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Our Summerlin

Located in the heart of Las Vegas, our Summerlin restaurant is located right off of Charleston Boulevard. Our Summerlin location is surrounded by shopping centers the whole family will love and is just fifteen minutes away from the Vegas Strip. Enjoy a casual dining experience before hitting the town or get a famous Chicago-style pizza delivered right to your home.

Family-Friendly Dining at Summerlin

Forget about turning on the stove. When you want to bring your family together for a home-cooked meal, head to Giordano’s pizza shop in Summerlin. Our team members love to prepare dishes that will send your taste buds soaring.

Adults and kids appreciate our wide-ranging menu that includes tons of Italian-American favorites:

  • Signature deep dish pies: Chicago-style deep dish is alive and cooking in our ovens at Giordano’s in Summerlin. Enjoy layer after layer of ingredients melted together into a delicious creation that’s outstanding bite after bite. 
  • Thin crust pizza: Craving a thinner pizza crust? No problem. Our team can handle any kind of pie. We’ll serve up a snappy, crisp thin crust pizza made to order with all the toppings you and your family want. 
  • Italian cuisine: Give into your desire for pasta that tastes like it came from a European cottage in the Italian foothills. Our tomato and alfredo sauces have just the right combination of flavors.
  • Sandwiches: Warm and toasty, all our hot sandwiches come straight from the oven. What makes them so good? The secret is using quality ingredients. If you have a sandwich aficionado among the kids or adults in your group, be sure to check out all our handheld options.
  • Salads: Eat lighter during family date night at a pizza shop by ordering one of our salads. Big enough for a meal itself, every salad is handcrafted to be a one-of-a-kind feast.
  • Starters: Tame your growling stomach with Starters for everyone. Pick a Sampler basket or two so that everyone can dive in. Or choose wings, fried calamari or another tasty nibble before your pies, salads, pasta, or sandwiches arrive.
  • Dessert: Go ahead and have dessert. At Giordano’s, the cookies are as irresistible as the rest of our Italian-American fare.
  • Lunch items: Looking for something a little lighter for the noon meal? Try a lunch combo. They are designed to fuel you up for an afternoon of playing in the park, sightseeing or just hanging out.

Rev up every family pizza night in Summerlin. Give Giordano’s pizzeria a try in person or order online. 

Best Pizza
Since 1974

Giordano’s brings authentic deep dish pizza to the West Coast! You can enjoy our famous Chicago-style pizza right in the middle of Las Vegas. Our pizza has been named the best Chicago-style pizza since 1974 because it’s crafted using the best ingredients possible. From our Wisconsin mozzarella to our slow-baked double-crust, no one knows how to make cheese-stuffed masterpieces from fresh ingredients like Giordano’s. Choose from any of our classic deep dish pizzas or enjoy one of our starters, desserts, sandwiches, or salads. We even have gluten-free options, making it easier to feed the whole family.