<span>How to Plan a Trip to</span> Las Vegas

How to Plan a Trip to Las Vegas

Things to Do

Las Vegas is the legendary American city that has won the world over with its luxury casinos, spectacular shows and exciting nightlife. Millions upon millions of people flock to southern Nevada each year to attend conventions, test their luck and enjoy the sights and sounds of one of the United States’ most visited cities. Although the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead surround it, perhaps the most engaging and captivating oasis in this part of the Mojave Desert is the iconic Las Vegas Strip, although there are endless options in the iconic city!

bellagio casino

The Bellagio & Other Casinos

fremont st

Fremont Street

penn and teller

Penn & Teller


SlotZilla Zipline & Zoomline

gondola ride at venetian

The Venetian's Gondolas

cirque du soleil

Cirque du Soleil

secret garden

Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat

the mob museum

The Mob Museum

neon museum

The Neon Museum

tournament of kings

Tournament of Kings

blue man group

Blue Man Group

madame tussauds

Madame Tussauds Las Vegas

natural history museum

Las Vegas Natural History Museum

motor speedway

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

atomic museum

National Atomic Testing Museum

dig this

Dig This

The Bellagio & Other Casinos

Casinos and Vegas go hand-in-hand, and what a spectacle they are. The Bellagio, Mirage, Venetian, Pallazzo, Wynn and more make up some of the best casinos in the world, and it is worth it to wander through their flashing lights and gold-trimmed decor.

Some of the most beloved films in history have been filmed in Vegas casinos, too. Among them are Rain Man, Casino, Iron Man, The Hangover, Go and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The fountains in front of the Bellagio are exactly the right backdrop to recreate that final scene in Ocean’s 11, too.

Fremont Street

Fremont is a street running through central Las Vegas. On its western end is a glamorous, flashy pedestrian mall whose ceiling is made of LED lights. This 24-hour mall is a feast for the eyes and a great place to explore shops and restaurants. It is also a prime spot for people-watching, an especially rewarding sport in Sin City. The Fremont Street area is an ideal spot for anyone who tires easily of big casinos.

Fremont’s eastern end is a must for anyone who wants to get to know the intimate growth of the city. This is the up-and-coming, artsy part of town that is attracting investors and creative types from all over to the middle of the desert. It has that same energy Williamsburg, Brooklyn had a decade or two ago — a place bursting with ideas and energy, which may yet give Vegas yet another sense of identity outside of gambling and entertainment.

Penn & Teller

No other magic duo has captured the public imagination quite like Penn & Teller, who arguably equal Siegfried and Roy in their ubiquity. The tall, bold Penn does all the talking, while adorable Teller wordlessly amazes with elegant sleight of hand.

This pair is unique in their commitment to keeping magic honest. At no point do they pretend to possess otherworldly powers, and their commitment to keeping logic and reason sacred never detracts from their ability to wow audiences.

SlotZilla Zipline & Zoomline

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, the SlotZilla Zipline and Zoomline is a dream come true. From the height of a 12-story, slot machine-inspired building, riders can soar over the city either on the Zipline or the Zoomline. Zipliners get to sit while they soar over Vegas. This ride starts more than 70 feet over the ground, and you will land between the Fremont and Four Queens casino.

The Zoomline is for the more adventurous. You will be more than 100 feet over the ground, and you will fly superhero-style with your arms and legs straight out. Zoomline riders will land at the Golden Gate casino. Either one is an exhilarating experience the entire family is sure to love.

The Venetian's Gondolas

Imagine you are in Venice in the canals of The Venetian. The whole family can take a trip in one of the hotel’s authentic gondolas. The boat ride will take you down the resort’s Grand Canal. You have the option to take an indoor ride or an outdoor ride. Either way, you will be treated to a great view and an unforgettable experience.

Everyone will love watching bridges, cafes and the Strip float by. If you are looking for the perfect family photo opportunity, a gondola ride could be the answer.

Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil has been performing Las Vegas for years — and for a good reason. This spectacular show is always a hit. Performers don dazzling costumes and combine acrobatics, music and stunning set pieces for an unforgettable show.

Right now you can catch a number of different Cirque du Soleil performances including KÀ, The Beatles LOVE, Michael Jackson ONE, Mystère, O and Zumanity.

Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat

The Siegfried and Roy Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat is located at the Mirage hotel. Take a visit and be enchanted by all of the exotic animals that call this attraction home. You can see a whole family of dolphins, including a baby recently born in the habitat. Try fun activities like painting, yoga or trainer for a day with the dolphins.

You can also see the garden’s white tigers, lions and leopards, and you can even take a VIP tour of the whole garden and habitat. Families of all ages may just want to spend the whole day here!

The Mob Museum

What used to be Sin City’s federal courthouse is now the home of The Mob Museum. The museum was created to educate its visitors about the growth of Las Vegas during the gangster era in the 20th century.

When you visit The Mob Museum, you’ll learn about nefarious gangsters, including Bugsy Siegel, Al Capone and John Gotti. You’ll also learn about the celebrated law enforcement officials and FBI agents who tried to snuff out illegal activities, including Eliot Ness, J. Edgar Hoover and Harry Anslinger. The Mob Museum examines the spread of mob activity outside of Las Vegas as well.

The Neon Museum

You’ll find the Neon Museum on Las Vegas Boulevard, a little north of The Mob Museum’s location. The Neon Museum covers close to two acres of land that’s often referred to as the “boneyard.”

The boneyard is the resting place for more than 200 old Vegas neon signs which are displayed on the desert ground. One-hour, guided tours of the museum are available. During your tour, you’ll see signs from once famous landmarks which include Caesar’s Palace, the Golden Nugget and the Stardust.

Tournament of Kings

Tournament of Kings at the Excalibur Hotel is one of the best Las Vegas shows for kids. Gather in a 900-seat theater for a totally medieval dinner and show. Live performers in armor spin a tale straight from Arthurian legend.

You can cheer for your knight of choice as you enjoy a three-course meal true to the times. Kids will love the authenticity of eating without silverware, not to mention the sword fights, the jousts, the horses and the fireworks.

Blue Man Group

For a classic Las Vegas show that is completely family-friendly, check out Blue Man Group!

The iconic group performs at the Luxor in Vegas. We guarantee you will love the music, dazzling visuals and always creative performance by the three men in blue. The show is great for dancing and laughing, so get tickets for the whole family!

Madame Tussauds Las Vegas

Madame Tussauds Las Vegas is an institution with hundreds of years of history, but there is nothing boring about it.

Take the family to see eerily life-like recreations of their favorite actors, musicians and athletes. Take pictures with Vegas legends like Elvis and Celine Dion. Pose with Channing Tatum, Britney Spears, Will Smith and more. The museum also has a unique 4D experience that everyone will love.

Las Vegas Natural History Museum

The Las Vegas Natural History Museum is full of exhibits that will spark imagination. Travel back in time to the ancient world in the Treasures of Egypt exhibit. See replicas of Egyptian tombs, chariots, mummies and more.

Additionally, anyone who has “Jurassic World” fever will be fascinated by the museum’s Prehistoric Life Gallery. Get close to the T-rex that roars, and check out the other dinosaurs on display. The museum’s other exhibits include the International Wildlife Gallery, Marine Life Gallery, African Rainforest, the African Savanna Gallery, Prehistoric Mammals Gallery and Geology Gallery.

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Have you ever dreamed of racing a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Corvette or even an actual race car? No, not merely sit in it and get ferried around a parking lot — we mean actually drive the thing at high speed around a race track.

Your dream has come true. Exotics Racing has finally given us all the chance to chase down that elusive thrill, by offering a selection of the world’s fastest and nicest cars for you to push to their physical limit. You’ll get an instruction course on how to handle high-performance cars at top speeds, then you’ll get in the cockpit and put the knowledge to work.

