What Is a Pizza Peel?

Pizza. It’s one of America’s favorite foods. How much do Americans love their pizza? According to The Atlantic, 13 percent of Americans eat pizza on any given day, and pizza sales contribute nearly 37 billion dollars to the national economy each year. American expenditures on pizza account for roughly one-third of global spending on pizza…. Read more »

Why You Should Visit Columbus, Ohio

When you think of centers of creativity, innovation, and “hip”-ness, Ohio probably isn’t the first state to come to mind. To an outsider, Ohio has connotations of cornfields and, well, more cornfields. But cornfields don’t explain Columbus. With a blossoming art scene, a slew of craft breweries and an annual Caffeine Crawl weaving through local… Read more »

How to Make a Calzone — Tips for Making Your Own Italian Classic

Sadly, calzones don’t get as much attention as their open-faced counterpart, pizza — which is weird, right? Especially when you consider the genetic makeup of these bad boys. Loaded with cheeses, topped with Parmesan and filled with your favorite meats and veggies, these half-moon-shaped pies are truly the stuff Italian-food-themed dreams are made of. Below,… Read more »

The Best Kid-Friendly Pizza Roll Recipes

Do you know any kids interested in baking and cooking? If so, you know helping them out in the kitchen can be an extremely fun and rewarding experience. They’re always ready to attempt new recipes, experiment with unfamiliar ingredients and throw together different flavors and textures with a level of daring most adults don’t have…. Read more »

How to Make a Gluten-Free Pizza

The first time your doctor said you could no longer eat gluten without putting your body and your digestive system through the wringer, you were probably devastated. Your first thought might have been of all the gluten-filled treats you love to indulge in. You might have initially thought these were things you could never eat… Read more »

Other Uses for a Pizza Stone

If you’re like many people, your kitchen is full of specialty items that serve one main purpose, and some of them sit collecting dust between their rare uses. That mandolin you never bother with comes to mind. And what about that juicer that was supposed to help you stay on track with your healthy eating… Read more »

How to Get in on the Pizza Cone Trend

  Pizza cones are sweeping the Internet. At Giordano’s, we live and breathe pizza, so it’s not a stretch to say we thought we’d seen it all when it comes to pizza. From wild toppings to pizzas of all levels of crust thickness, and even that healthy abomination, the cauliflower crust — there’s no pizza… Read more »

Best Pizza and Wing Combos for Game Day

Game day is all about food, football and friends. Wings and pizza top the list when it comes to game-day food. Pairing pizza toppings with different wing flavors may seem intimidating, but there’s no right or wrong way to match up your football favorites. Think about your favorite flavors of both pizza and wings and… Read more »

The Ultimate Arizona Bucket List

Arizona is a beautiful state known for its unforgettable landscapes and warm weather: the perfect features for a getaway. If you are planning a trip, check out our Arizona vacation bucket list and see how many of these 35 different options you want to check off. The National Parks and Monuments Arizona has three national… Read more »

Best Dessert and Pizza Pairings

It’s undeniable that pizza on its own is enough of an event. It’s the perfect meal — just ask anybody what their favorite food is and chances are, they’ll say it’s pizza. Stretchy cheese, plus all your favorite toppings and plenty of bread — nothing beats settling in with your favorite people and a fresh… Read more »