The Top 18 Most Uniquely Shaped Pizzas

most uniquely shaped pizzas

When you think about pizza, what do you picture in your head? A beautiful round pie, cut into long, delicious slices? If you’re used to sharing with a lot of people, you might also picture a large rectangular sheet cut into perfect little squares. Beyond these two shapes, however, we don’t often picture much more.

But if you can cut cakes, cookies and many other treats into different whimsical shapes, why not pizza as well?

Let’s take a look at some of the most fun, creative and outrageous pizza shape designs we’ve ever seen. Who knows? After seeing some of the weirdest pizza shapes around, you may never be satisfied by eating a plain round pizza again.

  1. A Valentine’s Day Heart-Shaped Pizza

We’ve all seen these kinds of pizzas, which inevitably pop up during the Valentine’s Day season. Many couples choose to have a romantic date over this large heart-shaped pizza. While many restaurants do offer this as an option during early February, it isn’t that hard to make this style of pie at home.

The heart shape is so close to that of the ordinary circle that it doesn’t require much deviation from the regular pizza. The great thing about the heart-shaped pizza design is that you can have any kind of toppings you like, and it doesn’t affect the shape of the pizza or the romantic gesture behind it.

  1. A Superman Pizza

Are you a huge DC comics nerd? If so, you might just appreciate a pizza that’s been baked in the shape of the famous Superman logo. This stylized S, commonly seen on the chest of Superman’s costume, is one of the most easily recognized pop culture symbols in the world, and it isn’t that hard to make, either.

If you’re making this at home, it simply requires a little patient shaping of the dough to create this triangle-like shape. To make the logo itself, carefully style your pepperonis or mushrooms to form the bold letter. With such a fun and artistically designed pizza, it might almost be too pretty to eat.

  1. A Patriotic Pizza Pie

While the rectangular shape of this pizza might not exactly be earth-shattering, the decorating and toppings of this pizza are what make it fun and celebratory. Carefully arrange toppings, then bake them into place to form a perfect American flag. Use pepperoni to make the red stripes on top of a backdrop of white mozzarella cheese, and form the stars out of yellow cheese.

Whether you want to create and eat a pizza like this on a holiday like the Fourth of July, Veterans’ Day or Memorial Day, or just because you’re feeling patriotic, this themed pizza is a great way to celebrate our country.

  1. A Wu-Tang Pizza

If you or someone you love is into old-school hip-hop music, you might get a kick out of a pizza shaped like the immediately recognizable logo of the popular ‘90s hip-hop group, the Wu-Tang Clan.

This shape, a highly stylized W, might take a bit more skill to make, but it’s certainly possible. To truly show your ‘90s hip-hop spirit, use olives or some other small topping to spell out the name of the group across the pizza.

american flag

  1. A Spicy Dino-Pizza

Any pizzas shaped like animals will be an instant hit, but a dinosaur is even better. This one makes a great dish for a child’s birthday party, for your Jurassic Park viewing party or for any occasion that calls for a few extra dinosaurs.

Attempting this pizza at home is a job only for the truly brave and dauntless pizza chefs. If perfected, however, a dinosaur is one of the most fun shapes out there. Your toppings can be whatever you like best, although it might be fun to add a saddle or a face onto your dinosaur creation.

  1. The “Forever Alone” Meme Pizza

Are you feeling a little bitter about all the heart-shaped pizzas being served at restaurants around Valentine’s Day? Are you just a little bit jealous of all the happy couples sharing them together? Try flipping the heart around and turning it into a joke with yourself or your other single friends by rearranging the toppings to form the face of the “Forever Alone” meme.

The little guy’s giant, sad face and single tear will bring a smile to anyone’s face — especially when painstakingly recreated in pizza form.

  1. An Octopus Pizza

This weirdly shaped pizza is somehow both adorable and terrifying at the same time. Its body is created out of a rounded lump of pizza dough and looks fairly ordinary except for the strategic placing of toppings that are positioned to make it look like it has eyes.

The legs are where this pizza starts getting crazy. Long tentacles of pizza dough curl around the body of your pizza “octopus” and give it that perfectly creepy look. You can even use black olives to make the suckers on the legs. Just be careful not to scare anyone with this.

  1. A Christmas Wreath Pizza

Who said pizza wasn’t a Christmas food? It is when you make it look like a beautiful holiday wreath. The best part about this design is that it can be easy to make both a personal pizza and a full-sized pizza. For the personal size, use a pizza bagel.

For the regular size, you’ll have to cut a hole in the middle of your dough to make the center of your wreath. Then, use green toppings around the edges of the pizza to make the “greenery.” Use a red pepper to create the shape of a big red bow at the bottom of the pizza. Not only will this pizza taste delicious, but it will also make a fun addition to any holiday party.

mickey mouse

  1. A Mickey Mouse Pizza

This pizza is great for both the kids in your life and the adults who know they’re never too old for Disney. For this pizza design, make your regular round pizza, then take a second ball of dough and split it into two. Use these two lumps of dough to create Mickey’s ears.