This facility is located in North Las Vegas and also hosts one of the world’s premier racing schools for those who want to learn more. In a matter of a day, you can learn the ins and outs of racing and leave with a set of skills that will ramp up your cool points tremendously.

National Atomic Testing Museum

Nevada is synonymous with the mysterious world of nuclear weapons tests. This museum tells the whole story of the Nevada Test Site, from its inception to its lasting role on the global geopolitical landscape.

You can experience a simulated ground-zero observation of a nuclear test, as well as see artifacts and mind-blowing displays related to the history of nuclear weapons development. The museum also makes subatomic physics accessible to the masses by explaining exactly how nuclear bombs work.

And if you are at all interested in the art of surviving an atomic weapon attack, this museum also offers an exciting exhibit on how to do so. Don’t worry, you’ll go far beyond the Cold War-era instructional videos of hiding under your desk.

The museum is located a short drive east of the Bellagio.

Dig This

Hop behind the controls of excavators and bulldozers and learn how to dig, move objects, climb over obstacles and even have your machines strike a pose. This dream-come-true is another one of those experiences that could only happen in Vegas.

Specifically designed for those who have at some point wanted to try their hand at an excavator — which is everyone — this place gives you the training and materials to do so. Pick up massive tires and dig holes. Lift the front of your machine up by pressing on the ground. The world is your playground.

Kid Friendly Things to Do

The City of Lights probably conjures up images of the iconic strip lit up at night and hotel casinos, but don’t let that fool you into thinking this city is adults-only. There are tons of things to do with your family in Vegas. Explore some of these Las Vegas attractions for kids.

las vegas circus


chocolate factory

Ethel M Chocolate Factory

discovery museum

DISCOVERY Children's Museum

shark reef

Shark Reef Aquarium

m and m world

M&Ms World

marvel station

Marvel Adventure S.T.A.T.I.O.N.

red rock canyon

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area



springs preserve

Springs Preserve


Whether it’s a rainy day or you and the kids need to escape the heat for a few hours, Circus Circus has five acres of rides and attractions to fill your afternoon. Experience Vegas under the big top with free clown performances multiple times each day. Enjoy a spin on their classic carousel, play games at the arcade or hop on one of their indoor roller coasters for an exhilarating ride.

  • Location: Circus Circus, on the north end of The Strip, at the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Elvis Presley Boulevard
  • Cost: Circus act performances are free. All-day ride passes for the Adventuredome are $32.95 for riders 48″ and above, $18.95 for those below 48″.
  • An ideal activity for: Families with young and early adolescent children

Ethel M Chocolate Factory

Want to get away from all the excitement of the Strip and take a stroll through a cactus garden while indulging in some chocolate? For free?

Take a short drive to Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Botanical Cactus Gardens to watch chocolate being made, sample your favorites and then wander three acres of cacti.

DISCOVERY Children's Museum

DISCOVERY Children’s Museum is a must-see for kids of all ages. The entire museum is the opposite of “don’t touch.” Kids get to use their hands and minds to explore a series of engaging exhibits. For instance, they can climb three stories through The Summit. This interactive exhibit teaches kids about light, electricity, sound, space, magnets, flight and more.

Kids can also explore the Eco City, Patents Pending, Water World, Mystery Town and Young at Art exhibits. If you have younger children, they can play in the museum’s Toddler Town.

Shark Reef Aquarium

The Shark Reef Aquarium is an unforgettable experience located at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. The aquarium is designed to look like an ancient temple that is slowly sinking. Visitors can walk through an underwater tunnel that gives an up-close view of more than 30 different sharks swimming through a 1.3 million gallon tank. Kids will be amazed by this close encounter with one of the world’s most fascinating predators.

The aquarium is also home hundreds of other aquatic creatures including crocodiles, sea turtles, exotic fish and more. The Shark Reef Aquarium is a great addition to your list of Las Vegas attractions for the family.

M&Ms World

M&M’s World is a dream come true for kids and chocolate lovers of all ages. This monument to everyone’s favorite chocolate treat is four levels and 28,000-square-feet. You can shop tons of different M&M’s gifts, from cookware and sports equipment to luggage and t-shirts, and you will get to see M&M’s in a rainbow of different colors.

