Craziest Pizza-Themed Gifts on the Market

Craziest Pizza-Themed Gifts on the Market

We all have at least one pizza lover in our lives. You know the one – they obsess over the perfect pie. They have an opinion on everything, from the best type of crust to which toppings should never go on a pizza. They have everything they could ever need — but do they have the craziest pizza-themed gifts on the market? From pizza pajamas to pizza pool-time toys, these pizza gift ideas solve the dilemma of what to get the pizza lover who has everything.

pizza themed gifts

When to Give a Pizza-Themed Gift

Giving a unique pizza-themed present is a great way to personalize your gift and make it stand out among others. Instead of some generic gift, a pizza present expresses your loved one’s personality and shows you take note of their interests. Because a genuine pizza lover will appreciate a pizza-themed gift any time of the year, you can give a pizza-themed gift to your favorite pizza fanatic for any celebration.

From pizza-patterned attire to a handcrafted pizza ornament, Christmas gifts for pizza lovers are always a hit. Birthdays are the perfect time to gift a pizza lover a new pizza-making kitchen gadget. A recent grad will appreciate any pizza-themed dorm decorations. Even Valentine’s Day is an ideal occasion for a heart-shaped pizza — swoon!

edible pizza gifts

Edible Pizza Gifts

What’s a better Christmas gift for pizza lovers than something edible? Play into their pizza passion by giving them a delicious pizza-centered gift they can gobble up after the holiday leftovers are gone.

Here are some edible gifts for pizza lovers that are sure to fill the pizza-shaped hole in their stomachs.

  • A Giordano’s pizza: Naturally, the best of all pizza-themed gifts is an actual pizza. Give your loved ones the unmatched taste of a classic Chicago stuffed pizza from Giordano’s. Whether deep-dish pizza is a nostalgic reminder of home for Chi-Town natives or an exotic cuisine for out-of-towners, a Giordano’s pie will surely warm any pizza lover’s heart. And with Giordano’s convenient nationwide shipping, delivering the joy of a Giordano’s pizza this holiday season is easy.
  • Personalized pizza kit: For the chefs in your life, consider gifting a personalized pizza kit for them to prepare at home. Give them an excuse to bust out the apron and chef’s hat with either a pre-ordered pizza kit or a basket of pizza ingredients you put together yourself. Match the kit to your pizza lover’s personality by including their favorite toppings, their preferred crust style and even a bottle of wine to enjoy alongside their homemade pie.
  • A sweet pizza treat: Who says pizza has to be savory? From pizza cookies to a fudgy or fruity dessert pizza, there are plenty of pizza-themed gifts for those with a sweet tooth. Think outside the pizza box by frosting a large pizza cookie to look like a pepperoni pie or creating individual slice-shaped sugar cookies complete with candy toppings. Or embrace the Chicago-style pizza theme with a deep-dish skillet cookie — the possibilities are endless!

Wearable Pizza Gifts

Help the lucky recipient of your pizza-themed holiday gifts show their pizza love proudly with wearable gifts. Your holiday shopping just got a lot easier, because these days, you can find almost every article of clothing and every type of accessory with a pizza design. Make the gift even better by choosing a print that shows the recipient’s favorite pizza.
A pizza design on a t-shirt helps your friend showoff their pizza style.
Check out these options for wearable pizza-themed gifts:

  • Shoes: Footwear is a good place to start for the pizza-lover who’s not too shy to show off a little pizza pizzazz but isn’t ready for a full-on pizza outfit. These fun shoes feature a pizza print covering the uppers. Look for several different name-brand shoes with pizza designs, including Nike, Converse and Vans. What else would you wear with your favorite casual outfit on pizza night?
  • Socks: Why stop at the shoes? Tuck a pair of pizza-themed socks in the shoebox for the complete foot treatment. Even your friend with the office job can get away with wearing a pair of pizza socks under his dress pants. It’ll remind him that he works so hard so he can afford pizza on the weekends.
  • Shirt: Everyone can use one more novelty tee. A pizza design on a T-shirt helps your friend show off their pizza style. Go for a full-on pizza print covering the entire shirt or go clever with a fun saying about pizza. Some options include “Fitness? More like fitness whole pizza in my mouth” and “You had me at pizza.”
  • Pants: Everyone needs a pair of comfy pants. Offer up a pair of cozy sweatpants with a pizza design. They will instantly become the go-to pants for pizza nights. The elastic waistband means your friend can go for one more slice without feeling uncomfortable, and the pizza design makes any stains blend right in.
  • Jumpsuit: For the pizza lover who isn’t afraid to show their zany side, opt for a full jumpsuit covered in pizza imagery. Call them jumpsuits, onesies, footie pajamas or just plain awesome — this gift will definitely be a favorite under any name. Katy Perry made a splash in her own pizza jumpsuit, but we’re sure the lucky recipient of your pizza jumpsuit gift can rock it just as well — perhaps with a pair of pizza Chucks?
  • Jewelry: If you’re going to wear pizza-themed clothes, you might as well go all the way with pizza accessories. A simple necklace with a piece of pizza dangling from the chain is a classic look. Buy a whole set to form an entire pizza, and give them to the members of your pizza-eating crew. When you’re together, hold your pizza slice necklaces together into a whole pizza to initiate your pizza-eating powers.
  • Temporary tattoos: Perhaps your friend isn’t ready for the commitment of a real pizza tattoo, but they can still enjoy the joy of a temporary pie tattoo.
  • Swimming suits: You can’t take a slice of pizza in the pool, but you can dive in wearing a pizza-themed swimsuit. For the female pizza lovers on your list, a pizza design on a bikini is a perfect way to make a splash at the pool. For the men on your list, opt for a board short with a pizza design.
  • Beret: If you thought a beret was cheesy, wait until you see one that looks like a pizza. The shape of a beret matches the shape of a pizza so closely, it’s only natural to make one that looks a classic pepperoni pie. If your friend isn’t the beret-wearing type, look for a hat more closely suited to their personality that still shows the pizza love.
  • Bow tie: The recipient of your pizza-themed gift needs to dress up for work, so let them have a little fun with the dress code. A bow tie with a pizza design is a fun way to look dressy and playful. You could also opt for a necktie version.

