of great things to do for any interest. Whether you want to try something different or do that activity your family has always loved doing together, you should consider visiting some of these attractions:

  • Cosley Zoo: Come check out species native to Illinois, as well as your kids' favorite farm animals. Your family can learn more about local species at the zoo's exhibits by talking to the knowledgeable staff.
  • Lake Ellyn Park: You and your family can visit this great local park year-round. Enjoy a walk or bike ride around the lake to get your heart pumping. Teach your kids how to fish as your parents taught you. Or, bring your skates and go ice skating on the lake once it freezes over. Whatever you do here, it's sure to be a blast.
  • Maryknoll Park: Get outside to stay active or cool off on a hot summer day. The Splash Pad is a fun way for your kids to enjoy being outside in the summer. The park has tons of things your kids will love. Challenge your family to a game of mini golf — your family won't soon run out of things to do here!

Best Restaurants in Glen Ellyn, IL

Whatever your tastes may be, you can find great eats in Glen Ellyn, IL. If you're in the mood for a great deep dish pizza, you're always welcome at Giordano's! Stop by for the best deep dish pizza in Glen Ellyn, IL!

Best Pizza
Since 1974

Is there anything more satisfying than a handcrafted deep dish pizza made with the finest, freshest ingredients and tender loving care? At Giordano’s, we don’t think so, either — and that’s why we make the best Chicago-style pizza in Glen Ellyn! Giordano’s is more than regular pizza. We’re a cherished Chicago tradition that generations of families have enjoyed for over 40 years. Now you can enjoy the best deep dish pizza in Chicago at home, right here in Glen Ellyn. Slow-Baked, Flaky Perfection Each and every Giordano’s pizza tastes of old world tradition and outstanding craftsmanship that only trained artisans can provide. It takes 6 artisans to build just one double crust, deep dish pizza, which we slow-bake for the ultimate in flaky, flavorful perfection. We carefully layer the freshest toppings you choose with mozzarella made just for us on a small Wisconsin farm. When you take your first bite, you’ll know why Giordano’s is the best pizza delivery and restaurant in Glen Ellyn! Giordano’s also has a full menu filled with mouth-watering Italian favorites such as tender pastas, hearty sandwiches and the freshest, crispiest salads. If you’re gluten-free, you can still enjoy Giordano’s — just ask about our special gluten-free menu items.