The Best Restaurants Near the John Hancock Center

In many ways, Chicago is defined by its skyline. Home to some of the nation’s tallest buildings, the Willis Tower, the Aon Center and the John Hancock Center all rise into the clouds seemingly straight out of the waters of Lake Michigan. In fact, as reported by World Atlas, Chicago is home to four of… Read more »

Best Places to Eat Near Wrigley Field

It is the most wonderful time of year — baseball season! As the days warm — although here in Chicago it takes a little longer than other places — fans will start making their way towards the “Friendly Confines” in order to take in America’s national pastime. In fact, according to Baseball Reference, almost 3… Read more »

The Ultimate Guide to Chicago Neighborhoods

It’s easy to mix up Chicago’s neighborhoods. After all, there’s 77 city districts in total — not counting all the distinct communities within those districts. Chicago newcomers sometimes don’t know where to start. If you’re a neighborhood noob, don’t worry, we’ll explain the basics. Our total guide to Chicago neighborhoods will teach you the art… Read more »

Best Places to Eat Near the Chicago Theatre

Step inside the Chicago Theatre, and it’s easy to see why it was called the Wonder Theatre of the World upon its opening in October of 1921. Built as an upscale movie house, the theater felt influences from the French Baroque style, with a replica of the Arc de Triomphe above the marquee. Inside, the… Read more »

A Neighborhood by Any Other Name: What Place Names Say About Chicago

What’s in a name? We call each other by names, but what do our names say about us? On its own, a name doesn’t mean anything. It only gets emotion and power through its history. Did your name belong to your grandfather? What’s your family history? At Giordano’s we take history seriously, especially Chicago history…. Read more »

A Pier Beyond Peer: The Legacy of Navy Pier

Navy Pier wields a powerful force. Each year, millions of visitors gravitate to this spot. Crowds simply cannot resist the allure of Navy Pier. But what produces this effect? Surely scientists have studied this phenomenon. Well, it’s not complicated (or paranormal). Navy Pier just rocks. Jutting 3,300 feet into Lake Michigan, this Chicago landmark demands… Read more »

Best Places to Eat Near Lincoln Park Zoo

Chicago loves to eat. Food isn’t just gut-filler in Chicago — we take it seriously. Meals give us moments in our lives that we share and remember. Memories come from great food. Thankfully, Chicago’s got the best food around — and don’t forget it! Right now, Chicago’s undergoing a restaurant revolution. Chefs from around the… Read more »

Beer and Pizza Pairing

Ordering Beer With Your Pizza? Check out the Mouth-Watering Options Is there anything more delicious than pizza? And is there anything more American than a cold, frosty beer? At Giordano’s Pizza, we believe they’re a match made in heaven. Want to know what combos will most titillate your taste buds? Start with our delicious pizza… Read more »

Movies Filmed in Chicago

Chicago loves to show its cinematic side. If you got it, flaunt it. Chicago’s breath-taking architecture make it a prime choice for many directors. The imposing presence of Chicago’s buildings demand attention. Plus they look stunning on screen. Chicago’s buildings, adorned with Roman columns and ornate facades, draw you into their spacious and dizzying interiors… Read more »

Famous Chicagoans: Who’s Your Favorite?

Chicago has birthed a lot of talent — from actors and musicians to writers and political figures, many big names call Chicago home. We’ve compiled an exciting list of some of the famous people who started their lives in the Windy City. Whether you grew up in the same neighborhood or they star in your… Read more »