Best Restaurants in Greenwood, IN

Best Restaurants in Greenwood, IN

Located only a few miles south of Indianapolis, Greenwood is a fast-growing town filled with life and excitement. You will feel a sense of community as you walk through this hospitable town. Whether you are from Greenwood or you’re visiting from out of town, we’re glad you’re here.

In Greenwood, you can always find a way to keep you and your family entertained. All year long, you can shop at the Greenwood Park Mall and take advantage of the activities there. Over the summer, you could also check out Freedom Springs – Greenwood Aquatic Park, a place the whole family will enjoy.

After exploring all that Greenwood has to offer, you’re going to want to find a place to eat. Greenwood is home to some of the best restaurants in the state. If you’re looking for a place to refuel after walking around, check out this restaurant guide for Greenwood, IN.

Greenwood Indiana Restaurant Guide

Whether you crave a thin-crust pizza or a hearty sandwich, you’re sure to find it here. Greenwood is home to a variety of cultures, each with a unique culinary style. Here are the top categories of restaurants you’ll find in Greenwood:

  • Pizza: Located only a few hours from the windy city, Greenwood has become a popular place to find Chicago-style deep-dish pizza. At Giordano’s in Greenwood, you can enjoy pulling a slice and watching the cheese stretch from the pizza. You can find different toppings and dishes that accommodate various dietary restrictions. Order yourself a beer to pair with your pizza, and enjoy the time with friends or family.
  • Mexican: You can also find authentic Mexican food in the Indianapolis area. Some restaurants, like Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant, make guacamole at your table, so you know it’s fresh. You could also sit in the bar area and enjoy a refreshing Margarita. Whether you want a fancy meal or a quick quesadilla to go, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Greenwood. Greenwood is home to several Mexican chains, like On the Border, as well as local Mexican restaurants.
  • Chinese: Greenwood Chinese restaurants include specialty dishes, like egg rolls and shrimp lo mein. Diners at Chinese restaurants in this area enjoy a flexible menu. Egg Roll No 1 and other Chinese restaurants in Greenwood can accommodate most allergies with their variety of dishes. You can find food of any flavor, so you can turn up the heat or ask for no spice. Of course, if you don’t feel like leaving the house, you could always get take-out delivered to your home or hotel.
  • Japanese: If you’re looking for a fun night out with your family, visit a Japanese restaurant. Hibachi and sushi are on the menu, giving you a wide selection of food and a unique way to enjoy it. At restaurants like KUMO Hibachi, Sushi and Bar, you can have a real dining experience as a Hibachi cook prepares rice and chicken right before your eyes. Sushi is also a fun dish that you can bring with you on the go. Red Sun has a fresh, flexible menu with several delicious sushi choices. No matter what you’re up to tonight, you can get Japanese food to make your night special.
  • Steakhouse: Greenwood is most famous for its classic American food. If you’re craving hearty American cuisine, check out a steakhouse like St. Elmo in Indianapolis with craft beers and fancy wines. You could eat from a chain steakhouse or one that’s local to Greenwood.
  • Barbecue: While the southern part of the United States is famous for its barbecue, you can find decent barbecue places in the north. Restaurants in Greenwood, like Johnson’s BBQ Shack,  serve ribs and sirloin steak. You will also find some chain restaurants like Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill that offer barbecue in the area. During your stay in Indiana, make sure you ask for a breaded pork sandwich. You’ll enjoy this classic dish that’s considered a staple food of Greenwood.
  • Seafood: Shrimp is a popular food item in Greenwood. You can find a variety of shrimp dishes, from shrimp cocktail to fried shrimp, especially at restaurants like The Boiling in Indianapolis. This restaurant features Cajun-style seafood and other delicious meals. You can also find restaurants that offer crab and lobster for you and your family to enjoy. Over the summer, sit at a restaurant with an outdoor patio, like Rick’s Cafe Boatyard, for an authentic seafood experience.
  • Italian: An Italian restaurant can have both a casual and fancy atmosphere. You can celebrate an anniversary dinner or grab a slice of pizza with your friends. Lasagna is a classic Italian dish that will leave you full and satisfied. You could also have a salad if you’re not up for a filling Italian meal. The Greenwood Park Mall has a couple of Italian restaurants where you could visit after you finish shopping, including Giordano’s Greenwood location.

Unique Restaurants in Greenwood, IN

In Festival Country, Indiana, just a couple of minutes south of Indianapolis, you can find outdoor patios at restaurants for you to enjoy over the summer. You will also find creative breweries and award-winning wineries. Festival Country has unique restaurants with chef-selected menus and fun décor that will entertain both you and your entire family.

The restaurants in Greenwood, IN, are all unique in some way. They might offer an exciting selection of food that keeps you guessing every time you visit. Many also have fun decorations that wow you as you enter. Either way, the restaurants in Greenwood are sure to be entertaining.

