Restaurant Franchises Contribute to the Community

Owning a franchise is not only good economic news for you — it’s good economic news for your entire community. Restaurant franchises mean job creation and stability in cities, towns and suburbs across the United States. You’re positioned to be a business and community leader when you own a franchise restaurant. This year, restaurant franchises… Read more »

Giordano’s Teams Up with Chicago Cubs Player David Ross For a Special Surprise

  Giordano’s Famous Stuffed Deep Dish Pizza recently teamed up with popular Chicago Cubs catcher, David Ross, and surprised a group of local kids playing baseball at the Gill Park District on the north side of Chicago. While the kids were practicing their baseball techniques, they received a “homerun” surprise when Ross rolled up in… Read more »

Owning a Franchise

Whether you dream of owning your own business or want to expand your current entrepreneurial ventures, you’re not alone. Nearly half of all Americans want to own a business. Their reasons are as varied as the people themselves: It could be independence, the desire to own and grow an enterprise that belongs to them, the… Read more »

Unique Shops in Chicago

Chicago has no shortage of shopping venues. The gleaming national chain stores along the Magnificent Mile grab the attention of many Chicago visitors, but many independently owned treasures lie throughout the 237 square miles of land in the city. It’s in those shops that you find the unique treasures that far exceed any mass-produced products… Read more »

A Guide to Using Public Transportation in Chicago

We all have pretty vivid ideas about cities. They are choked with smoke. They are filled with the cacophony of blaring car horns. Everywhere, taxis and angry commuters inch forward bumper to bumper as they try to get to work, dinner or anywhere else throughout the city. The fact of the matter is, very few… Read more »

Slang Words Used in Chicago

Chicago boasts many distinct sights, foods, architecture and events that define the city and make it the exciting place it is to live in and visit. We also have plenty of our own phrases and slang that you don’t often hear in other areas. For an outsider, hearing these phrases can be confusing. Some are… Read more »

The Windy City Dog Scene —The Best Dog Parks in Chicago

Chicago is known for a lot of things — for instance, deep dish pizza, The Chicago Art Institute and the Annual Godzilla Convention, just to name a few. Additionally, from hitting the shops along the Magnificent Mile to visiting live animals at the Lincoln Park Zoo and, ahem, preserved ones at the Natural History Museum,… Read more »

How to Eat Pizza on a Date

Dating can seem like a war zone. A treacherous path lined with etiquette traps, tough calls and — and like war, it’s hard to declare a definitive win. There’s an awful lot of anxiety that goes into the first date. There are billions of articles outlining the ways you can offend your date, from ordering… Read more »

Movies for Pizza Lovers to Watch

Do you love Pizza and Movies? Check out our favorite pizza feature films! Pizza is truly a comfort food. From that very first bite we had as children, pizza is often associated with a feeling of nostalgia, with its hot tasty crusty and gooey cheese. Who can resist? Just as pizza is one of those… Read more »

How Pizza-Eating Style Reflects Personality

How Does Your Pizza-Eating Style Reflect On Your Personality? Nothing beats a fresh, gooey pizza pie. With about 3 million pizzas sold each year in the United States and an average of 46 slices of pizza eaten per person each year, you aren’t alone in your pizza eating activities. You know just what to do… Read more »