Catering in Prudential Plaza/Millenium Park? We've Got You Covered.

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Planning a party or special event?

Planning an event, no matter the occasion or the size, requires a lot of organization, coordination and time. It can become frustrating if any of the details get out of sync or require last-minute changes. Some of the details you have to iron out include whether you'll be serving food, who will be attending and where to hold the event. With so much to do, you can easily become a little stressed out.

Let Giordano's take away some of the stress from your planning. Trust in us to provide quality, delicious foods at your event everyone on your guest list is sure to love. Giordano's is a big name in Chicago — so why not give guests something you know they'll enjoy?

With a great variety of foods on our catering menu, Giordano's may become your go-to caterer for many different events. When you don't have to worry about the food, you can turn your attention to figuring out other details. By choosing Giordano's, you know you're picking the perfect caterer.

The Best Catering in Prudential Plaza in Chicago, IL

Giordano's catering menu is filled with excellent options, helping you put out the perfect spread at your event. The foods you can order from us to serve at your upcoming event include:

  • Stuffed deep dish and thin crust pizza
  • Starters and side dishes
  • Salads
  • Sandwich trays
  • Ingredients for hot sandwich stations
  • Classic Italian pasta
  • Desserts
  • Beverages

With so many options available, you can put together the perfect spread at your event. If you're holding a shorter event, give guests something to munch on during breaks. For longer events, serve a full meal so they can fuel up and continue enjoying themselves.

Giordano's strives to serve food that those with certain dietary restrictions can also enjoy. Order some of our signature pizzas with gluten-free dough for a delicious option for guests who have Celiac disease or a gluten allergy or intolerance. We also have lots of amazing meatless dishes, the perfect choice for vegetarians and vegans!

Get Giordano's Catering for Any Event

Whatever type of event you're planning, Giordano's catering will be a great fit. Some of the most common types of events we cater at our Prudential Park location are:

  • Corporate and work events
  • Graduations
  • Weddings
  • Birthday parties
  • Other events and special occasions

Any event becomes even better when there's some delicious food to eat. From spending time with friends and family to celebrate your birthday to showing your employees you appreciate their hard work at your company's annual holiday party, Giordano's catering is the perfect addition to your event.

Our Prudential Park Location

Prudential Park and Millennium Park are home to some of the most iconic sites in Chicago — the Bean, Prudential Plaza and more. While you're in this part of the city, whether it's where you call home or where you work, stop by Giordano's to enjoy a delicious meal! Relax in our spacious dining room or watch everything going by when you dine out on the patio. You can even take your order home by calling in for pickup or delivery.

Call the Prudential Park Giordano's today at 312-616-1200 to schedule your catering with us.