The Hungry Student’s Guide to Pizza


When you’re thinking about food for college students, what comes to mind? Pizza! Pizza places that deliver are a life saver for hungry college students. Whether you’re hankering for Chicago-style pizza, or any other kind of pizza, college town pizza keeps America’s students fueled for school.

Pizza can be both a quick snack and a delightful meal. A gourmet treat or a late-night study snack. According to a survey conducted by Food Navigator and Grub Hub, pizza is the number one most frequently ordered food by college students. It also appears that college students have an intense hankering for mozzarella. It’s pretty clear: students like their food fresh, hot and filled with cheese.


Although it may seem like pizza is a calorie and cholesterol time bomb, pizza can actually be quite healthy for you. Depending on which pizza toppings you choose and the side dishes accompanying your pizza order, a dinner consisting of a slice of Chicago-style pizza, a side salad and fruit for dessert is a pretty balanced meal!

What are your favorite kinds of pizza? If you said plain cheese, you’re not alone. It’s the first choice for most people. But there’s so much more to pizza! Around the country, different takes on the plain cheese pie make for some delicious variations on a theme. Chicago-style pizza, Neapolitan (the original cheese pizza), California, Detroit-style and more offer some taste bud-enticing changes to your usual order.


You may have noticed many city names in the list of pizzas above. Chefs in New York, Chicago, Detroit, Boston and California all put their own personal spin on the pizza pie, making it uniquely their own. Today, these styles of pizza are held in high esteem, both by the towns from which they borrowed their names and by those who have grown to love them.

The origins of pizza are also fascinating. It wasn’t always food for late-night cram sessions, but it was always considered a handheld food — so put down the knife and fork, please! This guide to pizza offers a fascinating glimpse into the tasty, hot, cheese-laden morsel we’ve grown to know and love. The next time you pick up the phone to order pizza delivery, refer to this guide to try something new or to bump up the nutritional quotient of your meal.

Bon appétit!