The Most Instagrammable Spots in Chicago

Chicago's Most Insta Worthy Spots

Chicago’s Most Instagram Worthy Attractions

Art, food, culture, magnificent city views — Chicago has it all. Is it any wonder the city’s hashtag (#chicago) has more than 25 million posts on Instagram? Whether you call the Windy City home or you’re planning a trip there soon, make sure you check out and take photos of at least a few of Chicago’s most Instagrammable spots.

The Sky Deck of the Willis Tower

We gave to start with the obvious. You haven’t seen Chicago until you’ve climbed to the top the Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower). Located some 1,300 feet off of the ground, the Skydeck features glass encased platforms that stick out from the sides of the building, giving you clear view of the city below — and one of your most liked photos ever.

The Bean

Its official name is Cloud Gate, but everyone calls the shiny silver sculpture in Chicago’s Millennium Park The Bean, because, well, that’s what it looks like. Finished in 2006, the sculpture is 66 feet long and 33 feet tall and known for its cool reflective properties. It is cleaned every day to remove fingerprints and keep it shiny.

Wrigley Field

The Chicago Cubs won the World Series in 2016, 100 years after they started playing at Chicago’s Wrigley Field. Even if you’re not a baseball fan and can’t tell the Cubs from the White Sox, the stadium is still an Insta-worthy spot. Snap a few pics of its ivy-covered walls or pose in front of its world-famous marquee.

Wrigley Field is ideal for your next Insta-Famous Post

Navy Pier

To celebrate its first 100 years, Chicago’s Navy Pier underwent a major revitalization project and facelift. The largest public pier in the world, it sees around nine million visitors each year. Instagrammable areas of the pier include the view from the top of the Ferris Wheel, the Ferris Wheel itself, and the annual Chicago Flower and Garden Show. Held in March, the flower and garden show welcomes spring and serves as a great opportunity for snapping some of the most colorful pics ever.

Buckingham Fountain

There are a few places in Chicago that give you a great look at its skyline. Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park is one of them, but you’d miss out if the only reason you visited the fountain was to snap a photo of the skyline. Look at the fountain itself — it’s one of the biggest ornamental fountains in the world. When it’s in operation, usually from April to October each year, it puts on a show every hour for 20 minutes. If you get a video of the show, make sure you catch the part where the center jet of water shoots nearly 150 feet into the air.

The Art Institute

Getting into the Art Institute of Chicago can be on the pricey side, but it is free on Thursday after 5pm. Even if you don’t want to pay the admission fee, the exterior of the museum has plenty of Insta-worthy spots, such as the two bronze lions by its entrance or the trees and planters in one of its several gardens. If you venture in, you’ll find plenty of photo-worthy artworks by ancient, modern and contemporary artists from around the world.

The Flamingo Mural

It’s difficult to miss the location of the Flamingo Rum Club. Once you see the giant flamingo mural, you know you’re there. The enormous, hot-pink bird on a bright blue backdrop is definitely eye-catching. Even if you don’t stop in for a drink at the club, be sure to snap photo of yourself standing in front of the brilliant bird.

West Loop Street Art

If a large flamingo doesn’t quite do it for you, or if you can’t get enough of street art, head to the West Loop. It’s hard to miss the handiwork of myriad street artists throughout the neighborhood, some more known than others. Some of the works are murals that take up the entire wall and are either sanctioned “p-walls” (the p stands for permission) or not. If you keep an eye out and look closely, you might notice smaller artworks or tags that are still worthy of some Insta-attention.

Check out the West Loop Neighborhood's Street Artists!

Wabash Arts Corridor

To the south and east of the West Loop is the Wabash Arts Corridor. Launched by Columbia College Chicago in 2013, the goal of the arts corridor is to turn that area into a “living urban canvas” and to encourage artists and students to get out and create. A number of big art walls dot the Arts Corridor. Find the one you like the most and snap away.

Belmont Harbor

What’s more photogenic than a boat in a harbor? A bunch of boats in a harbor. Even if you have no interest in sailing, Belmont Harbor in the midst of already picturesque Lincoln Park is the perfect spot to snap an Instagram post or two. Make sure to pose in front of a boat just as the wind whips through your hair.

North Avenue Beach

There are three seasons in Chicago: Cold, Colder, and So Hot You Don’t Know What to Do With Yourself. During those three months of the year when the heat is too much, head over to North Avenue Beach, the city’s most popular beach. It’s a great spot for splashing in Lake Michigan or just lounging. The skyline view of the city with the lake in the background also makes for some great Instagram photos.

The Field Museum

There’s more than one reason why the Field Museum is one of the city’s most Insta-worthy spots, but we’ll give you one of the biggest: Sue. The T-rex skeleton is the largest and most intact one ever found. Take a few photos standing under the 13-foot-tall dino or go for an action shot and make it look as though you’re trying to outrun the T-rex.

