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Please call the restaurant directly at 702-850-2420 to speak with a manager about catering your special event today!

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Planning a party or special event?

When you're planning an event, you need enough time and the ability to juggle multiple details at once. If even a few details slip through the cracks, you could encounter issues on the day of the event — and even the ones leading up to it. With this in mind, event planning can become stressful. When you can find ways to lessen that stress, you'll take them in a heartbeat!

By choosing Giordano's event catering in Las Vegas, NV, you're letting us take some of the stress out of coordinating your event. After you place your order, Giordano's will take care of the rest! You can rest assured your food will be cooked to perfection and a huge hit among all your guests.

You'll enjoy the legendary Giordano's taste right in Las Vegas, NV! With locations in other areas aside from Chicago, you can enjoy our signature Chicago-style stuffed deep dish pizza in Las Vegas! It will be a treat you and your guests will love.

The Best Catering in Las Vegas, NV

Giordano's is dedicated to providing top-quality options for your upcoming event. Your catering options at our Las Vegas, NV, location include:

  • Stuffed deep dish, thin crust and extra thin crust pizza
  • Starters
  • Salads
  • Classic Italian pasta
  • Sandwiches
  • Kids' options
  • Lunch combos
  • Desserts
  • Beverages
  • Limited-time options

With so many great options, you can serve as much or as little food as you think you need at your upcoming event. If the event isn't too long, you can order some appetizers and sweets for your guests to enjoy during a break in the activities. Or, if it's an all-day event, you can serve a full meal to keep guests energized and ready to experience everything going on.

Giordano's Catering for Every Event

Giordano's legendary taste will complement any event perfectly. Whether it's a small, casual get-together or a larger-scale, more formal event, our diverse catering options will give you what you need to put on a great event.

Some of the types of events where you can schedule Giordano's catering are:

  • Weddings
  • Graduations
  • Work events
  • Birthdays
  • Other special events and occasions

When your guests find Giordano's catering, they'll love the homey, feel-good food we create. The food we make is widely loved, making it easy to choose a catering option that will please all your guests. Giordano's is sure to be a big hit at your next event, no matter what type it is!

Our Giordano's Las Vegas, NV, Location

With so many unique things to do in Las Vegas, you can spend days there and not get a chance to do everything you want. While you're out and about, you may realize you need some good food to get through the rest of the day. Visit Giordano's near the Strip in Las Vegas, NV, for delicious Chicago-style deep dish pizza and many other delicious Italian foods.

Call our Las Vegas location today at 702-850-2420 to schedule your Giordano's catering!