Best Accessories for Pizza Lovers

Best Accessories for Pizza Lovers

Chicago-style pizza is regularly ranked as one of the top American foods in the United States, and Giordano’s is proud to be the favorite deep dish destination for millions of pizza lovers. For many people — including our dedicated team members at all 70 of our locations — the phrase ‘pizza is life’ is the best way to describe our passion for Mama Giordano’s double-crusted, cheese-stuffed Italian Easter Pie. If there’s one thing all pizza lovers share, it’s that pizza always makes the perfect present.

Pizza Makes the Perfect Present

Who doesn’t love pizza? With so many different ingredients available, you could have a different topping combination every night of the week. A hot pizza with fresh ingredients is a gift in of itself, but if you’ve got a pizza lover in your life, you may be wondering what other types of pizza-centric gifts you can give them. Don’t worry — your friends at Giordano’s are experts at helping you find the best gifts for pizza lovers. We’ve created this quick guide to choosing must-have pizza accessories.

Top 10 Occasions for Giving the Gift of Pizza

Top 10 Occasions for Giving the Gift of Pizza

When to give someone a gift is just as important as what kind of gift you’re giving. Thankfully, you have tons of opportunities throughout the year to give the gift of pizza to your friends, family or coworkers. Here are ten of our favorite occasions:

  1. Birthdays: A slice of birthday cake and a slice of pizza go hand in hand, especially at birthday parties. Whether your pizza lover is turning 5 years old or 50, make their birthday special with a fun pizza gift.
  2. Holidays: Imagine waking up on Christmas morning and unwrapping a unique gift that no one else has under their tree. That’s how a pizza lover will feel if you stuff their stocking with an awesome pizza-centric present. Pizza gifts are great for just about any holiday.
  3. Valentine’s Day: Shakespeare said, “Love is not love, which alters when it alteration finds.” When applied to pizza, this means that a pizza lover will adore any kind of pizza-centric gift you give them. Show your love for them with a unique gift that celebrates their passion for pizza.
  4. National Pizza Day: Valentine’s Day isn’t the only February holiday worthy of a pizza-perfect gift. National Pizza Day takes place annually on February 9th. Yes — this beloved pie is so popular that it even gets its own special space on our calendar! Why not celebrate in style by picking up a few pizza accessories for your friends, too?
  5. Anniversaries/Engagements: Although all pizza gifts are awesome, many of them are practical too. There are plenty of pizza accessories for the kitchen that are ideal for couples cooking a meal to celebrate their engagement, wedding or anniversary.
  6. Graduation: Do you know a pizza lover graduating high school or college? Get them some pizza-themed gear for their new dorm, apartment or home.
  7. Promotions: Receiving a promotion or landing a new job is a huge milestone in a person’s life. Help them decorate their cubicle or office with some fun pizza accessories.
  8. Family Celebrations: Many people have cherished childhood memories of sitting around the kitchen table eating pizza with their families. Next time your family gets together for a special occasion to share a pie, make the moment special with a few little pizza gifts.
  9. Pizza Parties: Well, of course! Movie nights, game nights and every kind of party in between are best spent surrounded by friends. Next time your friends gather together to split a pie, keep the good times rolling with cool pizza gifts for everyone in attendance.
  10. Just Because: Don’t fret over determining the right time to give the pizza lover in your life a great gift. It doesn’t need to be a special occasion — any day is a wonderful day to show someone in your life how much you appreciate and care about them.

Gift Ideas for Pizza Lovers

Where does one find the perfect pizza gift? Thankfully, there are millions of pizza lovers around the globe, which means that there are thousands of opportunities to find pizza-esque presents online and in-store. Before you search aimlessly for the right gift, it’s good to get an idea of what type of item your pizza lover would appreciate the most. As you think about the right gift to fit their style, consider these categories. From functional tools to fun trinkets, there are plenty of pizza-perfect possibilities.

Kitchen Tools

The kitchen may just be the most important room in the house — that’s where the pizza’s made, after all! Whether your pizza lover spends hours in the kitchen making their own pie from scratch or if they simply order delivery and dine at the kitchen table, they could definitely use some pizza gifts. For the chefs and bakers in your life, consider things like oven mitts, aprons, cheese graters and rolling pins. A pizza cookbook is definitely a great gift for those who love baking.

