Chapter 8: From the Docks of Naples to the Dorms in America, Pizza Is the Best

What began as a dockside meal for poor workers has morphed into gourmet fare, restaurant food, and a staple of college students’ diets everywhere.

Pizza may trace its origins to Italy, but from there it immigrated to America and became America’s favorite food for college students. College town pizza restaurants offer pizza delivery that brings fresh pizza directly to students, on campus or off.

What’s your favorite pizza flavor? For most Americans, pizzeria-style pizza is what they think of when they hear the word “pizza.” This flavor derives from the original Neapolitan pizza — the original “fast food” created for poverty-stricken dockworkers who needing a filling, inexpensive meal to eat on the run in Naples in the 18th Century.

Today, there are dozens of pizza flavors worldwide.


Although pizza isn’t a health food per se, you can make a pizza meal healthier by adding vegetable toppings. Ordering Tomato Pie, or Philadelphia pizza, or Giordano’s extra-thin-crust-style pizza can reduce the calories and fat without sacrificing the taste you know and love.

When ordering pizza, it’s important to make sure that the delivery driver can find you easily on campus. Keep in mind that many campuses lock the gates at night, or your building may be secured using a pass card or code. Designate someone to meet the driver and pay them so that your pizza isn’t delayed.

And be sure to tip your pizza delivery person! Although there’s no set percent to tip, at least 10 percent of your bill is a gracious tip. If you can’t afford 10 percent, give what you can. Any amount is appreciated, since a pizza delivery fee doesn’t include gratuity (tip) for the driver.

What to do with leftover pizza, if you have any? Pizza can be successfully stored in the refrigerator for up to four days. Be sure to take it out of the original box and store it on a plate wrapped in plastic to preserve the taste. Pizzas can also be frozen for several months.

Reheating pizza can be tricky in a dorm room equipped with only microwave ovens. Fortunately, toaster ovens are about the same size as a microwave and are inexpensive. They’re a versatile addition to your dorm kitchen, and you can reheat pizza without the dreaded soggy crust.

For those seeking Chicago-style pizza, pizza places that deliver may offer Chicago-style pizza — but nothing beats the original. Giordano’s, founded in the 1970s, uses an authentic original Italian recipe. We put Chicago deep dish and stuffed pizza on the map with the first stuffed pizza.

You can have Giordano’s original stuffed pizza delivered to your dorm no matter how far you live from Chicago. Giordano’s Pizza Pack offers an original and simple way to have fresh Giordano’s pizza delivered right to your dorm. Order two, four, or six pizzas, in any combination of flavors, and within three to four days, they’ll be delivered by FedEx.

From the docks of Naples to the dorms of New Hampshire, from the hands of Italian peasants to the hands of hungry college students, pizza is the quintessential college food. Mangiare a sazietà! Eat your fill!