Pizza-Scented Personal Care Items

Personal care can be a drag, but pizza-scented toiletries make that morning routine much more appealing. Who wouldn’t want to wash up when the soap smells like pizza? If your friend prefers florals or musk to pizza, these gifts are still good for a laugh when unwrapped.

Pizza Cologne is a real scent made by Demeter, and if you have a friend that can pull it off, don't let them go!Try these pizza-scented personal care items:

  • Soap: Bar soap scented like pizza is one way to get the recipient to wash more often. Who wouldn’t love to smell pizza rising up with the steam of the shower?
  • Lip balm: Think of pizza lip balm as a way to experience pizza when you can’t actually eat pizza. Smear a little pizza lip balm on the lips, and you almost feel the slice in your mouth. The lip balm can also heat things up on a date.
  • Cologne: If you have a friend who can actually pull off pizza-scented cologne, don’t let that guy go. That’s a true pizza fan devoted to his favorite food. Pizza cologne is a real scent made by Demeter. If nothing else, it makes for good conversation when guests see it on his bathroom counter.

Pizza Christmas Ornament

You’ve heard of the Christmas pickle ornament tradition. It’s time to start a new tradition: the pizza ornament. It’s the perfect holiday gift for the pizza lover on your list. Give the pizza ornament tradition an Old World look with a hand-blown glass pizza ornament. You can find ornaments that look like individual pizza slices or the whole pie. Get your friend a whole set of pizza ornaments so the theme really stands out on their tree. Or get them a complete set with a mini Christmas tree, pizza ornaments and pizza string lights — they may even choose to keep the tree up year round.

Pizza Stationery

Sure, email and texting dominate the communication scene, but some old-fashioned stationery brings your friend right back to the joys of childhood. Gift them a journal with a pizza design on front. It’s a great way for them to record all their pizza experiences. After all, you never know when you’ll want to look back on that perfect pizza from two years ago.

A set of cards or decorative paper with a pizza design is perfect for the pizza lover who still likes to send handwritten notes, too. Add a pizza rubber stamp so the recipient can customize the notes. Toss in a pizza-shaped pen to create a complete pizza stationery set.

Pizza stickers round out the stationery gift idea. Look for scratch-and-sniff pizza stickers to hearken back to the elementary school days when scratch-and-sniff sticker trading was all the rage.

Pizza Pool Playtime Items

Just because your friend has a mortgage and a car payment doesn’t mean they can’t play like a kid. The pizza slice pool float is the perfect way to bring out their pizza-loving inner child. Grab enough floats to construct an entire pizza in the pool — then, sit back and watch as your group of friends works to arrange themselves into a floating pizza.

Pizza Home Décor

Pizza-themed items for the home lets the recipient declare their love for pizza to anyone who enters. It’s perfect for the bachelor who needs a design theme to tie his look together or a pizza-loving couple looking for a little something special in the home.