Shedd Aquarium

While you’re at the Field Museum, you might as well pop over to its equally Insta-worthy neighbor, the Shedd Aquarium. First opened to the public in 1930, the Shedd is one of the biggest indoor aquariums, thanks to two expansions, one in 1991 and the next in 2003. What’s worth getting a picture of? Well, the penguins are always cute, but if you want something really breath-taking, head to the Oceanarium to see the dolphins and whales.

The Shedd is one of the biggest indoor aquariums!

The Adler Planetarium

A visit to the Adler Planetarium can take you to the furthest reaches of space, but the planetarium is a popular spot on Instagram for another reason. Standing in front of it gives you a great view of Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline. After visiting the Field Museum and the Shedd Aquarium, linger around the Museum Campus until dusk and take some great snaps of the city as the sun sets.

Chinatown Square

Chicago’s Chinatown is full of beautiful spots for taking photos. Chinatown Square, a two-story shopping center, is one of the most known. Head to each of the square’s four corners to snap a pic of famous inventions from China or pop into one of the stores in the square and take a few photos of the pretty things for sale. If you love bubble tea, don’t forget that few things are more photogenic that the pastel colored beverages with their equally colorful straws.

Palmer House

You don’t need to book a room at the iconic Palmer House hotel to enjoy it. The hotel’s lobby is eye catching enough, with its stately palm trees and gorgeous painted ceiling. If you wish, you can cozy up to the lobby’s bar and order a photogenic cocktail or claim a seat in one of the lobby’s comfy chairs to people watch and take pictures all day long.

Garfield Park Conservatory

Given that its 2 acres worth of glass greenhouses are home to a few thousand different varieties of plants, is it any wonder that the Garfield Park Conservatory is one of the city’s most Instagrammable areas? You’ll find plenty of greenery and flowers in bloom all year round. There’s 12 acres of beautiful garden space outside of the greenhouses. Head to the Conservatory in the spring or summer and you’ll see the world in bloom.

Chicago O’Hare International Airport

We’re not recommending visiting O’Hare unless you have a flight to catch, but if you have to be there anyway, you might as well know that it offers plenty of opportunities for a Instagram-ready photo op. Load yourself and your luggage onto the moving walkway in the hall between Concourses B and C, then look up. Yes, that is a bright and shiny neon light display that will beg all of your followers to double tap it.

Chicago Union Station

Planes, trains, automobiles — no matter your preference for transportation, Chicago has it all. Like O’Hare, its train station offers Instagram-ready snaps. Stand in the Grand Hall of Chicago Union Station and look up to take a beautiful photo of the station’s ceiling. (Just don’t do it during commuter rush hour, please.)

Thalia Hall

If you saw your favorite band play at Thalia Hall and you didn’t take a photo of them performing under the colorful lights, covered in a dry ice haze, did it really happen? We don’t think so. The magic of seeing your favorite band, the pretty lights, and the exterior architecture of the building all combine to make Thalia Hall one of Chicago’s must-gram spaces.

Chicago Riverwalk

The shore of Lake Michigan gets lots of attention, but the Riverwalk, which runs alongside of the Chicago River, is an Instagrammable spot in its own right. Stretching from Franklin Street to Lake Shore Drive, the pedestrian walkway is dotted with restaurants and offers a great view of the city’s skyline. A few boat rental places are also found along the walkway, so you can take a few pics from a kayak on the river.

Stan’s Donuts

What’s an Instagram feed if it doesn’t have at least a few pictures of food? If you don’t take a photo of it first, did you really eat it? Satisfy your sweet tooth and your Instagram audience by visiting one of the several locations of Stan’s Donuts in Chicago. While donuts always make great fodder for the ‘gram, the cute title floors, neon signs, and bookcases full of colorful KitchenAid mixers are also great photo picks.

Try Stan's Donuts to please your sweet tooth!

The Allis at Soho House

Word is that you can’t take photos at the Soho House, the members-only club and hotel in Chicago, but those rules are a bit more relaxed at its in-house restaurant, the Allis. So go ahead, post of picture of your envy-inducing brunch or delicious dinner.

Parson’s Chicken & Fish

Everything about Parson’s Chicken & Fish, from its bright white picnic tables with the red and white striped umbrellas to its retro-inspired interior, screams “share me on Instagram!” You can visit the place in good weather or bad and still find something worth photographing for posterity and social media’s sake.


Deep-dish pizza is to Chicago as thin, foldable crust pizza is to New York. You haven’t been to Chicago if you haven’t had deep dish pizza. And one of the most Instagrammable spots for getting your deep dish pie is at Giordano’s, one of the most famous deep dish pizzerias around.

The first Giordano’s opened on the Southside in 1974, but today there are locations all over city, as well as nationwide. What’s the best way to photograph your deep dish pie for Instagram? We like to capture a shot just as the first slice is being cut and pulled away, but any way you slice it, we’re sure your snaps will turn out great.

After a long day of taking photos at some of Chicago’s prettiest and best-looking spots, you’re bound to be hungry. Head over to Giordano’s for a stuffed deep dish pie or give our thin crust pizza a try. Share your pictures, videos, and cheese-pull experiences with us on Insta @giordanospizza because if you didn’t take a picture, did it really happen?