Kids will love the third floor, where you can personalize M&M’s with words and letters of your choice. Be sure to also catch the 3D movie featuring the Red and Yellow M&M’s.

The top level of M&M’s World is dedicated to NASCAR. See the candy’s sponsored race car and tons of NASCAR-themed products.

Marvel Adventure S.T.A.T.I.O.N.

If your kids are superheroes in training, this attraction will be right up their alley. Directly inspired by the Marvel movies, the Marvel Adventure S.T.A.T.I.O.N., located at the Treasure Island casino, will take you on a journey that includes an up-close experience with working equipment. Check out Tony Stark’s Ironman suit and try the simulator that puts you right in it. See Captain America’s shield, and wander through Bruce Banner’s lab.

The 8,000 square feet of gear and experiences will be enough to satisfy any major Marvel fan. The experience also has a gift shop if your little heroes want to take something home with them.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Given the natural contrast it provides to Las Vegas’ neon-filled backdrop, it’s hard to believe that the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is located less than 20 miles outside of the Entertainment Capital of the World.

While you can enjoy a 13-mile car ride through this spot in the Mojave Desert, it’s also a great place to get some exercise. You can walk, hike or bike through the canyon and conservation area to get a more intimate look at the desert’s beautiful red hills and landscape.


Adventuredome at Circus Circus is Las Vegas’s very own theme park. The five-acre, indoor park has tons of rides and activities for kids of all ages. Test your skills on the Batman Laser Challenge as you run through a series of lasers and try to defeat the Joker. The whole family can play mini golf on the Pirates Bounty 18-hole course. The park also has an arcade and plenty of games with prizes.

Adventuredome, like any theme park worth its salt, also has roller coasters. Take a thrilling, 55-mile-per-hour ride on the Canyon Blaster, or take on the twists and turns of the El Loco coaster.

Springs Preserve

Springs Preserve is a 180-acre outdoor preserve in the middle of Las Vegas. The preserve is a great place for kids to explore. Springs Preserve has outdoor trails, a botanical garden, museums and tons of activities. Try the WaterWorks exhibit to give your science-minded kids a hands-on experience with a water treatment system.

They can also explore Boomtown, a historical recreation of a 1905 town and get their energy out on the playground — complete with new interactive, equipment. Kids will also enjoy the larger-than-life sculptures of wildlife, including a snake, falcon, butterfly and more.

Tourist Attractions

Las Vegas is the legendary American city that has won the world over with its luxury casinos, spectacular shows and exciting nightlife. Millions upon millions of people flock to southern Nevada each year to attend conventions, test their luck and enjoy the sights and sounds of one of the United States’ most visited cities. Check out some of the best tourist attractions in the famous city:

hoover dam

Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is one of the country’s most widely recognized national treasures, and it’s located only about 30 miles southeast of Sin City. This concrete structure runs through the Colorado River and Black Canyon to confine Lake Mead.

Lake Mead is the biggest reservoir in America, and it’s been providing power to Nevada, Arizona and California since the mid-1930s. The dam’s Visitors Center opens at 9 a.m. every day, and the first daily tour begins at 9:25 a.m.

high roller ferris wheel

High Roller Ferris Wheel

The High Roller is a Ferris wheel with an incredible view. At 550 feet tall, the High Roller is taller than the London Eye and the Singapore Flyer. Hop into one of the observation cars for a sweeping view of Las Vegas and the Strip.

One trip takes a full 30 minutes, so you will have plenty of time to take pictures and point out famous landmarks. The High Roller even has family-friendly deals, like the four-pack of tickets. Let this unique experience show you Las Vegas from the sky.

bellagio fountains

Bellagio Fountains

No matter where you stay in Las Vegas, you will want to stop and see the Bellagio Fountains. This landmark is one of Vegas’s most famous sights — it is easily recognizable from movies and TV. At regular intervals, either every 15 minutes or every half hour, the fountains will put on a show. The water will splash and dance in concert with light and music.

