What Is a Pizza Peel?

Pizza. It’s one of America’s favorite foods. How much do Americans love their pizza? According to The Atlantic, 13 percent of Americans eat pizza on any given day, and pizza sales contribute nearly 37 billion dollars to the national economy each year. American expenditures on pizza account for roughly one-third of global spending on pizza…. Read more »

Styles of Pizza Around the World

Jump to: New York | Florida | Detroit | Northeastern US | New England | Sicily | Poland | Canada | South America | Eastern Mediterranean | Malta & Gozo Islands | Asia Pizza is one of the most popular foods in America. Almost everyone likes pizza, and it is economical for parties, large gatherings,… Read more »

Reasons Why Pizza Is the Best Comfort Food

While it would be presumptuous to award pizza the prize of being America’s number one comfort food without an appropriate census count, pizza being on a shortlist of America’s favorite foods would not be a shocking discovery. And we can all agree that pizza can, in fact, be classified as a comfort food. It’s warm,… Read more »

The History of Deep Dish Pizza

Pizza is a popular food, and for good reason. Who can resist the warm crust, the rich sauce and the gooey cheese — not to mention, the endless choice of toppings! You can always have a pizza customized to your taste, which only adds to its popularity. Pizza is also easy to make because you… Read more »

What is the Pizza Museum?

If you study the history of pizza, you’ll see it started in Naples as an every man’s (and woman’s) food consumed mostly by hardworking, poor people who needed a quick meal so they could resume working as quickly as possible. Those early pizzas were covered with some of the toppings we still love today, such… Read more »

Things to Do With a Pizza Box

Who doesn’t love ordering a pizza? From choosing the toppings to enjoying the warm, gooey slices and (best of all) avoiding having to cook a meal, it’s a treat the whole family can get behind. The only downside to ordering pizza is the box. Because once you’re finished with your pizza, that’s what you’re left… Read more »

Things You Didn’t Know About Pizza

Pizza. It deserves a sentence all of its own. It’s also a food almost everyone loves. What’s not to love, after all? With all its gooey, bubbling cheese, fabulous sauce and tasty toppings, it’s an amazing food standing the test of time. It’s surprising it hasn’t become a stand-alone food group. Not only is it… Read more »

Homemade Pizza vs. Restaurant Pizza

All pizza, whether made at home or in a restaurant, involves a crust, sauce and cheese, right? Yet, homemade pizza and restaurant pizza often taste vastly different. Why do some people prefer one over the other? Both types of pizza definitely have their benefits. So, if you’re on the fence about your pizza preference, we… Read more »

Songs About Pizza

Saucy, cheesy, quick and delicious, pizza is the perfect party food, easy takeout meal, casual dining choice and leftover lunch pick. Whether you prefer pepperoni, plain, mushroom, sausage, Hawaiian or another unique variety, you can choose pizza’s convenience and delicious flavor for almost any occasion, find it almost anywhere and count on everyone being satisfied… Read more »

10 Movies to Never Watch While Hungry

Movies can make us feel a lot of things. Comedies make us laugh, and tragedies make us cry. Horror movies make us jump at every shadow we see, and action movies keep us on the edge of our seats. And if you’re feeling hungry, movies with great food scenes can make you even hungrier. Here’s… Read more »