Beer and Pizza Pairing


Ordering Beer With Your Pizza? Check out the Mouth-Watering Options

Is there anything more delicious than pizza? And is there anything more American than a cold, frosty beer? At Giordano’s Pizza, we believe they’re a match made in heaven.

Want to know what combos will most titillate your taste buds? Start with our delicious pizza pie or your favorite combos — or your favorite Giordano’s appetizer or entrée — then ask your server about beer selections. May we suggest…

1. Bruschetta With Samuel Adams Summer Ale

Nothing says summer like sweet tomatoes in this quintessential Italian appetizer — and nothing lets you celebrate summer quite like Samuel Adams Summer Ale. Summer Ale is a wheat ale with citrus and spicy pepper notes that play beautifully off the astringency and sweetness of ripe tomatoes in Giordano’s famous bruschetta.

2. Chicago Deep Dish Pizza and Samuel Adams IPA

Giordano’s deep dish stuffed pizza is not for the faint of heart. This is a serious pizza, filled with the rich cheese, meat and vegetables you love. Choose
from our huge selection of ingredients to build a pizza you’ll love. Not any beer can stand up to the rich tomato sauce, cheese and sheer taste explosion of our deep dish stuffed pizza. Only a rebel can stand up to the job — Samuel Adams Rebel Grapefruit IPA. Made with rich hops that won’t compete with the pizza flavor and real grapefruit for an upper cut of citrus that plays off the tomato sauce of our pizza, this is one intense burst of flavor.

3. Chocolate Cake and Samuel Adams Hard Root Beer

Beer with dessert? We think it’s a sweet match. Samuel Adams Coney Island’s hard root beer is the perfect match. With no hops and brewed with Madagascar vanilla, sarsaparilla, spearmint, honey and natural cane sugar, it perfectly mixes with the darkness of the chocolate in the cake.

Interested in another dish? Check out our handy infographic or ask your server at your Giordano’s Pizza location about beer availability. Not all our locations serve beer, but those that do change up our offerings, meaning you can always mix and match the perfect taste for your night out.

beer and pizza pairing
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