Chapter 7: Feed the Hungry Student: Pizza Care Packages

Do your parents or grandparents always ask what to give you for your birthday? Sending them to the electronics store to buy the latest tablet or mobile can be risky. But there’s nothing risky about a pizza care package.

Giordano’s Pizza Care Package

Giordano’s staff knows what it’s like to be hungry for good old Chicago-style pizza when you’re far from home. What’s a hungry student at UCLA to do when the only thing available is a California-style pizza and you’re craving Giordano’s stuffed pizza?

Ask your family to send you a Pizza Pack from Giordano’s!

order a Giordano’s Pizza Pack online or by phone
The ingenious Pizza Pack includes a package of two, four or six 10-inch stuffed pizzas. You can also add onto your order other Windy City favorites including Terry’s Toffee, Windy City Popcorn or Gail’s Brownies. The additional sweets may ship separately from the pizza.

Each pizza feeds one or two people. You can mix and match pizzas, so an order of six pizzas can include cheese, pepperoni, and other variations.

These pizzas aren’t made in a factory — they’re hand-crafted when an order comes in. Once the order arrives, artisans fashion your Chicago-style pizza, creating the stuffed pizza flavors of your choice. The pizza is then partially baked and frozen to preserve the flavor.

It’s a terrific way to say good luck, congratulations, happy birthday or simply “I love you” to that special someone in your life.

Speaking of saying “I love you,” Giordano’s heart-shaped pizzas are now available year-round! They feed the same number of people, but are shaped into a heart.

Reheating Instructions

Each Pizza Pack includes reheating instructions. Just follow the simple directions and fresh, hot pizza will be ready soon from your Giordano’s Pizza Pack.

If you forget the instructions or lose them, they’re also available online.

Ordering Information

  • Giordano’s Pizza Packs are created by hand as your order comes in, so each pizza is fresh when it’s partially baked and frozen.
  • Pizzas are shipped via FedEx. Orders take about 3-4 days to fill. Orders placed on Monday are delivered on Thursday, and orders placed after Tuesday arrive on Friday. Please plan accordingly if you want a pizza to arrive on a birthday or special day.
  • Please note that weather delays or high-volume times of year (such as during holiday peak shipping times) may delay an order. Ordering early can ease any worries you may have about deliveries arriving on time.

The Giordano’s Pizza Pack is the perfect holiday or birthday gift for the college student in your life. College kids live on pizza, so why not make sure it’s the best pizza you can find? Chicago-style pizza from Giordano’s is a taste of home shipped anywhere in the United States.