Chapter 6: Pizza Ordering and Delivery Tips

While it would be nice to give your delivery driver a $1,268 tip like the students at Indiana Wesleyan University did, the fact is that most college students order pizza delivery without a second thought.

Whether you’re calling it in from your cell phone, tapping in your order online, or using some kind of gadget, finding pizza places that deliver is practically an art form in the average college town.

But finding students who know their way around ordering is another story. You can’t just call up the local college town pizza joint and say, “Yeah, deliver a large pie to us on campus, thanks” without giving the restaurant more information.

When you’re ordering pizza, the following ordering and delivery tips can make the process easier on campus — and ensure that your pizza arrives piping hot!

  • Give the restaurant the correct address. It’s amazing how many times people order pizza to be delivered and forget to say the suite, room number, floor number, or even the building name where they want their pizza delivered. Provide the exact specifics on where you want it delivered!
  • Make sure someone goes to meet the driver. Late at night, campus access may be restricted to certain gates, or security might not let the driver enter. Meeting the driver at the gate or doors of your building saves everyone time.
  • Provide a cell phone number. Make sure the restaurant has your mobile number to give to the driver, so that in the event the driver is locked off campus, he can contact you so you can pick up your pizza.
  • Have your money ready. Whether you’re paying with cash or plastic, have your payment ready to go when the driver gets there. Nothing is more frustrating than to wait around with a carful of pizzas to be delivered while a bunch of folks fumble with their wallets collecting cash to pay for their food.

Speaking of cash: tip the driver. Liberally! You may think that you’ve already paid for delivery in the cost of the food or the delivery fee, but you’re only half-right. That money goes back to the restaurant to pay for expenses. The driver is paid a wage, but any additional tips are definitely appreciated. There’s no set amount to tip, but whatever you can spare is appreciated.
Ask about specials when you call to order. Most places do offer specials at least once or twice a week — and who knows? You may find a new favorite pizza and save money. Now that’s a bargain!

Delivery Considerations for Deep Dish Pizza

So please don’t yell at the driver for being late, or call the restaurant asking about your food, if you or a suitemate decided to spring for a Chicago-style pizza. Your patience will be rewarded, in time, by the amazing flavors.

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