The music includes nearly any genre you could imagine from opera to pop. Watch the show and take pictures with your family at this must-see Vegas icon.

Iconic Sign

No Vegas vacation is complete without getting your picture taken in front of the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada” sign. Nationally recognized and a registered historic place, this iconic sign has been a favorite stop for tourists since its installation in 1959. It’s an easy walk from Mandalay Bay, but it also has a convenient parking lot on the side of the road, making it the perfect pit stop attraction that’s accessible for virtually anyone.

  • Location: South end of Las Vegas Boulevard, close to Mandalay Bay and Las Vegas Harley Davidson
  • Cost: Free
  • An ideal activity for: Everyone!
pawn shop

Gold & Silver Pawn Shop

Reality TV never fails to surprise us with its unlikely stars and concepts, but Pawn Stars took it to new levels. The show’s central Las Vegas pawn shop is as busy as ever, specializing in gold, silver, historical trinkets, collectibles, antiques and fine art.

The guys from the show — that is, Rick, Richard, Corey and Austin — all work at the pawn shop day-in, day-out, though it isn’t guaranteed they will be able to break away from their busy schedules to make an appearance on the floor. You never know, though. You might just find yourself getting an autograph from the stars themselves.

balloon rides

Vegas Balloon Rides

Forget about walking the Strip. See all of Las Vegas from the sky. Vegas Balloon Rides takes people on a breathtaking aerial journey. The flight will give you a view of the Strip and the Red Rock Mountains. You will fly for about an hour before gracefully landing. Adults can toast with champagne at the end, while kids will get a non-alcoholic beverage.

The hot air balloon company also caters to special occasions. Celebrate a birthday or holiday with a ride across the skies. You will love the unique experience and the chance to take some amazing pictures.

stratosphere tower

Stratosphere Tower

Take your vacation to new heights at the Stratosphere, where the Big Shot will launch you into the air at 45mph! Rock and roll on the X-Scream that brings you 10 yards over the edge of the Stratosphere Tower. Reach 3G speeds on Insanity or take the ultimate test of fearlessness leaping off of the 855-foot SkyJump. If want the sights without the screams, you can relax on the Tower’s observation deck. To elevate your Vegas experience, the sky’s the limit at the Stratosphere.

  • Location: The Stratosphere, on the northernmost part of The Strip
  • Cost: Ticket prices for each attraction vary by date
  • An ideal activity for: Thrill-seekers
eiffel tower

The Eiffel Tower Experience

The Eiffel Tower Experience is one the best ways to get a spectacular view of the Strip in all of its glory. This recreation of the Paris landmark is located at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

Ascend 46 stories to get a panoramic view from the observation deck. Take pictures with the whole family, and enjoy the view. You can also stop on the 11th floor to dine at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant.

coca cola

The Coca-Cola Store

Before you step inside the Coca-Cola Store, located on the Las Vegas Strip, you will see the world’s largest Coke bottle. The towering soda bottle stands at 100 feet tall. Stop for pictures before you step inside this store dedicated to all things Coke.

The first floor has a ton of different Coke products to browse, but the second floor will hit the spot for any sweet tooth as it features a large tasting bar. You can order an Around the World tray to try 16 brands of soda that Coca-Cola sells around the world.

You can also get a tray of floats — sure to be a big hit with the kids. This tray features eight different types of soda paired with ice cream.

new york

New York City Miniscape at The Park

Two cities for the price of one. How much better can you get?

Perhaps notable for being Vegas’s biggest understatement, the modestly named “Park” is, in fact, a marvel of trees, giant sculptures, arenas, casinos, imitation Manhattan storefronts, and a roller coaster. There is even an impressive cluster of scaled-down replicas of the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and the New York skyline. These buildings are secretly some of the best hotel attractions in Las Vegas, as they are actually luxury hotels in disguise.

