Most Outrageous “Pizzas” Ever

Most Outrageous Pizzas Ever

In part one of our three part series, we’re going to dive into the most outrageous “pizzas” we could find. These unique creations give quite the spin on our beloved pie. Stick with us through this journey and explore the deepest corners of the pizza universe!

The Most Outrageous “Pizzas”

Pizza is simple. With the right crust, sauce and toppings, you have the perfect meal, at least if you ask us. Plus, it’s socially acceptable to eat pizza with your hands. Nevertheless, some people like to push the boundaries of pizza making. We’ve all seen plenty of strange toppings on pizzas, and everyone has an opinion on the great pineapple debate. However, some pizza makers push the envelope when it comes to the classic Italian dish. Get ready to discover the most outrageous pizza types you’ve ever seen. We’re not sure some of these dishes even qualify as pizzas, but they are definitely pizza-inspired and they are most certainly outrageous.

Fastest Way to Clog Your Arteries: The Deep-Fried Pizza

If the carbs, fat, and calorie content of a traditional pizza isn’t enough for your taste, might we suggest deep-frying your slice? It turns out the deep-fried pizza idea isn’t just something a group of drunk guys try to make at home on a Saturday night. It’s actually on the menu at more than one pizzeria.

You can find deep-fried pizza on menus from Brooklyn to Venice Beach — and probably at plenty of county fairs in between. This crispy fried delight actually has origins in Scotland, where pizza is served up in many chip shops. The Scottish version comes two ways: regular, where a normal slice of pizza goes directly into hot oil to fry, and crunch, which is battered before being fried.

Pizza With an Identity Crisis: The Cone Pizza

No, we didn’t get confused with dessert. While it looks like an ice cream cone, this pizza creation is actually a cone-shaped serving of hot, gooey pizza. It turns out pizza cones are actually pretty popular. You can even buy pizza cone molds and stands to make your own pizza with an identity crisis at home.

While it looks like an ice cream cone, this pizza creation is actually a cone-shaped serving of hot, gooey pizza.

How does the pizza cone work? The crust, usually rolled out flat into one large crust, is shaped and baked into a cone shape. The cheese and other selected toppings them go inside the cone crust and are baked a little longer to make everything melty and yummy.

It’s an interesting concept, although we’re not sure it’s any easier to eat than an actual slice of pizza. In fact, just like your favorite ice cream cone, we have a feeling all that melted cheese might gush out once you start tackling the pizza. If you like to fold or roll your slice of pizza, this could be a fun alternative to try.

Biggest Crossover: The Literal Cheeseburger Pizza

Don’t you love it when two of your favorite TV shows do an epic crossover episode? This is the same idea, except the players are your favorite pizza and your favorite meaty cheeseburger. We’re not just talking about a cheeseburger-flavored pizza topped with ground beef and all your favorite burger fixins’. We’re talking about an actual cheeseburger made from pizza.

This is how it works: you start with a giant hamburger patty. Instead of the traditional bun, you use two whole pizzas to form the buns. One goes underneath the patty and the other goes on top. Good luck getting that burger in your mouth.

The burger inspires other pizza creations, if pizza buns aren’t your style. For the true meat lover, try an entire pizza made out of meat. The pizza uses almost any type of meat imaginable to form the layers of the pizza, including roast beef, ham, bacon, chicken and the classic pepperoni.

Yet another variation on the pizza theme is a pie that incorporates cheeseburgers into the crust. It’s sort of a twist on the stuffed crust pizza. Instead of stuffing the small burger patties inside the edge crust, this version actually swirls dough around the patty, forming a perfect little burger nest. So when you’re done eating your pizza, you get a mini cheeseburger as a chaser.

Best Way to Boost Your Carb-Content: The Mac and Cheese Pizza

You’re already starting with a starchy, carb-filled crust. Why not top it with macaroni and really up your carb count for the day? This is another one of those pizza creations that come in handy when you just can’t decide what to eat. You have to make enough decisions on a daily basis. Make dinner easy and go for both.

The typical mac and cheese pizza starts with a traditional pizza crust for a sturdy base. Perfectly cooked and cheese-covered noodles go on top of the pizza to complete the creation. You’ll likely need a fork to tackle this masterpiece.

