Best Tourist Attractions in Denver

best tourist attractions denver
Colorado is a haven for any tourist looking to enjoy the great outdoors, but when you’re visiting the capital city, there are plenty of places to go in Denver. Whether you’re visiting with family, friends or touring our country’s great cities, a stop in Denver reveals plenty to do and see. Check out the best tourist attractions in Denver below for a mix of culture, shopping, and excitement to get the full experience.

Giordano’s Favorite Places to Visit in Denver

At Giordano’s in Denver, our convenient location in the heart of downtown welcomes locals and travelers alike. When you’re looking for some things to do in Denver, rest assured there’s something for everyone. We agree with other visitors to the Mile-High City that these are some of the top attractions in Denver, so explore our favorites and make them yours on your next trip.

1. Denver Center for Performing Arts

Support one of the country’s most prominent nonprofit theatre organizations and see a show by the Denver Center for Performing Arts (DCPA). The DCPA puts on performances at several locations in the city, giving you plenty of places to go in Denver to see a show. Their list of convenient locations features various venue styles and includes:

Experience everything from Broadway productions and classic plays to entertaining cabaret and unconventional shows that make a visit to one of the DCPA’s venues a unique experience. Get your tickets and gather with the Denver community and fellow visitors who come from across the country to experience theater by the DCPA.

2. Denver Convention Center

From beer festivals to bridal shows, the Denver Convention Center is a one-stop shop for any visitor. Visit during a tattoo convention to commemorate your trip to the Centennial State or tour a family-friendly convention that celebrates pop culture and local experiences. No matter what you come for, the Denver Convention Center is a cultural hub and one of the best places to visit in Denver that’s sure to deliver a unique experience with every visit.

The Denver Convention Center is also home to a collection of public art and the Bellco Theatre. Explore the Denver Convention Center’s community-funded collection of public art, which encourages creativity and culture. After experiencing local art, head to the on-site Bellco Theatre to see a variety of performances. Laugh until you cry at a comedy show featuring well-known comedians, learn something at a lecture series or lose yourself in the music of a concert.

denver convention center

3. Colorado State Capitol

When you take in Denver’s skyline, you’ll notice the golden peak of the Colorado State Capitol. For architecture or history buffs, the Capitol is one of the top attractions in Denver. The Colorado State Capitol offers plenty more to do for visitors, even if you’re looking for experiences outside of the historical variety, so plan your visit and:

  • Get free tours of the building during the week.
  • Appreciate the use of the entire known supply of Colorado Rose Onyx in the building.
  • Get a closer look at the glistening gold leaf used on the building’s dome.
  • See the House and Senate chambers mid-January through mid-May during the week.
  • Stop on the 13th step to be exactly one mile above sea level.
  • Experience public art in the building and around the grounds.
  • Visit Lincoln Park, part of the Capitol Complex.

Whether you admire the little details of the Colorado State Capitol or take it all in on a tour, it’s undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking places to go in Denver, from its unique building materials to its cultural and historical significance.

4. Downtown Aquarium

Witness over 500 species of animals with a visit to one of the most exciting tourist attractions in Denver, the Downtown Aquarium. Experience the traditional stingray touch tank and venture through the Downtown Aquarium’s exhibits, which include themes such as the following.

  • North America: Discover the creatures that inhabit our continent in this exhibit. See some familiar animals and learn about ones you’ve never heard of before.
  • In the Desert: You may not expect to see the critters that live in these dry areas in an aquarium, but this exhibit is a small part of what makes Downtown Aquarium a unique attraction.
  • Under the Sea: Stop by this exhibit with little ones to see the interactive mermaid show for a whimsical addition to your visit after seeing habitats that mimic caves and coral reefs from the ocean floor.
  • Shipwreck: Immerse yourself in the mystery of a shipwreck in this exhibit, which features paintings on the walls and creature habitats that simulate the underwater wonder that results from sunken ships.

After you see the Aquarium’s variety of critters at these and other exhibits, there’s still more to see and do. With an upscale Dive Lounge bar, restaurant, fully equipped ballroom, 4D theater experience and more, the Downtown Aquarium has some unconventional spins on the classic aquarium experience. Kids will love riding the Aquarium Express around the grounds to explore the wetlands or going on the Aquatic Carousel for some merry-go-round fun. Whatever you decide to enjoy, the Downtown Aquarium makes for a day full of family fun in Denver.

16th street pedestrian mall

5. 16th Street Pedestrian Mall

Walk the mile-long pedestrian promenade in the Mile-High City. Denver’s 16th Street Pedestrian Mall is one of the most fun places to go in the city for tourists and locals alike. Get some shopping in at local boutiques or well-known department stores, or walk around and take in the scenery of one of the top attractions in Denver. The 16th Street Mall offers so much to see and do.

  • The MallRide free shuttle buses that stop on every corner
  • Plenty of outdoor cafes
  • Access to Denver Pavilions, which are home to a dozen movie theaters
  • Bridge access to Commons Park
  • Horse-drawn carriage and pedicab rides after dark
  • Daily events and entertainers along the plazas and fountains

These experiences make the 16th Street Mall more than a mall. It’s the potential for a day filled with exploring. Take in the downtown scenery with friends or family or visit yourself to buy some last-minute things before touring the rest of the city.

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