How Pizza-Eating Style Reflects Personality

How Does Your Pizza-Eating Style Reflect On Your Personality? Nothing beats a fresh, gooey pizza pie. With about 3 million pizzas sold each year in the United States and an average of 46 slices of pizza eaten per person each year, you aren’t alone in your pizza eating activities. You know just what to do… Read more »

Does Blotting Your Pizza Really Cut Calories?

You’re sitting around the living room with your buddies, ready to dig into the boxes of delivery pizza that just arrived fresh and steaming at your front door. When just about everyone starts to chow down on the topping- and cheese-laden slices, the attention slowly turns to the quiet person sitting on the edge of… Read more »

The Hungry Student’s Guide to Pizza

Introduction When you’re thinking about food for college students, what comes to mind? Pizza! Pizza places that deliver are a life saver for hungry college students. Whether you’re hankering for Chicago-style pizza, or any other kind of pizza, college town pizza keeps America’s students fueled for school. Pizza can be both a quick snack and… Read more »

Chapter 1: Pizza, the #1 Choice of College Students Nationwide

If you have a craving for pizza today, you’re not alone. The Food Surveys Research Group collected data on what people eat nationwide. The result? Among people age two and over, 13 percent consumed pizza on any given day. Whether it’s restaurant-quality Chicago-style pizza or a frozen (shudder) supermarket pizza, Americans live on it. Why… Read more »

Chapter 2: A Brief History of Pizza

Pizza can trace its lineage back to ancient times. Greeks, Romans and other ancient cultures all made a variation of a flatbread, like today’s Indian naan bread or Mexican tortillas. Poor people the world over cook flatbread because you don’t need pots, pans or special dishes — just a big, flat rock in order to… Read more »

Chapter 3: Types of Pizza

There are probably as many kinds of pizza as there are cultures around the world, thanks to regional choices and individual tastes. It seems like each community puts their own personal stamp on the traditional pizza pie. Hundreds of variations exist because of the different toppings and crusts that can be exchanged in a recipe,… Read more »

Chapter 4: Is Healthy Pizza Possible?

While pizza isn’t exactly a health food, it’s possible to eat sensibly and still enjoy pizza. When it comes to food for college students, any time you can make a popular food for college students like pizza healthier, so much the better. Nutritional Facts About Pizza First, let’s take a look at the plain old… Read more »

Chapter 6: Pizza Ordering and Delivery Tips

While it would be nice to give your delivery driver a $1,268 tip like the students at Indiana Wesleyan University did, the fact is that most college students order pizza delivery without a second thought. Whether you’re calling it in from your cell phone, tapping in your order online, or using some kind of gadget,… Read more »

Chapter 7: Feed the Hungry Student: Pizza Care Packages

Do your parents or grandparents always ask what to give you for your birthday? Sending them to the electronics store to buy the latest tablet or mobile can be risky. But there’s nothing risky about a pizza care package. Giordano’s Pizza Care Package Giordano’s staff knows what it’s like to be hungry for good old… Read more »

Chapter 8: From the Docks of Naples to the Dorms in America, Pizza Is the Best

What began as a dockside meal for poor workers has morphed into gourmet fare, restaurant food, and a staple of college students’ diets everywhere. Pizza may trace its origins to Italy, but from there it immigrated to America and became America’s favorite food for college students. College town pizza restaurants offer pizza delivery that brings… Read more »