10 Gifts You Can Send Other Than Flowers

alternative gifts to flowers

Perhaps you’re brainstorming gifts to send to someone special in your life. Whether it’s a holiday or a special occasion, you want to mail the right present. It should show you’re thinking of them and that you put thought into the gift, whatever that may be.

Before you fall back on flowers, the old standby, consider unique gifts that are personal and fun to give and get. Not sure what to send instead of flowers? Curious about what occasions even call for a gift? What can I get my girlfriend instead of flowers? What can you send a guy instead of flowers? In this guide, you’ll find 10 gifts you can send or have delivered other than flowers and tips on sending a present to someone special.

Occasions That Require a Gift and Why Flowers Won’t Cut It

While flowers are nice, they may not be the most personal present you can give. When you want to show a friend or loved one that you’re thinking of them, really think of them. Consider what they’d like or need and whether it’s appropriate for the occasion. Consider giving alternatives to flowers for occasions like these:

  • Birthdays: Any birthday is worth celebrating with the perfect gift. Giving someone a thoughtful and special present for their birthday shows you’re thinking about them, even if you can’t be there to celebrate.
  • Anniversaries: Mark relationship milestones with a special gift that reflects your love or your partner’s tastes. Whether it’s been months or years, a loving relationship is worth honoring. You can also offer a gift for a friend or family member’s anniversary celebration.
  • Holidays: Throughout the year, plenty of gift-giving holidays call for the perfect present. Send something unique or personal for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and various other holidays.
  • Celebrations: Getting a promotion, graduating or moving to a new house are a few reasons to celebrate. If you can’t be there in person, send a thoughtful gift other than flowers.
  • Comforting and condolences: Certain occasions require more somber gifts. Comfort the recipient after a breakup, the loss of a loved one or during struggles and challenges.
  • Just because: Sometimes, the best reason to give a gift is no reason. Send a gift just because you see something that reminds you of the recipient.
  • Get well soon: Maybe you know someone who’s been sick or recently got out of surgery. Let them know you’re thinking of them and wish them a great recovery with a gift that they won’t forget.

Things to Send Someone Other Than Flowers

If you can’t meet someone in person for a holiday or special occasion, sending a gift is a great way to show you’re thinking of them. Send something unique when you think outside the box with alternatives to flowers. You’ll be able to send a thoughtful gift that will either last longer than flowers or be more personalized. Use these flower alternatives to find the perfect gifts to send to a friend:

1. Pizza

send a pizza

For fun gifts to send in the mail, consider frozen pizzas. Pizza is great for almost any occasion. Celebrate birthdays from far away, send a thank you with a delicious pie or offer the meal as a just-because gift.

Sending pizza as a gift is like giving a celebration in a box. It’s also a convenient gift that’s great for friends who recently moved to a new house. They won’t feel like cooking after unpacking, and a frozen pizza makes a delicious and easy dinner.

Want to make your mailed pizza gift even more special? Make it a virtual pizza night. Order a pie for you and your recipient. Prepare them on the same night and video chat together as you dig in to feel like you’re celebrating in the same room. Giordano’s even offers a special heart shaped pizza for Valentine’s Day!

2. Snacks

Students, new parents and anyone really will appreciate a variety of snacks as a gift. Put together a care package with store-bought snacks, or make your own. No matter what you offer, your recipient is sure to appreciate these delicious flower alternatives.

If you live in a different area than your recipient, you probably have local treats they can’t find where they live. Unique treats like those would be a great gift to send, but you can also create a care package with your friend or loved one’s favorite snacks. Whatever you pack up to send, use these tips to help them arrive in one piece:

  • Wrap baked goods or pack them in air-tight, food-grade containers.
  • Use dry ice for frozen goods and gel packs with cold snacks.
  • Pack frozen or cold snacks in insulated packaging with ice or cold packs.
  • Put liquids in watertight packaging inside the shipping box or bag.
  • Add recyclable packing fillers to keep the snacks in place.

3. Wine

Wine is perfect for holidays or a celebration. Not sure what type of wine your friend or loved one prefers? Send a variety with red, white and rosé. Or gift dry and sweet wines to match whatever preference your recipient has.

When you’re choosing wine as gifts to send to a friend, you’ll have to go through licensed wineries and understand the regulations. Those restrictions vary with what you’re shipping, how much and where it’s going to.

If you do have to send your wine through a seller and you can’t include a note through them, send a card separately. Let your recipient know they can anticipate a gift from you and what it’s for. You can even include information about wine pairings for a thoughtful addition, especially if the gift receiver doesn’t know much about wine.

4. A Gift Basket or Box

Don’t want to send just one gift to your friend? Turn your present into a collection of little things with a gift basket or box. A personalized gift assortment is also a great care package to send to someone who moved recently or has just started college.

You can easily order gift assortments online, whether they have edible or self-care items. Have them sent to your friend or loved one, or put a gift together for a customizable option. If you make your own gift basket or box, follow these tips:

  • Create a theme: Think about why you’re sending a gift basket and who it’s going to. That’ll help you pick a theme and get items to fill the basket. Add snacks, self-care items and little gifts your recipient would enjoy.
  • Add filler: Layer basket filler into the gift basket or box to prop up the items you put in. Use decorative tissue paper or shredded paper that fits the theme of the gift.
  • Put in the items: Arrange the items in the basket or box in a decorative way. Put larger items toward the back and layer smaller presents in front.
  • Pack the box: If you’re making a gift basket, you’ll need to put it in a shipping box. Place the basket in a large enough box and fill empty spaces with packing materials so it doesn’t move around.