Located by the MGM Grand Hotel, this gem of a place is worth a trip to Vegas by itself. Created in the late ‘90s, it captures the magic of New York City perfectly while also providing a very accessible spot for dining and walking around.

Places to Eat


Giordano’s in Las Vegas

3619 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109 Mon-Thur: 11AM-12AM, Fri-Sun: 11AM-2AM

Want to know where to go to satisfy your pizza craving while in Sin City? Stop in at Giordano’s for the best deep dish pie on the Strip! Created by Mama Giordano in a small Italian town, our pizza carries on the love and flavor of tradition. Each pie is handcrafted with a double crust, stuffed with Wisconsin mozzarella and baked fresh especially for you.

Since 1974, we’ve been serving the best Chicago-style pizza in the world. We also offer other affordable and tasty Italian dishes on our menu. From chicken parm subs to our own personal-size Italian beef pie, we have the treats to make you feel at home in mama’s kitchen.

View Giordano’s in Las Vegas Website
tacos el gordo

Tacos El Gordo

3041 Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 Sun-Thur: 10AM-2AM, Fri-Sat: 10AM-4AM
View Tacos El Gordo Website
earl of sandwich

Earl of Sandwich

3200 Las Vegas Blvd #1610, Las Vegas, NV 89109 Mon-Thur: 10AM-8PM, Fri-Sat: 10AM-9PM, Sun: 11AM-7PM
View Earl of Sandwich Website
dirt dog

Dirt Dog

3649 S Las Vegas Blvd #617, Las Vegas, NV 89109 Mon-Thur: 10AM-12AM, Fri-Sun: 10AM-2AM
View Dirt Dog Website

Places to Stay

As of August 2017, the average daily hotel rate in the United States is $127.69. The average hotel rate in Las Vegas has increased over the years. However, don’t pack away your lucky horseshoe charm just yet. Las Vegas still offers incredibly reasonable accommodations, and some daily hotel rates cost less than a tank of gas.

Do a quick search on Hotels.com, and you’ll find that Las Vegas hotel rooms range from $19 a night to $988 a night. A lot depends on what you want out of your hotel experience. For example, do you need multiple dining areas and access to four outdoor swimming pools? Or are you content with just a bed, bathroom and premium TV channels?

Here are some hotels that offer all the glitz and glam of Vegas:

treasure island

Treasure Island Resort & Casino

3300 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

You can expect clean, modern rooms in a convenient location. Lots of nearby attractions are within walking distance, like Madame Tussauds wax museum and Grand Canal Shoppes.

View Treasure Island Resort & Casino Website
flamingo hotel

Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

3555 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Another fun choice. When the weather is warm, you can reserve a poolside cabana and feel like you’re at a tropical beach in the heart of the Strip. You can also make friends with flamingos, ducks and koi fish for free at the Flamingo Wildlife Habitatfor free.

View Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Website
golden nugget

Golden Nugget

129 E Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101

While not on the Strip, this hotel doesn’t fall short of lively Vegas fun. At Golden Nugget you can enjoy free parking, possibly the best pool in town, a casino and nine restaurants. Wouldn’t you like to take a ride down a waterslide next to a real shark tank?

View Golden Nugget Website
luxor hotel

Luxor Hotel & Casino

3900 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119

You could channel your inner Egyptian king or queen and stay in the iconic pyramid-shaped hotel right in the middle of all the action.

View Luxor Hotel & Casino Website

Tips for Planning Your Trip

Imagine the brilliant neon lights, flashy costumes and grand hotels of Las Vegas. Pretend you can hear the siren of a slot machine signaling a jackpot winner, or feel the cool water of a tropical-style pool tickle your toes. Ready to go but afraid you can’t afford to live it up in fabulous Las Vegas? Here’s a secret: You can!

There’s so much to see and do in Vegas that won’t deplete your bank account, from free entertainment to the chance to simply kick back with a complimentary drink and watch the crowd. You just have to do a little pre-trip planning and consider what you want most out of your vacation to one of the most fun destinations in the world.

