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Grab a Slice of the Best Pizza in Canton, OH

Your mission? Bring home the best deep dish pizza for your family tonight. Our mission? Make sure the Chicago-style pizza you order from Giordano's knocks your socks off!

What makes us the best pizza place in Canton, OH? We can thank Mama Giordano herself, who whipped up an authentic Italian recipe, creating what has become known around the area as Giordano's famous stuffed pizza. To honor Mama and all those clever culinary expressionists who came before her, we use high-quality ingredients and time-honored techniques. The result? The best deep dish pizza you can imagine!

Take a trip to Belden Village Street NW tonight or have us deliver a cheesy, tomato-rich pie to wherever you and your crew plan to be in Canton, OH. We look forward to wowing you with the best pizza this side of the Mississippi.

What Brings Giordano's to Canton, OH?

Giordano's is proud to have made Canton, OH, one of its hometown hot spots. After all, our Chicago-style pizza has made pizza history, and Canton has earned itself a historic reputation for the ages.

One of the top 10 largest metropolitan areas in the state, Canton has enjoyed a cultural and business revival in recent years. From startups to tourist attractions, it offers residents and visitors a wealth of places to learn, work and live. Canton also remains a strong hub for agriculture. That means local produce is available year-round, which is a boon to the team at Giordano's, which believes fresh ingredients produce the best flavor.

Canton, OH, is a lovely place to raise a family, begin a new chapter or take a break from the hubbub of everyday life. We are glad to bring the best pizza delivery and casual dining to the region!

What Can You Do When Visiting Canton?

Love history? Love football? Love nature? Canton has you covered!

Perhaps one of Canton's biggest selling points for people who hate missing a single NFL game is its crown athletic jewel, the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Even if you are not totally glued to the tube every Sunday throughout the fall and early winter, you'll want to visit this esteemed museum. Take a tour of what has become a truly classic American sport and discover its history and the people that made the game what it is today.

From the Pro Football Hall of Fame, plan to head over to President McKinley's Library and Museum. This is a must-see place, particularly for kids who might not have learned in-depth about all the presidents or have an interest in learning beyond what they heard in school.

Want to rev up your engine? The Canton Classic Car Museum pulls in tons of visitors from far and wide each year. Just when you think you know everything about older vehicles, this tourist favorite can always teach you a thing or two. It gets high marks for its exciting exhibits centered on the collection of one car enthusiast.

Finally, be sure to go to Sippo Lake Park or Plain Township's Veteran's Park to take in the green spaces available to the community. Take your furry friends on a walk or grab some human pals and start a pickup game. There's no better way to work up an appetite, and there's no better way to feed that appetite than with some of Giordano's best creations.

Casual Family Dining in Canton, OH

Eager to taste why Giordano's is the best Chicago-style pizza place in Canton, OH? Stop by or have authentic, old-world Italian pizza delivered today! 

When it comes to the best Chicago-style pizza in town, no other restaurant can match the heritage, craftsmanship or traditions of Giordano’s! We’re the best pizza place in Chicago because our artisans carefully construct each pie with the best ingredients and then slow-bake it to a flaky perfection. Now you can enjoy the taste of Giordano’s at our convenient Rogers Park location. Take a look at our menu today:

  • Deep dish: Enjoy genuine Chicago fare from your couch with our cheese-stuffed deep dish pizza delivery in Canton.
  • Thin crust: For a crispy, flaky crust to remember, place an order for one of our thin-crust pies.
  • Starters: Try garlic parmesan fries, cheesy garlic bread or traditional chicken wings from our starters menu.
  • Salads: We top our house salad with Asiago cheese and lemon vinaigrette. Test it out or try any of our fresh salads.
  • Sandwiches: For an easy meal you can take with you wherever, try some of Mama's favorite sandwich recipes.
  • Italian: These pasta dishes provide you with a straight-from-Italy taste thanks to our homemade marinara sauce!
  • Lunch: Pair some of our favorite dishes with a side for an oasis in the middle of your workday.
  • Dessert: No meal is complete without dessert, and our chocolate chip cookies are a crowd favorite.

Best Pizza
Since 1974

Every Pie, Tenderly Built

At Giordano’s, we’re so much more than just the best pizza delivery and restaurant in town. We’re a cherished Chicago tradition that has kept customers coming back for over 40 years. We build layer upon layer of delicious vegetables and meats over the flakiest pie crust, topping it with fluffy mozzarella made just for us on a small Wisconsin farm. Try one bite of our slow-baked pizza, and we think you’ll agree! 

Remember to check out our full menu. We have outstanding pastas, fresh salads, hearty sandwiches and delectable appetizers. If you’re going gluten-free, just ask. We have something for everyone to enjoy. Contact us today to learn more about our dining options at our {izza shop in Canton!