There are smaller items that are ideal for daily use too, such as mugs, dish towels, plates and refrigerator magnets. Think outside the (pizza) box and get them a collection of seasonings or toppings for their pies. Oregano, basil, rosemary, thyme, red pepper flakes, garlic powder and dried onion flakes are just a few of the many ingredients they can use to make the perfect homemade pizza. Help keep their pantry full with these invaluable seasonings.


Let them wear their love of pizza on their sleeve — literally! Pizza apparel can be fun and fashionable, so the pizza lover in your life has got to have at least a few articles of pizza clothing in their closet. From pizza socks to pizza hats, you can cover their wardrobe in cheesiness from head to toe. You can’t go wrong with a t-shirt or sweatshirt, and for the pizza fanatic, consider getting them something wild like a pizza jumpsuit, bikini, pajamas or even a sweet pair of shoes.

Household Goods

It doesn’t matter if their home’s aesthetic is classy or crazy — every pizza lover should have at least a few pieces of pizza decor around their home. Grab them something small like a pizza doormat, or go big with a king size quilt duvet cover that will make their dreams mouthwateringly pleasant. Show some love to every room of the home with pizza wall art, blankets, chair cushions, string lights and more. Home is where the pizza is, right?

Gym Gear

Who doesn’t love to work up an appetite for pizza? The only thing better than feeling revitalized after a heart-pumping workout is feeling full after indulging in a hard-earned pizza. Many different stores sell gym gear with funny pizza-centric slogans or images. Yoga mats, duffel bags, exercise equipment, activewear, water bottles and other essential gym items are all available with pizza themes.

Pet Accessories

Imagine seeing a dog with a bandanna tied around its neck that looks like a slice of pizza, or a cat bed shaped like an entire pie. Sounds adorably hilarious, right? These cute animal gifts are great for pizza lovers who also happen to be pet owners. There are even Halloween costumes available that allow pet owners to trick-or-treat with a walking, wagging slice of pizza. A gift like a chew toy or soft bed for a pizza-loving pet owner is a small token that will please the whole household!

Office or School Supplies

Is your pizza lover heading off to school or starting a new job? Show them that you (and pizza) support them with pizza-themed supplies. A pizza slice USB drive is a definite necessity, as well as a mouse pad, notebook, journal or pencil carrier. Every desk could use a good pizza paperweight, and every dorm could use a pizza night light for late-night snacking. Pizza-patterned pillows and shower curtains or a pizza eraser set or sticky note pad are perfect for students and professionals alike.

Car Gear

If your lover of all things saucy and cheesy does not have a pizza key chain on their car or house keys, you should rectify that problem immediately. While you’re at it, consider picking up another cool pizza gift for their car. An air freshener that smells like a fresh pie seems too good to be true, but they do exist. You can also find floor mats, sun shades, car flags and bumper stickers that will definitely entice drivers to pick up a pie on the way home.

Travel Gear

No matter where in the world your pizza lover goes, make sure they take their tenderness for cheese, marinara sauce and toppings with them. A slice-shaped luggage tag is an absolute win. Travel mugs, small toiletry or makeup bags and pizza-patterned cell phone cases are great for on the go. Is your pizza lover the type that can’t wait to sink their teeth into a slice? Get them the portable pizza pouch so they can enjoy their pie on the plane!

Top 10 Must-Have Gifts for Pizza Lovers

There can never be too much pizza, which means that there can never be too many pizza gifts. As appetizing as it is to imagine filling your pizza lover’s hands with every cool gift you find, you’ll probably want to settle with one or two per occasion. We’ve thought long and hard about the most unique, practical and interesting gifts to give your pizza lover and narrowed our endless list down to a delicious top ten.

#1: Pizza Wrapping Paper

This is one gift you won’t have to wrap. From Christmas to birthdays to graduations, there are plenty of times throughout the year that a pizza lover will need to wrap gifts. Help them give the gift of pizza to everyone with pizza wrapping paper.

