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Our Pilsen

No trip to Pilsen is complete without stopping by Giordano’s. Eat a meal in our dining room featuring a full bar, or you can place an order for pickup or delivery. Our Pilsen Giordano's location in Chicago, IL, is proud to serve you the best deep dish pizza around. We love being a part of the community you're proud to call home.

About Pilsen in Chicago, IL

Native American communities were the first populations in the area that later became Chicago. The first non-native settler to the area was Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, who is considered the founder of Chicago. The Native American peoples left the area after the War of 1812 when the Treaty of St. Louis made them give their land to the United States. During that time, less than 100 people were living in the area.

The Illinois legislature hired James Thompson in 1829 to plan and build the city of Chicago. Thompson surveyed the land to find the right place, then designed the town. Chicago was first incorporated as a town in 1833 and then as a city in 1837. Today, it is home to more than 2.7 million residents.

Pilsen is the central neighborhood in Chicago's Lower West Side. It's home to many different ethnic communities, notably a large Mexican community. Pilsen is well-known for its street art. The neighborhood also saw a lot of development from 2000-10 that led to changes in population and economic growth.

Family-Friendly Attractions in Pilsen in Chicago, IL

There's always plenty to do in Chicago — in fact, there are plenty of fun activities for you and the kids right in Pilsen. Whatever interests you have, these attractions are sure to be a hit with your family:

  • Harrison Park: This 17.39-acre park has something for everyone. Check out their after-school programs and summer camps to give your kids something fun to do. While they're busy, you can sign up for a class of your own, take a walk outside or enjoy the outdoors with a book.
  • National Museum of Mexican Art: Plan a visit to see a glimpse of 3000 years of art and history in this great museum. You'll spend the afternoon with your family learning more about Mexican art, history and culture.
  • Open Books: Come out and support this great local business. Buying one of their used books helps them put on their programming. The store offers reading help for elementary school children, classes about publishing books for teens and many others. Let everyone in the family pick out a new read and spend a quiet afternoon diving into the stories.

Best Places to Eat in Pilsen in Chicago, IL

Whatever your tastes are, you won't go wrong eating at one of the local restaurants in Pilsen. When you're in the mood for incredible deep dish pizza in Pilsen in Chicago, IL, we hope you visit us at Giordano's!

Best Pizza
Since 1974

Handcrafted technique. Pie-like pizza crust. Mozzarella made just for us, and the freshest, most flavorful toppings. When it comes to ordering from the best pizza place in Chicago, only Giordano’s delivers 40 years of cherished heritage right to your Pilsen door! You’ll smell the difference as soon as you open the box and savor every irresistible bite. Order takeout or delivery and enjoy the best Chicago-style pizza experience right in your Pilsen home! The Giordano’s Experience Giordano’s is more than just mouthwateringly delicious Italian Easter pie. We’re an experience to be cherished, and we’re one of the few pizza places that can call itself a pioneer of world-famous Chicago-style pizza. Order from our Pilsen location and you’ll see why — it takes 6 trained craftsmen to construct each pie! With the flakiest, pie-like crust, the freshest local toppings and cheese made just for us, every slow-baked Giordano’s pie is a taste experience you’ll remember. Check out our full menu and make a night of it with our hearty sandwiches, savory appetizers and fresh, healthy salads. If you’re gluten-free, let us know — you’ll find numerous options on our menu to enjoy! Come to pizza heaven. Come to Giordano’s!