What Can You Do In Orlando, FL?

On your way to Florida’s capital theme park? Read what our Giordano family in nearby Lake Buena Vista & Kissimmee has to say about making your trip to Orlando a one-of-a-kind adventure. Orlando is famous for its theme parks, like Disney World and Universal Studios. The city has much more to offer in entertainment, but if… Read more »

Your Guide to Richfield, MN

Your Guide to Richfield, MN Once you become familiar with everything Richfield, MN has to offer, you’ll instantly understand why we decided to open a restaurant here and why retail giant, Best Buy, moved to Richfield. Richfield isn’t just another suburb lined with paved sidewalks and white picket fences. Instead, Richfield is the oldest suburb… Read more »

The Most Famous Curses In Baseball History

Most Famous Curses In Baseball Legends are a part of any great sport, and the ones associated with baseball are among the most intriguing in sport. Many of these legends have even developed into “curses” fans blame for their teams’ lack of World Series wins. From incidents involving goats to bitter rivalries to cheating scandals,… Read more »

The Insider’s Guide to Las Vegas, NV

Insider’s Guide to Las Vegas, NV You don’t even have to step inside a casino to have a fantastic time when you visit Las Vegas, NV. While hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the City of Lights to play their favorite casino games, Las Vegas and the areas surrounding the city are filled with attractions… Read more »

Full Court Press: The Depth of the Bench in Chicago

Basketball was invented in Massachusetts and perfected on the streets of New York, but the city of Chicago boasts a proud, rich history on the court as well. Not many other cities can claim as impressive a roster of basketball stars as Chicago can. Let’s look at all the men and women who have given… Read more »

Must-See Attractions in Plainfield, IL

Whether you’re a parent, an active single, a member of the workforce or a retiree, you’ll never be bored if you live in or visit Plainfield, IL. Located less than 10 miles from Joliet, IL, Plainfield and its nearby communities have plenty of attractions and activities to keep kids of any age entertained, well fed… Read more »

The 7: Chicago Cubs Retired Number Legends

The Chicago Cubs have a long and storied history that dates all the way back to 1876. In fact, with more than 21,100 games played, the Cubs have played more contests than any other pro team in the history of baseball. Nearly 2,000 players have donned the Cubs uniform throughout their history, but the team… Read more »

Delicious Dessert Pizza

Here at Giordano’s, we love pizza – clearly! But, we also love dessert too. This love might seem conflicting, (who wants to mix mozzarella and chocolate?) but the marriage of these two can be quite the tasty treat. That’s right, we’re talking about dessert pizza! We’re here to cover the basics of this sweet treat… Read more »

Wrigley Field’s Must Eat Foods

Nothing beats a day at Wrigley Field. The crack of the bat, the ivy, the knowledge that the Cubs are once again World Series champions — a lot goes into the experience. The stellar food is a big part of that Wrigley Field experience. Dining at the Friendly Confines is anything but boring. With so… Read more »

How to Make the Perfect Chicago Style Pizza

Pizzas might be the greatest layer in the foundation of the American diet. We celebrate birthdays, plow through late-night meetings and give ourselves a break from cooking by ordering a few pies. People from New York fold greasy slices in half before taking a bite. Ohians sprinkle the cheese on after the pizza has already… Read more »