Once you start with the pizza-decorating theme, you might as well go all the way.
These pizza home décor items offer quality gift options:

  • Pizza-scented candle: No matter how much your friend loves pizza, having the dish for every meal isn’t realistic. That doesn’t mean they can’t feel like they have a fresh pizza baking in their oven, though. A pizza-scented candle is the perfect way to experience that amazing smell even when something else is on the menu. It may or may not be a good way to set a romantic ambiance the next time they invite a date over to their house.
  • Pizza bedding: Carry your friend’s love of pizza to the bedroom with a blanket, sheets or full bedding set sporting a pizza design. They can stay cozy between layers of pizza-themed warmth.
  • Dog bed: Share the pizza bed theme with the furry family members. Gift a cozy, soft pet bed shaped like a pizza to increase the home’s pizza ambiance.
  • Pizza welcome mat: This gift option lets everyone know before the even enter that pizza is always welcome. Some options for cute sayings include “Home is where the pizza is” or “Welcome, I hope you brought pizza.”
  • Pillows: Skip the floral accent pillows and go straight for the pie. Gift your friend a pizza-shaped pillow with full detailing or a traditional square accent pillow with pizza embroidery.
  • String lights: Who says novelty string lights are only for the holidays? String lights with pizza-shaped covers illuminate your friend’s keen interior design sense year round.
  • Wall art: Once you start with the pizza-decorating theme, you might as well go all the way. Pizza-themed wall art works well in a kitchen or entertainment area. Choose pizza wall art based on the recipient’s typical decorating style. You can find posters, framed art, canvas art and more with a pizza theme.

Pizza Gear

Many pizza-themed options are novelty gifts, but a more practical approach is to give some fun pizza gear. These items actually have a practical use for the person who eats pizza multiple times per week. Most pizza lovers have the basics, so get a little creative when you choose a gift.
No pizza lover can survive on pizza alone. They'll also need an occasional cup of coffee.
Here are some fun pizza gear ideas for pizza fanatics:

  • Personalized pizza peel: Every expert pizza maker needs a pizza peel for the full pizzeria experience at home. Opt for a wooden pizza peel with personalization. Add the recipient’s name or a fun phrase on the peel.
  • Pizza cone set: Encourage your favorite pizza lover to broaden his horizons with a pizza cone set. The set includes molds and racks to make your own cone-shaped pizzas at home.
  • Novelty pizza cutter: No one should have to cut pizza with boring tools. Get your favorite person a novelty pizza cutter. Options fit almost any interest or personality, including pizza cutters shaped like saws, bikes, axes and turntables. For the friend who fancies themselves a pizza chef, choose a rocking style pizza cutter like pizzerias use.
  • Kettle grill pizza oven kit: Does the recipient own a kettle-style grill? Get the KettlePizza Deluxe pizza oven kit to convert that grill into an outdoor pizza oven. They can make wood-fired pizza at home without a fancy brick oven.
  • Countertop pizza cooker: Sure, your friend can use an oven to cook pizza at home, but why not gift a spinning countertop pizza cooker instead? They might seem cheesy, but then again, that’s sort of the point with pizza-themed gifts.
  • Pizza plates: Plates shaped like triangular pieces of pizza offer the perfect way to serve up a slice, whether homemade or ordered from a favorite pizzeria. Gift an entire set of the wedge-shaped plates decorated like pizza slices. Put them together and form a whole pizza from the plates.
  • Pizza mugs: No pizza lover can survive on pizza alone. They’ll also need an occasional cup of coffee. Give them a mug covered in pizza designs to fit in with the other pizza home décor you give as well.
  • Pizza pouch: Have you ever wanted to save a slice of pizza for later but didn’t know how to store it? The pizza pouch is the perfect solution. This clear plastic triangular pouch is the ideal shape for holding a single slice of pizza. The zip-top keeps your pizza fresh until you eat it, and the attached lanyard offers hands-free carrying. If your friend doesn’t get a kick out of this gift, he has no sense of humor. Take that pizza pouch back, and wear it proudly yourself.

High-Tech Pizza Gifts

The modern pizza lover appreciates gifts that complement the tech-driven lifestyle. A pizza-themed phone cover is the perfect place to start. Even when they can’t enjoy a piece of pizza, they can gaze at their phone lovingly.

A pizza-shaped USB drive is another way to feed your friend’s tech and pizza addiction. The USB end sticks out of a cute little slice of pizza, allowing the recipient to store essential data while dreaming of pizza.

Presenting Your Pizza-Themed Gifts

Take your pizza-themed gifts a step further with a creative presentation. If the gift is small enough, use a clean pizza box as the gift holder. Your friend may be a little disappointed the box doesn’t hold an actual pizza, but they’ll perk up once they see the awesome themed gifts you chose.

You can also grab a pizza-themed tote bag for a gift holder, and that bag doubles as a gift. A reusable tote bag makes a durable gift bag, and your friend can carry all of their necessities in the bag long after they receive the gift.

giordano's gift

Complete the Gift With Giordano’s

You’ve got the perfect pizza-themed gift for your friend, and we’ve got the actual pizza to go along with it. Tuck a Giordano’s gift card inside a pair of pizza-themed kicks or other novelty gifts. For out-of-town pizza lovers, ship a Giordano’s pizza to complement the fun pizza gear you give. Whatever you choose, you can never go wrong with zany pizza-themed gifts this holiday season.