Do you want to spend most of your time gambling? If so, plan to keep other expenses like hotel stays or restaurant meals low. Are you more interested in sightseeing? There are plenty of affordable options. In Vegas, there’s something for everyone, and you can still live like a rockstar even on a tight budget.

Before you get started planning an affordable trip to Vegas, get to know your budget. Consider how long you plan to stay in Sin City and the level of luxury you require. In general, here’s what you’ll want to include in your travel budget:

  • Airfare, or gas if you’re driving
  • Transportation costs once you arrive
  • Tolls, parking meters and parking garage fees
  • Stops along the way to Vegas
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Meals, drinks and snacks
  • Attractions and admission fees
  • Souvenirs
  • Emergency fund in case someone gets sick

Now that you have a better idea of your budget, let’s look at how you can plan your trip to Las Vegas while saving lots of money.

When to Book Your Flight to Vegas to Save Money

First, you’ll need a ticket to get there, right? Here are some things to consider when booking your flight:

  • Time of week: Vegas is always a happening place to be. However, you will have a greater chance of finding cheaper airfare if you book in the middle of the week instead of the weekend. For example, book your flight on a Wednesday, and plan to leave on a Sunday and return on a Tuesday.
  • Airfare deals: Start your search a month ahead of time to see what your options are. You might have a better chance of finding a good package deal if you don’t wait too late. Make sure to book your flight at least two weeks ahead of time, as rates increase within two weeks of departure.
  • Season: Fall and spring offer the most pleasant weather in Las Vegas, as summer is scorching hot and winter nights are freezing. You’ll find the best deals and enjoy the nicer weather if you book your trip March through May, or September through November. Avoid the crowds and higher rates in the summer and around winter holiday festivities.
  • Your home location: There are different recommendations of when to book a flight to Vegas depending on what region of the country you live in. For example, if you live in New England, try to book 10 to 12 weeks ahead of time on a Tuesday. If you’re coming from the Mid-Atlantic region, reserving your flight four to seven weeks in advance on Tuesday or Thursday might work in your favor.

Some sites you’ll want to check out for the best airfare deals include:

  • The Flight Deal
  • Skiplagged
  • ITA Matrix
  • Southwest Airlines

Also consider using AwardWallet to track your frequent flyer miles, hotel and credit card points. These could come in handy when planning your trip.

How to Get Around Town for the Lowest Cost

Las Vegas is a pedestrian-friendly city, but exploring by foot during the summer can be rough. Summer months can get as high as 106 degrees on average. Unless you plan on staying in the pool or air-conditioned hotel room, you might want to have money set aside for transportation. If you plan right, you won’t have to spend a lot to get around.

Some transportation tips to consider:

  • Car rentals: Avoid car rentals because of parking fees.
  • Taxis: Stay away from overpriced taxis when you can. However, a taxi may be worth the extra cost if you need a ride back to your hotel at a late hour. Otherwise, you might find yourself waiting for a ride.
  • Walking: Keep in mind that most hotels have free parking. You can save a lot by walking from your hotel if the weather is tolerable, or by taking other forms of transportation and avoiding parking fees.

Consider using these budget-friendly forms of transportation:

  • Services like Uber or Lyft: These apps almost always cost less than taxi fares, and they’re good for traveling the Strip.
  • Use the monorail: $5.00 a trip or $12.00 a day. The monorail stops at seven points along the Strip, and it’s even better if your hotel is near the monorail stop. The only downside is that it doesn’t run all night.
  • Ride The Deuce: This public bus service goes to the Strip and downtown. You can conveniently buy your tickets on the bus. The Deuce is the cheapest form of transportation from the Strip to downtown Vegas.
  • Get in a limo: That’s right. It may be the cheapest way to get to your hotel from the airport. The catch? You might have to share the ride with other people. The advantage? It could cost only $10.00.
  • Share a cab: You could also share a cab with others heading in the same direction to significantly reduce costs.

With an open mind and a little research, you can cover all of Vegas without going broke or suffering from a heat stroke.