A Visitor’s Guide to Schaumburg, Illinois

Whether you’re visiting LEGOLAND or are coming in to do some shopping, Schaumburg, IL, is a fun destination for family members of all ages. This booming village in Cook County is located just 10 minutes away from Chicago O’Hare Airport. It’s home to a beautiful art gallery, a hub for dedicated shoppers and a place that will inspire the outdoorsmen in your family to lace up their shoes and explore bike trails as well as a solar-powered nature center.

The village has deep German roots apparent even today as you look around the area. Within the past five decades, churches in the area even celebrated mass in German. The town’s name actually comes from an area of Lower Saxony.

Today, Schaumburg may be best known to Illinois residents for hosting one of just two IKEA stores in the entire state. Indeed, it’s a hub of consumerism, with the Woodfield Mall ranking as the 11th-largest mall in the United States.

What should you do on a trip to Schaumburg? We’re glad you asked. This in-depth guide can help you hit all the most interesting places in town, even if your time is limited. Of course, when you’re done, you’ll be famished, so save room for a slice of pizza — Giordano’s is located just across from the Woodfield Mall, the perfect place to cap off a day of fun in a city whose motto is “Progress Through Thoughtful Planning.”

Transportation Around Schaumburg

As a suburb, Schaumburg is very drivable, but if you’re up for something a little more adventurous, you have a couple choices. We recommend the Woodfield Trolley, a quaint, old-style trolley service that will drop you at more than half a dozen locations. Best of all, it’s free — you can’t beat that deal.

Schaumburg also has a Metra Station for out-of-towners looking to spend the day in town, but remember, you can only schlep a limited number of items back with you on the train. If you’re going to buy out IKEA, it’s best to travel via car so you can get everything home without too much hassle.

Shopping in Schaumburg

Shopping could take up a great deal of your time in Schaumburg. Beyond the IKEA, Woodfield Mall houses more than two million square feet of retail space, including stores from Abercrombie & Fitch to Zales. It also hosts fun events such as workshops or visits from kid-friendly guests. People of all ages will enjoy the spacious mall.

With nearly 300 stores, the mall can also serve as a great place to hike around and get some indoor exercise when those notorious Chicago winds whip up, making outdoor activities unpleasant. Still, there’s more to do than just shop in Schaumburg.

Enjoying the Great Outdoors in Schaumburg

Most of the time, the weather in the area is perfect for engaging in outdoor fun. Here are a few of our favorite outdoor pursuits in Schaumburg:

  • Biking trails:

    Schaumburg is way ahead of the curve when it comes to biker friendliness. The village has been bike-accessible for almost four decades, encouraging people to pedal as an alternative mode of transportation. Most newer housing developments have areas for bike parking, and you can explore more than 90 miles of bike paths located around town.

  • Volkening Heritage Farm:

    Want to see what Schaumburg was like in the 1880s? Hop over to Volkening Heritage Farm, a living history experience where you can see the livestock a typical farm would have nurtured, play games from the 1880s or talk to guides in historical attire about what went on back in the 19th century. If you’re feeling particularly game, try to complete a round of 1880s farm chores.

  • Walnut Greens:

    In the warmer months, play a few rounds at the Walnut Greens golf course, where you can reserve tee times in advance online. Want a new and different challenge? Walnut Greens also hosts foot golf sessions after 2 p.m. on weekends and anytime during the week. This fun sport combines the artistry of golf with the athleticism of soccer for a challenge the entire family can enjoy.

  • Atcher Island:

    Summer calls for a visit to Schaumburg’s most popular pool, Atcher Island. This Polynesian-themed water park has slides for kids both big and small, as well as a sprayground even the smallest tots will feel comfortable navigating.

Play and Learn in Schaumburg

Venture back inside for more chances at hands-on fun in Schaumburg. The Vera Meineke Nature Center at Spring Valley features exhibits for kids to learn more about nature, as well as a natural history museum. Kids can get a lesson in solar power during their visit, because the center is partly powered by the sun.

Find creative and mind-opening activities at the Schaumburg Township District Library. The building may host a quidditch Q&A session one day and a yoga night the next. Programs expose participants to a range of events and ideas, and you can sign up in advance by checking the library website.

Native American artists share their works at the Trickster Gallery, which includes a fascinating array of artistic styles. The gallery frequently hosts events showcasing different voices, and it actively encourages the remembrance of Native American veterans who lost their lives in service to their country. If you like contemporary art, you will adore the Trickster Gallery.

Feel like a snack after all that art time? Walk directly outside the gallery to the farmer’s market, where the delicacies include everything from locally made cheeses to baked goods to homemade pasta. You can even bring your knives from home and get them sharpened while you browse the food. But try not to drool — that’s embarrassing.


A visit to Schaumburg absolutely must include a stop at LEGOLAND Discovery Center. The indoor amusement center has rides, LEGO play areas and a 4D cinema. Yes, apparently 3D has been surpassed. Whether you go on the Jungle Expedition or head straight to Miniland, your family will love their trip to LEGOLAND.

Have Fun Exploring Schaumburg

Wherever you find yourself in Schaumburg, you’ll enjoy seeing the history of small-town America. This suburb has seen its population soar over the past 50 years, becoming the home to big businesses such as Zurich North America and Motorola Solutions. But it’s still got that village vibe, with the trolleys and the bike paths, that reminds you of years gone by. Enjoy the best of the modern and past worlds in Schaumburg.