Things to Do in Richfield, MN

Things to Do In Richfield, MN

Named after the rich, fertile farmland in the area before the city’s formation, Richfield officially became a Minnesota city in 1908. Since then, Richfield has grown to a population of 35,990 people. Nearly 15,000 households are nestled within seven square miles of land area, tucked in the suburb of some of Minnesota’s largest cities.

Richfield is just under about 20 miles from Minnesota’s capital and second-largest city, St. Paul, and less than 10 miles from Minneapolis — Minnesota’s largest city. Plus, Bloomington, Minnesota’s fourth-largest city, is less than five miles away. With so many things to do in Richfield and its surrounding areas, it’s an excellent spot for plenty of family fun.

Music and Entertainment in Richfield, MN

Music and Entertainment

If you’re looking for an enjoyable evening in Richfield or its surrounding areas, consider some music and entertainment. You could enjoy a theatrical production, live concert, comedy routine or dance performance. Consider the following music and entertainment options the next time you visit the Richfield area:

1. Attend a Live Music Event

Music can help alleviate stress and even lift your mood, so get in high spirits and attend a live music event in Richfield. Since 1979, the Richfield Symphonic Band — a freestanding nonprofit — continues to play music for Minnesota residents in Richfield and other parts of the state.

Similarly, the Northern Winds Concert Band was also formed in 1979 and has around 50 members. The band continues to play monthly concerts at senior centers, indoor and outdoor parks and churches in Richfield and the surrounding metro areas around the year, so make sure you catch at least one of each band’s concerts.

2. Enjoy a Theatrical Production

Whether you’re a theater-buff or a newcomer, see a Minneapolis production for guaranteed entertainment. Minneapolis, just a short drive from Richfield, is home to theaters like Guthrie Theater and Jungle Theater.

The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis opened in 1963 with “Hamlet.” There was only a summer season of four productions during the early years, but it’s now turned into numerous productions, including concerts and special events, all year round with a staff of more than 500 people.

The Jungle Theater is tucked in Minneapolis’ Lyn-Lake neighborhood and was founded in 1991. Since then, the theater has won numerous awards, including a dozen Ivey Awards for its impressive productions.

3. Have a Laugh at a Comedy Theater

For your next night out, check out a comedy show at Brave New Workshop or ComedySportz Twin Cities in Minneapolis — just a short trip from Richfield.

Brave New Workshop is a comedy theatre that has put on more than 290 productions since it opened in 1958. In addition to its hilarious original comedy, improv and satire shows, the theatre offers improv classes for youth and adults and even has youth and teen improv summer camps.

ComedySportz Twin Cities has two Minneapolis stages — one at HUGE Theater and one at Strike Theater. This comedy club opened in 1989 and specializes in improv shows, so you’re guaranteed a new experience every time. ComedySportz also offers improv classes, but only for adults.

4. Dance Over to the Cowles Center

The Cowles Center in downtown Minneapolis is the largest nonprofit dance complex in the Midwest and offers various performing arts shows throughout the year. The center also works to keep costs low for local dance companies and even offers their studio space below market value. The Cowles Center also administers professional training to choreographers, dance educators and dancers alike. Try something new to do and become mesmerized as talented dancers leap across the Cowles Center stage.

Recreation and Leisure in Richfield, MN

Recreation and Leisure

There are plenty of recreational things to do in Richfield, Minnesota. The town features more than 460 acres of parkland, a nature center, 21 different neighborhood and community parks and an abundance of athletic and community facilities. If you’re looking for some of Richfield area’s best recreation and leisure attractions, consider:

1. Wood Lake Nature Center

Richfield’s Wood Lake Nature Center was one of the very first municipal nature centers in the state and continues to be one of the best places to enjoy a day with the environment. Wood Lake has dedicated 150 acres to nature preservation and offers various activities for all ages around the center all year round.

Through all of their provided activities, Wood Lake Nature Center aims to give everyone that visits a high-quality experience in nature and educate them more on the environment. While you’re there, enjoy the views of wildlife, take a hike on the three miles of trails and boardwalks or enjoy a picnic lunch.

2. Minnehaha Falls Regional Park

For unforgettable views, make the short drive to Minneapolis’ Minnehaha Regional Park. The park, which attracts more than 850,000 visitors each year, is known for its 53-foot waterfall, gorgeous river overlooks and limestone bluffs. The 167-acre park also features a biking and walking path, a disc golf course, a picnic area, wading pools for the warmer months and more.

3. Richfield Art Center

If you enjoy art and want to see the works of both award-winning international artists and local Richfield artists alike, check out the Richfield Art Center. The Richfield Art Center is a studio and display space run by volunteers from the Richfield Arts Commission. The center hosts various art events and classes throughout the year and also displays their art at the Richfield Community Center and the Richfield Municipal Center. However, you may opt to take a walk around Richfield for a self-guided Public Art Walking Tour, presented by the Richfield Arts Commission, to discover the murals and sculptures around town.

4. Veterans Park

Veterans Memorial Park is known to have the largest playground in Richfield, plus numerous other amenities. The park is also home to the Veterans Park Picnic Shelter, the largest picnic pavilion in the city. Veterans Park also hosts the Richfield Farmers Market and Winter Market, so you can pick up some fresh produce and other local food or grab some unique gifts from craft vendors. From early June until late August, you could take a swim in the park’s outdoor pool or do some open ice skating at Richfield Ice Arena in the colder months.