Best Use of Chicken: The Fried Chicken Breast Pizza

Just when you thought nothing could top mashed potatoes as the perfect fried chicken side dish, KFC worked some chicken magic. Indian KFC customers got a chance to experience a pizza made with a fried chicken breast as the crust. The fried chicken gets a veggie and cheese topping to complete the weird pizza.

When You Can’t Choose Just One: Mini Pizza in the Middle

Brazil’s Pizzaria Bate Papo opens up a whole new world of pizza options. A small mini section in the middle of the pizza leaves room for all sorts of creative additions. Based on the images swirling around, you can put anything from french fries and chicken to booze and dessert.

Meanwhile, a pizzeria in Sweden is making its own waves with the Vulkan, a pizza-like creation where the crust is twisted into several pockets, each with a different filling. A sampling of those fillings includes steak, french fries, pepperoni, bacon and salad. It’s like having a buffet on a pizza right in front of you.

Best Use of a Medical Marijuana Card: THC-Infused Pizza

Forget pot brownies. Stoned Oven Gourmet Pizza in Los Angeles serves up THC-infused pizzas to patrons with medical marijuana cards. The medical-grade pizzas come in cheese, pepperoni and margarita flavors — think of them as the classics with a twist. The pizza itself takes care of any munchies that occur. If you prefer your THC in dessert form, try the ice cream.

A pizzeria in Boston makes a more widely accessible pizza — as long as you’re at least 21. This alcohol-infused pizza includes Italian cherries rehydrated with vodka. It’s dinner and a shot all in one.

Healthiest Pizza Options: Veggie Crusts

Many of the pizza creations increase the heart-clogging properties of the pie, but this option may actually decrease the risks of having a heart attack on the spot — no guarantees, though. In this healthy version of “pizza,” some sort of vegetable takes the place of the crust. The top portion usually remains the same, often with traditional pizza sauce, cheese and favorite toppings.

In this healthy version of "pizza," some sort of vegetable takes the place of the crust.

What sort of veggies serve as this healthy pizza crust? Here are just a few options:

  • Eggplant: Thin horizontal slices of eggplant form individual pizza crusts.
  • Zucchini: The mighty zucchini usually gets cut in half with part of the inside scooped away to make a boat-type holder for the pizza toppings.
  • Mushrooms: The cap of almost any mushroom is another option for holding pizza toppings. The curved shape serves as a makeshift bowl for your sauce, cheese and toppings. A large Portobello mushroom is usually easier to top.
  • Cauliflower: This type of veggie crust is a little different. The cauliflower actually gets chopped up and mixed with cheese, eggs and other ingredients before being formed into a pizza crust shape. When baked, it forms a crust-like creation that you can top. The same idea works for broccoli, sweet potatoes, carrots, spaghetti squash and many other veggies.
  • Potatoes: Turn your beloved potato into a pizza crust. One option is to use layered sliced potatoes on the crust. Mashed potatoes can also be used in a recipe for pizza crust.

If you feel a little guilty about trying that deep-fried pizza, move the veggie crust option higher on your list of crazy pizzas to try.

Best Added Value: The Stuffed Crust Pizza

Anyone can fill a crust with cheese. It takes a real pizza genius to stand out in the stuffed crust pizza arena, and that’s just what some pizza artists have done.

Don’t believe us? Consider some of these filled crust options:

  • Eggrolls: When you think about it, this crust filling option makes perfect sense. Eggrolls already come in the perfect round shape to fit easily around the edge of a pizza. Some creative guys gave it a try because why wouldn’t you?
  • Hot Dogs: Do you ever get to the crust and wish for more? In this pizza option, you get just that in the form of mini hot dogs wrapped in crust. Other versions use sausages instead of hot dogs.
  • Marmite: This is one stuffing option you won’t find in the U.S., but you might find it in New Zealand. Marmite is a salty spread, and some pizzerias stuff it in the crust along with cheese.
  • Mini Meat Pie: If you travel to Australia, don’t miss out on the opportunity to indulge in pizza with mini steak piece baked into the crust. Each slice offers up its own little meat pie.
  • Shrimp: In some countries, it’s not unusual to find shrimp sticking out of the edge.
  • Boneless Buffalo Chicken Wings: Perhaps you usually order chicken wings with your pizza. Now you can combine them into one blissful creation with boneless buffalo wings encrusted around the edge of your favorite pizza.