From here, the rest is just about using toppings to cleverly create Mickey’s face. This pizza design is a great choice for birthday parties.

  1. A Cat-Shaped Pizza

This is possibly one of the cutest pizza creations you’ll ever see. In terms of actually making it, your process will be fairly simple. Your regular round pizza dough will serve as the face, and you’ll paste two extra lumps of dough near the top of the circle to make the ears.

From there, it’s all about the decoration and the toppings. Use pepperoni to make the mouth, and black olives to make the nose and eyes. Don’t forget to use your preference of toppings to create some magnificent whiskers as well.

  1. The Apple Logo Pizza

Do you know anyone who’s an absolute nut for their Apple products? Do you have a family member who’s always asking you why you haven’t switched to a Mac or an iPhone yet? If so, they might get a good laugh out of this pizza shaped just like the Apple logo.

To make this pizza, you’ll start with your basic round dough and carefully shape it into the apple with the bite taken out of the side. Don’t forget to pull a little bit of dough off to make the apple stem. And since this pizza design is all about the shape, you can use whatever you like for toppings.

  1. A Game-Day Pizza

There are two different ways to make this pizza. The first way involves your standard round pizza. On top of this standard pizza design, you simply use pepperoni and mozzarella cheese to create the image of a football. However, if you want to go the extra step, feel free to try working your pizza dough itself into a football shape.

Whichever style you choose, this is still a fun and exciting pizza design that’s perfect for the big game day, a Super Bowl party or an after-party for your friend’s or family member’s victory at a game.


  1. A First-Place Ribbon Pizza

The fun thing about this award-ribbon shaped pizza is that you can customize it to be about anything you like. Did one of your friends or family members recently win an award? Customize this to celebrate. Do you simply want to give one of your loved ones an award for being a fabulous person? This delicious pizza prize works for that, too.

Shape your pizza dough into the shape of the ribbon, and use pepperoni to color the ribbon red. Make sure to leave off the toppings for any section you plan to write a message on. This will help the letters be more visible and readable.

  1. A Unicorn Pizza

Maybe you’ve tried a couple of these pizza designs, are feeling pretty confident in your skills and have started looking for a harder challenge. In that case, why not try a pizza unicorn? To make this cute creature, start with your basic round pizza. You’ll need to carve out a section to create a separation between your unicorn’s face and neck, as well as shaping the top of the unicorn’s face and the back of its neck to make a mane.

With the dough you remove from other places of the unicorn, you can create a horn to place on top of the head. Once you’ve gotten your shape, the hard part is done. All you need to do is put a few black olives in place for the eyes and nose.

  1. The Millennium Falcon Pizza

This pizza is great for so many occasions. It’s a fun addition to any birthday party, a Star Wars release day party or even just an ordinary day in the house of any Star Wars fan. The best part is that it isn’t extremely complicated to create, either. Craft your round pizza dough into the iconic shape of the Millennium Falcon, and don’t forget to pull a section of dough off to make the cockpit on the side.

The rest is just about decorating. Use round pepperonis and peppers or onions to create the detailing on your ship, and it’s ready to go.

  1. A Santa Claus Pizza

Ready to get into the holiday spirit? With this extremely cute pizza shape, it’s impossible not to be. To create this Santa-shaped pizza, you may need two lumps of pizza dough, depending on how large you want it to be. Create a roughly rounded shape for Santa’s face and beard, distinguishing the difference between these two by using different kinds of cheese.

Use a white cheese for the beard and a more yellow cheese for the face. For the hat, shape your dough into the instantly recognizable shape, complete with a pom-pom at the end. Decorate the hat with pepperonis and white cheese to complete your masterpiece.

millenium falcon

  1. Pizza Men

Everyone loves the idea of gingerbread men. They’re adorable and extremely fun to decorate. However, not everyone loves the taste of gingerbread. So why not substitute by making your little edible figures out of pizza dough instead of gingerbread? Simply shape your dough into the shape of a little person, creating arms, legs, a torso and a head. Then, decorate them however you like.

Use different colors of cheese, pepperoni, peppers, onions, veggies, olives and anything else you like to create these fun little figures. Not only do they make great party treats, they’re also fun to make with a houseful of guests, especially if everyone makes their own. Make it a competition, and let your guests vote for the cutest or the scariest pizza man.

  1. A Pizza Fish

A fish shape is a fun pizza design because it’s still fairly easy, even though it looks extremely impressive. If you make this one correctly, you can shock all your guests into thinking you did far more work than you actually did. You’ll still be using your round pizza dough, although you’ll have to shape a little bit extra to make a tail at the back of your fish.

Next, design a tiny little face for your fish friend. Lastly, layer pepperoni slices across the body of the fish to create the illusion of scales. Your friends will be lining up to find out how you created this masterpiece.

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