Historical Attractions

In addition to the state’s ample entertainment and recreational attractions, Minnesota is also rich in history. The Minnesota Historical Society now boasts 24,000 members since its establishment in 1849 and welcomes more than one million guests every year. While historical attractions are spread out statewide, Richfield and its surrounding areas certainly aren’t short on places to visit. While you’re visiting Richfield, one of Minnesota’s oldest suburbs, check out the Richfield Historical Society at the Bartholomew House and consider visiting some of the other history hotspots, like:

1. The Bartholomew House

The Bartholomew House is headquarters for the Richfield Historical Society. The house originally belonged to Riley Bartholomew, who first came to Minnesota in the early 1850s and served in the Minnesota Senate. The Riley Bartholomew House is Richfield’s oldest remaining home, and The Richfield Historical Society is actively working on restoring the home to ensure people can continue touring the historic site.

2. Historic Fort Snelling

Less than 10 miles from Richfield in St. Paul sits Historic Fort Snelling. It sits on Bdote — a point where the Minnesota and Mississippi rivers converge — and offers visitors a deep dive into its history featuring trade, Native people, soldiers and veterans, immigrants, enslaved people and the landscape. At Fort Snelling, enjoy guided theme tours, activity stations, demonstrations and more.

3. Mill City Museum

Visit what was once the largest, most advanced flour mill in the world and plan a trip to Mill City Museum. The museum, which opened in 2003, sits on the ground once occupied by the Washburn A Mill flour mill — Washburn-Crosby Company’s flagship mill. At Mill City Museum, check out special exhibits and experiences, such as the flour tower, the baking lab or the observation deck. With plenty of exhibits and hands-on activities, a trip to this historic location is sure to be fun for your whole family.

4. Basilica of Saint Mary

Did you know Minnesota is home to the first basilica ever built in America? Better yet, The Basilica of Saint Mary is less than 15 miles away from Richfield, making it the perfect historical attraction to check off your list. Many gather to the basilica to appreciate its intricate art and architecture, from the building itself to the bells and stained glass windows.

Things to Do with Kids in Richfield, MN

Things to Do With Kids

We know how essential it is that every member of your family has fun on a trip. Since there is an abundance of things to do in Richfield, Minnesota, even the youngest ones have plenty of options. Whether you want to get hands-on at a museum or in a game of mini-golf, explore the biggest mall in America or visit with wildlife, you definitely won’t run out of kid-friendly attractions in Richfield and the surrounding areas.

1. Visit a Museum

For kids of all ages, consider visiting one of the nearby museums, such as the Minnesota Children’s Museum, The Works Museum or the Science Museum of Minnesota. The Minnesota Children’s Museum in nearby St. Paul has three floors of fun with 11 different hand-on exhibits. Your child can climb up the four-story Scramble and walk across the 40-foot high catwalk before sliding down a giant slide, test their abilities on a climbing wall or make their way through a laser maze.

You could also take your little engineer to The Works Museum, a museum for hand-on engineering and design experiences. At The Works, your child can use brick pixel pics to create 2-D art or even build a circuit. The museum isn’t only for children — attend a class at the Workshop as a family, and everyone can learn a new thing or two.

The Science Museum of Minnesota in Saint Paul can also keep your family busy for the day. The museum features a plethora of exhibits, from dinosaurs and fossils to the human body gallery, and also has featured exhibits for a limited time. You could even take a break from walking around the museum and enjoy a movie at the Omnitheater. With so many exciting opportunities at all three museums, you’ll have a never-ending to-do list of family fun.

2. Play Some Mini-Golf

MaltTees Mini Golf and Malt Shop makes for some friendly competition and remains a Richfield favorite. Located inside Veterans Memorial Park, MaltTees has 18 holes outside around Minnesota’s beautiful natural landscape. After some fun in the sun, enjoy a cold malt with your family before round two.

3. Have Fun at the Mall of America

When you visit the Mall of America, just a short trip from Richfield to Bloomington, there are so many kid-friendly attractions to see, you may never even step foot in a store. Whether you have a family of Lego-lovers, thrill-seekers or artists, you’ll have plenty of things to do to keep the good times rolling. On your next trip to the largest mall in the U.S., consider the following attractions for the whole family:

  • Lego Imagination Center: This center has 6,500-square feet of space to check out various Lego figures, built from more than 130,000 Lego bricks, and build on your own in the interactive play area.
  • Nickelodeon Universe: The Mall of America also features the largest indoor theme park with more than 25 rides and attractions and opportunities for children to meet their favorite characters.
  • The Crayola Experience: The Crayola Experience features 60,000-square feet of 25 different attractions, such as naming and wrapping your own crayon and appearing on a coloring page, sure to keep your whole family busy for hours.

4. See Wildlife

On your next family outing in the Richfield area, consider spending time at the Minnesota Zoo or the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge. At the Minnesota Zoo, explore over 100 different animals, from red pandas and ring-tailed lemurs to wild boards and West African dwarf crocodiles.

You could also take your family to Bloomington’s Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters, just about five miles from Richfield. The refuge allows families to experience nature in the wild and offers seasonal activities all year round. In the summer, you can go boating, canoeing or biking while you may go skiing or snowshoeing in the winter and search for animal tracks.

Visit Giordano's in Richfield, MN

Visit Giordano’s in Richfield, MN

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