5. A Subscription Box

send subscription box

An alternative to a gift box is a subscription box. There is an array of subscription boxes that’ll suit anyone’s tastes and almost any occasion. Depending on the box, it could be a recurring gift every month or season.

Many subscription boxes also offer one-time purchases to send as a gift. These are excellent alternatives to flowers, especially if the recipient has been considering a subscription box but can’t decide if they want it. They’ll appreciate your gift no matter what, but it may also help them decide whether or not they want to sign up for recurring orders. Whether you spoil a friend with multiple subscription boxes or gift a single special one, you’ll find options that feature:

  • Food and drink: Maybe you know an avid coffee or tea drinker. Maybe you have a friend who is interested in international snacks. There are subscription boxes for these and other edible treats that offer excellent varieties and are easier than creating your own.
  • Fashion and beauty: Not sure what to get a fashion-forward friend or beauty lover? Rely on a beauty or fashion subscription box to send them trendy items. They’ll receive unique makeup, self-care products or fashionable accessories, and you’ll skip the struggle of deciding what to get.
  • Pet supplies: Celebrate a friend’s new pet with a subscription box for pet supplies. There are plenty that will send toys, treats and pet necessities that come in handy for any pet owner.

6. Plants

If your friend has a green thumb, send them a gift that will live much longer than a bouquet of flowers. With so many plant sizes and types available, you’ll find something for every recipient. Maybe they live in a cozy apartment and would enjoy a small potted plant, or perhaps they have more space for something that will grow larger. Either way, living plants are excellent alternatives to flowers.

Choose a reliable shipping option or a company that specializes in mailing plants. You don’t want your gift to show up missing its leaves or petals. Picking out a durable plant will also help ensure your gift arrives intact. Consider giving plants like these:

  • Aloe is a practical, sturdy plant.
  • A snake plant has thick leaves and is easy to maintain.
  • Succulents are small and easy to ship.
  • Pothos is fast-growing, which is great if it loses a few leaves in the mail.

Make sure care instructions are enclosed with the gift, and choose low-maintenance plants if your friend or family member hasn’t cared for them before.

7. A Photo Album or Book

There’s something special about flipping through physical photos, especially with everything in its digital form today. Create a photo book online or put together an album to send to a friend or loved one. If you have more time, you could get creative and crafty with a scrapbook. A collection of photos is sure to be a romantic or sweet alternative to send other than flowers. No matter how you compile your photos, these would be great flower alternatives to send to:

  • A friend you took a trip with and have plenty of pictures from.
  • A significant other or couple who’s celebrating an anniversary.
  • A parent, grandparent or another family member celebrating a birthday.
  • A loved one who recently moved away.

Go through the photos you have together if these are gifts to send to friends or a significant other. For family members celebrating an anniversary, compile photos of them throughout their lives. Check social media for pictures to save, print and put together in an album.

8. Something Handmade

handmade gift

Use your crafty skills or order from a small business or independent creator for thoughtful gifts to send to friends. A handmade item has love and time put into it, whether you or someone else crafts it. Something handmade will also be easier to customize to your friend or loved one’s tastes. Incorporate their favorite colors or themes for the ultimate personalized gift.

Handmade items are often practical in a way, making them excellent gift alternatives to flowers. Whether they’re beautiful and unique decor or a functional item, you can create or order things like:

  • Ceramics
  • Embroidery
  • Knitted or crocheted items
  • Paintings or drawings
  • Woodworking creations
  • Handmade jewelry or accessories

9. A Stuffed Animal

A stuffed animal is an adorable gift for a younger family member or a friend who recently became a parent. Of course, they’re also a sweet and cuddly gift for recipients of any age, as long as it’s a present your friend or loved one would enjoy. Pick their favorite animal or get a stuffed figure that reflects something from your relationship.

A plushie makes a cute just-because gift if you miss someone. Or create a hug in a box to comfort a recipient who’s moved away or is going through a tough time. Add a note about how you miss them and include the plush. Add extra comforting items like a candle, tea and self-care goodies for a more mature gift.

10. A Gift Card

Gift cards are simple gifts that treat your recipient to an experience or a shopping spree. These are great for a thank you or just-because gift. You can also give gift cards to a loved one if you aren’t sure what presents they’d want or need. Consider these gift card ideas as flower alternatives:

  • gift card for a meal is a perfect gift for busy people.
  • A gift card for groceries or gas is a practical present that works for any occasion.
  • A voucher for a spa treatment is great for someone going through a stressful time.
  • A gift card for the recipient’s favorite store is a present they’re guaranteed to enjoy.
  • A movie theater gift card is a thoughtful and useful gift for the film buff in your life.

Send your gift card in an appropriate greeting card for the occasion. If a gift card feels impersonal to you, you can use the greeting card to personalize the gift. Write a kind note acknowledging how much you appreciate your friend or loved one, especially if it’s a thank you present.

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