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Dive Into the Best Pizza in West Des Moines, IA

Who can argue that the cook who first experimented with dough, cheese and tomato sauce was a genius? At Giordano's, we celebrate the discovery of pizza every day by serving up the best Chicago-style pizza in West Des Moines, IA. Stop by our location on Jordan Creek Parkway to taste test our artisan menu items. Relax with friends in the welcoming atmosphere, or take a deep dish pizza—or two—home with you! 

Life is better when you satisfy your cravings for pizza with a little help from Giordano's. Dive into any variations on our original stuffed Italian Easter Pie, handed down through the generations straight from the kitchen of Mama Giordano herself. Remember that we also offer catering for those special occasions when only the best pizza delivery will do!

Why We Love Being Part of West Des Moines

Named one of the best places to live not too long ago, West Des Moines is a great place to work and serve customers! Vibrant and culturally significant, the area was first inhabited by Native Americans and later by pioneers.

By the late 1800s, West Des Moines and the surrounding region became a hub of activity for travelers due to its location. People who wanted to cross the country often made stops in this Iowan town, gathering supplies to sustain them on their trips. Of course, some of them fell head over heels for the picturesque beauty of West Des Moines and planted roots.

Home to financial businesses, schools, healthcare facilities and other types of corporate, government and educational entities, West Des Moines boasts a population estimated at 66,000. And when they want the best deep dish pizza, they know where to go — Giordano's!

We are proud to have a location in the heart of West Des Moines, where we can celebrate feasting, family and friends with a slice of any of our stuffed pies or equally irresistible menu items.

What to Do in West Des Moines — Aside From Visiting the Best Pizza Place

Maybe you just moved to West Des Moines. Perhaps you have lived in the area all your life. Regardless, we invite you to discover some of the most fun places to venture when you have some free time.

For instance, head back in time by checking out the historic Valley Junction. Now a site of thriving commerce mingled with historic landmarks, Valley Junction offers antiquing, art galleries, furniture, collectibles, pampering services, jewelry and so much more. Everyone in the family can find something to do when you take a trip to this hot spot.

Want to enjoy some scenery? Stroll along Jordan Creek Town Center. In addition to checking out the stores, you can simply bask in the natural splendor of the waterfront. If you are really into green spaces, we recommend going to Raccoon River Park or Walnut Woods State Park. Hike or just take a picnic complete with some Chicago-style pizza.

Grab Some Stuffed Pizza in West Des Moines

Getting a little hungry after a hard day working, window shopping or exploring? In West Des Moines, Giordano's is just a hop, skip and jump away. Visit us soon for the best pizza in the territory.

Best Pizza
Since 1974

Giordano's is now in the heart of Iowa! Get the taste of Chicago delivered right to your front door. Named one of the best Chicago-style pizza since 1974, our pizza uses the best ingredients possible to make sure each bite is packed full of that authentic flavor. From our slow-baked double-crust to our cheesed stuffed center, our hardy pies transform pizza night into an Italian dining experience. We offer deep dish and thin crust varieties of pizza along with our wide array of sandwiches, salads, desserts, and starters. Order now for a dining experience the whole family will love!