Pizza Pool Float

#2: Pizza Pool Float

You want to be in the pool but you also want to be surrounded by pizza — what pizza lover hasn’t had this problem? Thankfully, there’s now a solution: Pizza pool floats! Ride on a raft of cheesy goodness as you lounge in the pool. Available in many different styles, you can get a handful for all of your friends so you can come together in the pool and make a complete pie! Be sure to grab them a pizza bikini and towel, too!

#3: Pizza Goodies for Babies

If your pizza lover is expecting or has a young child, they’ll absolutely adore pizza-themed baby gifts. A pizza onesie or full outfit will look great on any baby. You could also pick up a pizza pacifier, bib or blanket. Don’t forget about toddlers, too! Get them a soft pizza toy to play with or even their own plastic pizza kitchen so they can whip up some pretend pizza for their parents.

#4: Pizza Making Class

The only thing better than ordering a pizza is savoring the taste of the hard work applied to make the pizza. Restaurants and culinary centers in many cities offer local pizza making classes. Treat them to a few hours out on the town for a night of fun and fresh pizza.

#5: Pizza Sleeping Bag

Ideal for the pizza lover who likes to rough it out in the campgrounds, a pizza-shaped sleeping bag will keep them cozy around the campfire. Don’t worry — it doesn’t smell like pizza so there’s no chance Yogi Bear and Boo Boo will try to swipe the slice.

Perfect Pizza Cooking Surface

#6: Perfect Pizza Cooking Surface

At first, this may seem like a less-than-exciting gift, but hear us out — how many times have you cooked a disappointing pizza because you didn’t have the right surface to cook it on? Trust us, it’s a bad enough experience to bring a pizza lover to tears. Help them out and get them either a cast iron pan, non-stick crisper pan or pizza stone to ensure that they heat up the perfect pizza every time.

#7: Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag

Picking up a pizza to go is awesome — until you get stuck in traffic that causes the pizza to cool down too soon. Never let your pizza lover experience this tragic tale ever again by getting them an insulated pizza delivery bag. They can store it conveniently in their car and pull it out whenever they’re picking up their order, giving them peace of mind that their pie will be warm and welcoming the moment they get home.

#8: Grow Your Own Toppings

Another perfect gift for the DIY pizza lover, help them create their pie with fresh ingredients by supplying them with toppings they can make from scratch. There are dozens of at-home kits that enable people to grow their own veggies and herbs, make their own olive oil or mix dough from scratch. This is a fun activity that lets your pizza lover put their own special touch on every pizza they prepare.

Pizza Cutters

#9: Pizza Cutters

Pizza lovers know that not all pizza cutters are equal. Some cutters don’t cut all the way through the crust, while others with long rectangular blades cut well but can pull cheese and toppings off of the crust. Fear not, for there are a few handy tools that make pizza cutting a breeze. Purchase your pizza lover a pair of pizza scissors that feature a slice-sized pan for easy lifting. You could also get them a high-tech gadget like a laser-guided pizza cutter that always cuts a precise slice.

#10: Pizza, Of Course!

What better gift to give your pizza lover than their very own pizza? Surprise them with a pizza party full of their friends or invite them over for a fun hangout session with pizza, movies and games. Grab your pizza lover their very own pie topped with gooey cheese and the freshest ingredients. They’re guaranteed to love it unconditionally!

Give the Gift of Giordano’s

Want to give your pizza lover something truly special? Head over to the Giordano’s store and check out our selection of cool pizza gifts. If your pizza lover happens to live in one of the nine awesome states where we have 70 locations, grab them a gift card or take them out for a delicious slice of deep dish. Are they a little far from the best deep dish pizza in the country? No worries! We’ll ship our famous stuffed pizza right to their front door!

Pizza is a lot like life — it can be fresh, fun and a little cheesy, but what’s most important is who you share it with. Celebrate the passion for pizza with your family, friends and coworkers by giving the perfect pizza gift. We invite you to share your love of pizza with our team at Giordano’s. Our mouthwatering deep dish pizzas are always made the way you want with the freshest ingredients. Stop by your local Giordano’s today and let us indulge your passion for pizza.