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Planning a party or special event?

Planning an event, whether it is for business or pleasure, can be a stressful process. You have to decide who is coming, where the event will be held, if you'll serve food and more. And, you have to make sure all of these different details come together properly, so your event goes well. When you can find any ways to make your planning process a little simpler, you're sure to be quick to take it!

Schedule catering from Giordano's for your upcoming event, and we'll take some of the worries out of your planning process! When you trust us to take care of your catering needs, you know we'll provide top-quality foods you and your guests are sure to love. No matter what type of event you're planning, it will be even better when your guests can enjoy some delicious food.

When you're looking for a trusted restaurant to provide your event or party catering in Oswego, IL, be sure to choose Giordano's!

The Best Catering in Oswego, IL

Giordano's has an exceptional selection of delicious foods that are some of many people's favorite foods. These are some of the options available on our catering menu at our Oswego, IL, location:

  • Stuffed deep dish and thin crust pizza
  • Starters and side dishes
  • Salads
  • Sandwich trays
  • Fixings for hot sandwich stations
  • Classic Italian pasta
  • Desserts
  • Beverages

With so many options available, it's easy to put together a great spread of food at your event! We make all our food using only the finest ingredients and old-world techniques that came straight from Italy. Even when you're hosting an event outside of Chicago, you can still enjoy the legendary taste of Giordano's!

For smaller and shorter events, you can serve appetizers and desserts to treat your guests during a break in events. For larger and longer events, we have lots of fantastic choices to serve your guests a full meal, and you can even include multiple courses!

Giordano's strives to provide options for those with specific dietary restrictions. We can make our deep dish and thin crust pizzas using gluten-free dough, providing a tasty alternative for those with Celiacs disease or a gluten allergy or intolerance. Our meatless dishes and salads are perfect for vegans and vegetarians, too.

Giordano's Catering for Any Event

Our delicious foods make for the perfect eats at any event. The most popular events that Giordano's location in Oswego caters are:

  • Weddings
  • Work and corporate events
  • Graduations
  • Birthday parties
  • Other events and special occasions

Pasta is a delicious, filling dish that makes the perfect meal for a wedding reception. Guests can fuel up and genuinely enjoy the celebration of two people joining their lives together. Our savory sandwiches and fresh salads make an impressive spread for work meetings, too, when you need guests to be focused and ready to participate.

Our Oswego, IL, Location

You don't have to travel into the city to enjoy Giordano's signature tastes! Whether you're out running errands or are doing something fun, stop by Giordano's for a delicious meal to reenergize so you're ready to get everything done.

Call Giordano's location in Oswego, IL, today at 650-551-4411 to schedule catering for your next event.