In some countries, it's not unusual to find shrimp sticking out of the edge.

Best Way to Maximize Your Pizza: The Meta Pizza

Why settle for one pizza at a time? With the meta pizza, you can have all your favorite flavors of pizza all in one. This creative pizza option starts with a traditional pizza base, but it doesn’t stop there. Instead, the original pizza then is topped with several mini pizzas. Each mini pizza is complete with crust, sauce and toppings. It definitely solves the dilemma of which toppings to order.

When You Really Want Sushi, But You Also Really Want Pizza: Sushi Pizza

We get it. Sometimes it’s difficult to decide what to eat. Sushi is really awesome, and pizza is equally awesome. Alternatively, you have the perpetual debate over sushi versus pizza when you’re going out with friends. Solve that dilemma with the sushi pizza.

This genius culinary creation is basically sushi in the shape of a pizza. The sushi rice forms the crust, and the crab, scallops and salmon create the toppings. You really can have your sushi and eat your pizza, too.

Pizza for Breakfast? The Pizza Waffle

Cold pizza could be the most perfect breakfast food: a balance of carbs and protein — what more could you want? This version of the classic pizza switches things up when it comes to the breakfast connection. Someone definitely had too much time and a spare waffle iron lying around, because this pizza gets cooked in everyone’s favorite small kitchen appliance.

How does the pizza waffle work? You start with a piece of rolled out dough on the bottom plate of the waffle iron. The cheese and toppings go on top before placing another piece of pizza dough on top. Close the waffle iron, and let it work its magic. You end up with crisp crust filled with melted, gooey toppings — fillings? — in a fun waffle shape. This pretty much makes pizza a completely acceptable option for any meal of the day.

Best Way to Eat Pizza Without the Guilt: Salad Pizza

Sure, you can start your pizza feast with a separate salad, or you could cut out a step and put your salad on your pizza. People really do pile lettuce salads on top of pizza crusts. Who knew? Just like any pizza creation, the sky is the limit if you want to venture into the world of mixing your pizza with your salad.

For this pizza option, the crust is prebaked. Letting it cool is a good idea unless you prefer a wilted salad. Toss the salad with your preferred dressing, and pile it up on the cooled crust. You can top the salad with other veggies, chicken, cheese and any other ingredients you would normally put on a salad.

If you’re feeling a little guilty about all the carbs in the crust, just think of it as on giant crouton for your healthy salad.

The Perfect End to Any Pizza Meal: Dessert Pizza

What better way to end a pizza feast than with more pizza? The idea of the dessert pizza is hardly new, but people are getting a lot more creative with the topping options when it comes to sweet versions of pizza. Here are a few of our favorite dessert pizza ideas:

  • Cookie Crust: Instead of regular pizza dough, some crafty bakers use cookie dough as the crust. Think of one of those giant cookies you can buy at the mall topped with even more yummy goodness to look like a pizza. Your blood sugar spiked just thinking about it.
  • S’mores Pizza: You don’t need a campfire to enjoy s’mores, thanks to whoever invented the s’mores dessert pizza. There are plenty of interpretations of this summer classic, but marshmallows and chocolate are a given.
  • Cookies and Cream: It turns out, cookies and pizza are a match made in heaven. In this version of the dessert pizza, the sauce is a creamy frosting and the topping is crushed chocolate cookie pieces.
  • Fruit Pie Pizza: Instead of a traditional apple pie, try baking one on pizza crust. Chunks of cinnamon apple pieces get gooey and delicious as the pizza bakes. The same idea works for almost any fruit, including cherry and blueberry.
  • Candy Topper: If you’re going for the sugar rush of a dessert pizza, you might as well go all out. Top that puppy with any of your favorite candies and see what kind of magic you create.

Instead of a traditional apple pie, try baking one on a pizza crust.

How daring are you when it comes to trying new pizza creations? It’s always fun to experiment, but it’s also comforting to know your tried-and-true favorites are always available at Giordano’s.