If you’re on vacation in the Greenwood area and you  want to try a new experience as a fun memory of your time here, consider these unique restaurants in Greenwood:

  • The Healthy Food Cafe: This restaurant is one of the only vegan restaurants in Indianapolis. They offer a wide selection of healthy food options, including wraps and quesadillas. The mission of the Healthy Food Cafe is to provide healthy food for everyone to enjoy, including those with food sensitivities. Whether you’re craving Italian or Mexican, you can have any dish at this restaurant, knowing you’re making a healthy choice for your body.
  • Oaken Barrel Brewing Company: This restaurant serves beer that they craft on-site. In the restaurant, there’s a family section along with two bar areas and an outdoor eating area. The Oaken Barrel Brewing Company has an assortment of beer flavors, such as Indiana Amber and Superfly. This restaurant includes a unique menu, including Korean Beef Quesadillas and Brewhouse Pot Roast.
  • Revery: The staff at this restaurant in Old Greenwood prides themselves in providing fresh, high-quality products for their customers. They try to buy local products to support small businesses in the area, and their ever-changing menu points to the creativity and spontaneity of the chef. Instead of a menu on their website, they show pictures of food they have served in the past. Visit Revery for dinner or Sunday brunch.
  • Thai Spice: Thai food is a relatively new style of cuisine in the United States. Thai Spice provides over 100 food options, including Padd Thai and shrimp with fresh ginger, for those who like a kick. For any of the foods they offer, you can ask for mild, medium, hot, extra hot or Thai hot. Some of the entrees also come with lemongrass soup to ease your stomach after eating spicy foods. Indulge your sweet tooth after your meal with mango and sticky rice or coconut ice cream.
  • Stone Creek Dining: This restaurant combines comfort and elegance in your dining experience. Located in the Greenwood Park Mall, you could visit this location on your way home from work. Stone Creek Dining offers high-quality steak, seafood and pasta for your enjoyment. You can have your next business meeting or family gathering at this luxurious yet affordable restaurant.
  • Shallos: This restaurant in Greenwood contains the Midwest’s largest selection of beer. Shallos offers rare and exotic beer along with traditional crowd favorites. Besides their beer from more than 21 countries, Shallos also prides itself on providing affordable American-style food that the cooking staff makes from scratch. The menu includes chicken sandwiches and potato skins, along with classic soups and salads.

Our story and the quality of our food are what make us unique. Our menu is also always changing, so you’ll have a different experience each time you come to visit us. Whether you are from out of town or you have a family tradition, your meal at Giordano’s will create memories that the whole family will enjoy. You can ship one of our frozen pizzas anywhere in the United States. Bring a delicious souvenir from Greenwood back home with you.

Family Restaurants in Greenwood, IN

If you have a family to feed, you want to find a place that’s fun for the kids in Greenwood. Along with our unique restaurants, you’ll also find local restaurants that create an experience for the kids to enjoy. Here are some restaurants that offer kid menus and a safe, inviting atmosphere:

  • Mrs. Curl Ice Cream Shop and Outdoor Cafe: This restaurant is a great place to visit over the summer in downtown Greenwood. Parents can take their kids to this shop to take advantage of their wide selection of ice cream flavors. Its colorful building and outdoor seating provide a fun place to eat. You can enjoy delicious hot dogs and fries made from fresh potatoes. They even have an ice cream truck that travels around town and makes stops at special events. Parents love bringing their kids to this place that has been around since they were kids themselves.
  • Main Street Grille: Your kids can choose from a menu designed with children in mind. All the menu options come with a side of their choosing. Any picky eater in your family can find something they’ll enjoy at this restaurant. The atmosphere of the restaurant is family-friendly. You’ll feel safe knowing that your kids are in a pleasant environment.
  • Yiayia’s House of Pancakes: Who doesn’t love pancakes? Both the kids and the adults in your family will enjoy the food that you can find at this house of pancakes. If you’re not in the mood for pancakes, you could also order country-fried chicken and other dishes. Bring the whole family here for breakfast before you start your exciting day of exploring Greenwood.
  • Four Seasons Family Restaurant: This restaurant is another place you can visit for breakfast. Patrons of this restaurant talk about how great the service is here. As the name suggests, the atmosphere and dining experience will accommodate the whole family. They also have pancakes and other meals for everyone to enjoy.
  • Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen: This American-style restaurant boasts food they make from scratch. You can trust your family will eat safe, healthy food. Kids can choose from a menu that comes with one entrée and one side.

Giordano’s has many locations across the United States. The business started as a dream among family members with a recipe that goes deep into our roots. We know the value of bringing the whole family together.

We also have a menu for the kids that provides the right portion sizes for your family. Kids love our “Pasghetti” with the option of different sauces and meat options. We also have chicken tenders for those picky eaters who don’t like Italian food.

Italian Restaurants in Greenwood, IN

There are many Italian restaurants in Greenwood where you could spend your evening. We are confident you’ll have a delightful experience at Giordano’s. We have a variety of toppings, even if you’re the kind of person who likes anchovies and pineapple. You could also grab a beer to enjoy with your favorite type of pizza.

Giordano’s is a great place to grab a bite to eat because we offer:

  • Slow-baked, double-crust pizza.
  • Gluten-free options.
  • Mozzarella cheese sourced from Wisconsin.
  • A menu with options for whatever you’re craving.
  • A site that is conveniently near the Greenwood Park Mall.

From the bottom-up, we craft your pizza on top of a thick, flaky crust. We put the toppings and cheese on, followed by a thin crust. Our stuffed pizza is complete with a generous layer of sauce. You’ll enjoy this pizza, along with any starters or desserts you choose to add to your dining experience.

visit giordano's

Visit Giordano’s in Greenwood

We started in Chicago and have moved south ever since. We have several locations across the United States, including a handful near Indianapolis. Our site in Greenwood is one of the new restaurants in Greenwood, Indiana.

Whether you are visiting the Greenwood Park Mall or the local water park, we are on your way back home. Located right off US-31, you can stop by and enjoy a slice of deep-dish pizza. Visit our Greenwood location to get a taste of all the Indianapolis area has to offer.